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UK Hunting News Archive

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                    Detailed stories follow each month's headlines below, all in reverse chronological order

                      Warning - contains images of animals killed/ mutilated by Hunts that you may find distressing 

                                    HUNTING SEASON 2018/19



….. 30th September - Wynnstay FH riders & hounds go through anxious bullock herd

….. 30th September - Ilminster Beagles are filmed very clearly hunting a hare

….. 30th September - Monitors intervene to save fox from Wynnstay FH

….. 30th September - Quad biker, probably hunter, stopped for anti-social driving

….. 30th September - Sabs' car tyre stabbed with knife - Staitondale FH supporters nearby

….. 30th September - E. Kent FH Huntsman makes absurd claim of sab hitting him

….. 30th September - Anti-Bax protest at KWT AGM prompts media coverage

….. 30th September - Sabs ridden/driven at by Flint & Denbigh FH - hounds pulled off deer

..... 30th September - N. Cotswold FH give up cubbing attempt after sabs step in

….. 29th September - Sabs and monitors thwart Portman FH's cub hunting attempts

….. 29th September - Many assaults on sabs at Fitzwilliam FH - but sabs ensure no kills

….. 29th September - Antis find 10 blocked badger setts while monitoring Wynnstay FH

….. 29th September - Sab success in disrupting Mendip Farmers FH cubbing - no kills

….. 29th September - Pytchley FH hunters try to ride down sabs, supporter blocks road

….. 29th September - Surrey Union supporter tries to run over sab - no kills

….. 29th September - Sabs gizmo pulls cub-hunting Crawley FH hounds away 3 times

….. 29th September - Hounds Off founder's moving talk to KWT AGM re. hare hunting

….. 29th September - More pressure on Bax, KWT Chair/hare hunter to quit/be sacked

….. 28th September - Braes o'Derwent FH cub hunting fails as hounds cause road chaos

….. 28th September - Tory Councillor/Hunter - offensive comments re. slavery/abortion

….. 27th September - Totally blocked sett found exactly where Cheshire FH hunting

….. 27th September - N. Cotswold FH hounds panic deer in wood - one runs into tree

….. 27th September - Hunt thugs attack parked car lone female sitting in

..... 27th September - Bonner says - will 'press authorities to address' sab activities'                            

….. 27th September - Quantock SH guns on public display on road

….. 26th September - Sabs say Atherstone FH didn't kill in September due to them

….. 26th September - Sabs work hard to keep Mendip Farmers FH cubbing kill free

….. 26th September - Hearing to say if South Herefordshire FH trial can go ahead

….. 25th September - Cheshire Monitors to give evidence to PCC hunt policing inquiry

….. 25th September - Natural England - no hunting allowed on SSSI used by Mendip Farmers FH

….. 25th September - Sab group to boycott Leics Police 'Hunt Awareness Training Day'

….. 25th September - Hunt Watch say 2 farmers banned Hunts after shown film of hunting

….. 24th September - 'Cruel' organic farm gives dead/surplus cattle free to Cattistock FH

….. 24th September - Sabs protect 2 foxes put up by Puckeridge FH cub hunting

….. 24th September - Police dismiss W. Norfolk FH allegations against sabs at no-kills meet

….. 24th September - Dunston Harriers lorry returns to kennels without letting hounds out

….. 23rd September - Sabs protect foxes from Lanarkshire FH attempts to hunt

….. 23rd September - Antis clamour for hunter 'Strictly' contestant to be voted off

….. 22nd September - Police send 3 cars & armed response to sabs outside kennels

….. 22nd September - Thousands march for wildlife, call for strengthened Hunting Act

….. 22nd September - Fernie FH sit and watch as hounds frighten and stampede cattle

….. 22nd September - Sab snaps pic of highly stressed fox chased by Warks FH 

….. 22nd September - N. Cotswold FH ride thru bTb troubled farm, riot on deer/hares

….. 22nd September - Antis restrict Oakley FH to little more than hound exercise 

….. 22nd September - Sabs keep foxes safe from chaotic hunting by Cotswold Vale FH

….. 21st September - POWA told Quantock SH hunted and killed large stag

….. 20th September - Sabs say Warks FH released bagged fox into wood with hounds in

….. 20th September - Hunters attempt to fit up activist fails spectacularly

….. 20th September - Revealed undercover cop infiltrated sab group 1997-2002

….. 20th September - LACS complains to BBC re. collusion in Hunt cubbing lies

….. 19th September - South Wold FH's unheralded visit throws horse into panic

….. 19th September - Sabs catch Surrey Union FH trespassing on NT land

….. 19th September - LACS highly critical of CPS dropping case against Badsworth FH

….. 18th September - Monitors say two hunted stag escaped Quantock SH

….. 18th September - Sabs help stop Staitondale FH cub killing near clifftops

….. 17th September - Beaufort FH post men at setts to stop foxes escaping down

….. 17th September - BBC defends its portrayal of 'autumn hunting' in the Archers

….. 17th September - Braes o' Derwent FH caught cubbing - no known kills

….. 16th September - Government seeking to make trespass a criminal offence

….. 16th September - East Kent FH trespass on Forestry Commission land

….. 16th September - Tory MSP rides with 2 Hunts charged with illegal hunting

….. 16th September - Sab groups prevent Old Surrey FH from serious cubbing

….. 16th September - Video shows Brocklesby FH redcoat trying to hit sab

….. 15th September - Fitzwilliam FH support assault sab & block them in - but no kills

….. 15th September - Early fleeing fox protected by sabs as Oakley FH cubbing fruitless

….. 15th September - Cury FH make only token hunting effort after sabs appear

….. 15th September - Sabs save 5 foxes from Brocklesby FH hounds

….. 14th September - Vets strongly criticise DEFRA over bTb outbreak at Kimblewick FH

….. 14th September - Sabs film Warks FH clearly chasing fox - it escaped

..... 14th September - Kimblewick FH hounds withdrawn from Show after disease fears

….. 14th September - Quantock SH supporter fined for filming antis while driving

….. 12th September - Monitor films Beaufort FH clearly hunting a fox 
….. 12th September - Grafton FH lay 'trail' for first time in monitors' experience
….. 12th September - Warks FH committed many offences in day's cubbing, say sabs 
….. 12th September - Sabs save fox from 'full on' Surrey Union FH cub hunting 
….. 11th September - Stag escapes from Quantock SH only after a long chase 
….. 11th September - Sabs claim N. Wales police facilitating illegal hunting by hassling them 
….. 11th September - Hound parade goes ahead despite LACS' biosecurity warning
….. 10th September - E. Kent FH hound lorry back to kennels when see sabs on their tail
….. 10th September - Sabs pull Cattistock FH hounds off only fox cubbers put up
….. 10th September - At least one fox escapes Warks FH cubbing attempts
….. 10th September - Sabs restrain Beaufort FH cubbing attempts
…..  9th September - Sabs stop Flint & Denbigh FH Huntsman hunting by man marking
…..  9th September - 'Broken' Atherstone FH restricted to no fun ride round fields
…..  8th September - Sabs say saved four foxes from Belvoir FH cub hunting
.....  8th September - Portman FH filmed cub hunting by monitors
…..  8th September - Sabs deter E. Kent FH from cub hunting efforts
…..  8th September - Sabs intimidated as Crawley FH hunt illegally at evening meet
…..  8th September - Sabs constrain Fernie FH cubbing attempts - no kills
…..  7th September - Fox probably killed in Beaufort FH early start cub hunt
…..  6th September - Cheshire FH behave very oddly after get police escort from kennels
…..  6th September - Warks FH cause road chaos while trying to cub hunt
…..  6th September - Blackmore FH cub hunt over recently bTb infected farm
…..  5th September - Fears over Kimblewick FH's hound parade at Bucks County Show
…..  5th September - Sabs ensure no cub kills for York & Ainsty South FH
…..  4th September - Monitors reveal film re. Wynnstay FH fox kill in February
…..  4th September - Kent WT accused ahead of AGM protest re. hunter Chairman Bax
…..  4th September - Buccleuch FH huntsmen trail set for 8th October
…..  3rd September - Beaufort FH filmed chasing fox at 1st official cub hunt
…..  3rd September - More connections of Leics police WO to Atherstone FH revealed
…..  3rd September - Sabs save fox from early morning Beaufort FH cub hunters
…..  2nd September - A Dorset Hunt drives fox to ground - maybe dug out
…..  1st September - LACS offers £1k reward for info leading to cub hunting convictions
…..  1st September - Cotswold Vale FH pack in cubbing after a bit of sabbing
…..  1st September - Sabs stop Warwickshire FH settling into cub hunting

Wynnstay FH riders & hounds go through anxious bullock herd

30-9-18   Facebook - Cheshire Against Blood Sports    BULLOCKS TO BIOSECURITY?    Whilst we were out with Cheshire Hunt Sabs at the Wynnstay Hunt meet on Saturday we witnessed the hunt mingling with a field of cattle. In the words of Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs "In our astonishment, bullocks were running back and too across the field with hounds and horses in between. The poor bullocks were in shock and very scared. All the hunt needed was a lasso and a pair of chaps and we would have a scene from some 60s horror western. The poor bullocks were eventually led to another field and the riders made their way to horse boxes."


Now we wonder what the reaction of the farmer might be to this? Firstly there is the risk of injury and the stress to his animals when spooked. Farmers are frequently warning ramblers about the risk to their livestock when a single walker with a dog enters a field, admonishing the public to keep dogs on leads, and clean up their dog mess due to disease risk. Indeed they manage to get entire units of wildlife crime officers to devote much of their time and effort to the subject. Is there a double standard here, or is the farmer concerned, but cowed into accepting an invasion of his land by horses and hounds, leaving their mess and body fluids in the fields and streams?

There is then the subject of bTB. When the Kimblewick hounds went down en masse with bTB. DEFRA attempted to play down the outbreak, but a recent scientific paper on the outbreak lifted the veil of secrecy. Subsequently vets and veterinary nurses wrote expressing their concerns, saying there should be a moratorium on hunting with hounds in England, until data shows that hunting packs are free from bTB at a national level. http://mrcvs.co.uk/en/news/17731/. So if you were the farmer how would you feel about this? DEFRA of course point to the rarity of TB in pet dogs, but these are not fed on cattle that have died from often unknown causes, or housed in the same conditions as hounds in hunt kennels.


Ilminster Beagles are filmed very clearly hunting a hare

Hounds got within seconds of fleeing beast

Only escaped as 2 roe deer crossed its line

30-9-18   Vimeo - Davis Knightley   VIDEO   Ilminster Beagles pre-season early morning meet on the Somerset Levels    No trails were seen to be laid. Dogs followed the line of hares and deer and acted as before the hunting ban (13 years earlier). On this occasion, all hares and deer seemed to get away without being killed although there was some hunting before the mist lifted enough to film them. Think this is wrong? know where a Hunt is meeting? let Hounds Off or the Hunt Saboteurs Association know.

POWAperson adds   -  This is a beautifully crisp, clear video. Soon after the hounds cross the bridge in chasing the hare a doubled horn blow is heard twice - 'hunt on'. Hares much prefer to stick to territory they know and usually run in large circles when pursued by hounds. The hare was on its second lap when deer distracted hounds. The Huntsman must have known they were pursuing a hare and had been for some time. This was wilful, illegal hunting.  


                                 Hounds put up hare and start chase  


                                Fleeing hare crosses bridge across ditch 


              Hounds chase hare across bridge - less than 8 seconds behind it 


                                   Hare fleeing uphill from chasing  hounds



                                     Hare takes advantage to escape 


                             Whipper-in is trying to stop chasing roe deer


                     Huntsman blowing horn to try to get pack back to him 


Monitors intervene to save fox from Wynnstay FH

30-9-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   VIDEO [Cheshire Sabs]   WYNNSTAY HUNT CAUGHT CUB HUNTING - A BUSY (AND NOT SO BUSY) DAY FOR HUNTS IN CHESHIRE, SATURDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER 2018    Yesterday we had monitors ready to pick up both the Cheshire Hounds and Cheshire Forest Hunts, waiting to monitor them and spoil their fun.

Jake Oppenheim and Jamie Whittles, Huntsman and Whipper-in for the Cheshire Hounds, being the snowflakes they are, and following two failed attempts to leave the kennels in Sandiway, chickened out after seeing hunt sabs waiting for them.


                                            Fox fleeing from hounds 

Sadly, we know they will sneak out another day to make up for this missed 'training' for their hounds, as they have done a number of times over the last month, and we are asking locals to be on special alert for them in their local area any time of day, and on almost any day.


                               Fox runs across lane - hounds are c.10 seconds behind 

Early on we also received tip-offs from local supporters near Malpas that the Wynnstay were meeting at Chorlton Hall, so our team joined up and headed to Chorlton. Within a short time we caught the Hunt pursuing a fox through woodland and across fields beside Cherryhill, off Chorlton Lane. We intervened and were able to force the Huntsman to call his hounds back to him, enabling the fox to escape. Check our page later for the full film of this.


                                    Hounds in cry chasing the fox  

We checked a large badger sett behind Chorlton Hall which, back in February, we caught this Hunt close to and all entrances filled in (See: https://bit.ly/2NR5te9.)

The police attended, took evidence and helped to clear the blockages. We are pleased to report that, today, the sett was untouched and looking very healthy and active. Phil Evans, local ‘mole catcher’ and host on the day back in February, today claimed to know nothing about the blocked sett, despite being spoken to about it at the time, not to mention being the sett’s closest neighbour.


             Riders tell monitor trespassing. Says won't leave till hounds called off 

After a short while members of Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs and Cheshire Against Blood Sports also arrived on the scene around Chorlton and Overton, and between us we were all able to prevent the Hunt from getting much - if any - hunting done over the next few hours, until they finally boxed up the hounds at Stockton Hall Farm; sabs found evidence of badger sett blocking close by which has been reported to the police.

Near the end of the morning we were alerted by a brave local who had been standing their ground with the Cheshire Forest Hunt who had been out since early morning in Bradwall near Middlewich - another Hunt who has adapted their behaviour under current circumstances to enable them to continue sneaking out to hunt fox cubs. We believe people from the other groups that were out yesterday went over, along with one of our supporters, but sadly the Hunt was more or less packing up and had sadly been hunting with abandon all morning.


Contact us in complete confidence. -> Message us on Facebook > Text us on 07376 338179  -> Email us at info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk > Please help us fund equipment by donating:- http://paypal.me/CMonitors. Please bookmark our contact details and share this post.


Learn the sordid details about what and who are involved in cub hunting here:-https://bit.ly/2nSYsKy

30-9-18   Facebook – Cheshire Monitors   VIDEO    Wynnstay caught cub hunting, 29th September 2018 (see above post for full report) - Wynnstay Hunt filmed cub hunting, Saturday 29th September 2018    Hunt monitors are often accused of "just standing by and filming" while wildlife is hunted and killed, but it is an integral part of the work undertaken by Cheshire Monitors, as well as many other monitors groups around the country, that we are able to intervene to save a fox whenever necessary.

Quad biker, probably with a Hunt, stopped for anti-social driving on Exmoor

30-9-18   Thisisthewestcountry   VIDEO   Quad biker's anti social driving in front of special constable on Exmoor   THIS quad biker carrying out an anti-social manoeuvre couldn't have timed it worse. He pulls out in front of another vehicle in Exmoor National Park, kicks up a storm of dust and accelerates off. Only, he didn't get very far. The vehicle behind was driven by an Avon and Somerset special constable, who pulled the biker over.


@ASPSpecials tweeted: "How to get stopped & reported for offences by @ASPWSomerset #SpecialConstables on patrol @ExmoorNP yesterday (Saturday). "AntiSocial use of #QuadBikes on our #NationalPark will not be tolerated as well as the danger to road users."

POWAperson adds  -  Even if the quad biker wasn't with a Hunt, the comment I added to the article still applies - This quad was almost certainly that of a terrierman with one of the many Hunts in the Exmoor area. There is a box on the front. There's usually one on the back as well, but couldn't see that for the dust. The boxes are used for carrying terriers and tools suitable for digging a fox out of an earth or a badger sett. Terriermen are the scum of the earth, employed by Hunts to ensure no foxes escape. They have no compunction in inflicting any degree of suffering on their prey and no scruples about blocking up badger setts for their Hunt masters to try to ensure foxes can't escape down them. They are also highly anti-social, ignoring traffic laws re. quads. They drive on public roads banned to them, often with no or obscured plates, obviating any insurance they might have, as they do when they commonly drive with more than one up. Twice this season terriermen on quads have thrown rocks at anti-hunt activists, on one occasion breaking their windscreen while the car was being driven towards the quad. Almost every fox hunt in the country - and there are still nearly 200 - claims to be 'trail hunting'. But they are always accompanied by terriermen on quad bikes. Why? What role would they have on a 'trail hunt'? None. They're there because Hunts are not 'trail hunting' they're exploiting the weakness of the Hunting Act - and the reluctance of police to try to enforce it - and hunting live quarry much as before the 'ban'. Hundreds of hunt monitors and sabs witness and report this every week. It's a huge, nationwide criminal conspiracy, flouting the will of the people and the rule of law. The only way to stop it is to significantly strengthen the Hunting Act. www.powa.org.uk    www.campaigntostrengthenthehuntingact.com.



Sabs' car tyre stabbed with knife - Staitondale FH supporters nearby

30-9-18   Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs    Yesterday morning we went to meet Staintondale hunt at their early morning cub meet. It was a frosty start weather wise and a frosty reception from the Hunt when they saw us.

It wasn't long until they'd all arrived. It's sad to see young children there for such a sickening event. We were entertained by a Chap trying to mount his steed, if it hadn't have been for a fellow rider he would have lost his dignity and fallen, perhaps he should stick to hobby horses in the future.

As we set off to follow them, their usual illegal activity of obstructing the main road began. Two vehicles totally blocking our path. Why if they're not up to no good would they try to get away? After a while they moved on and we it wasn't long until we found them in a field.

They're pretty good at losing hounds so we can always find them. The sound of a lone hound in distress is heartbreaking. To see it panicking and howling was sad, the Hunt carried on oblivious and made no attempt to retrieve it.StaitondaleFHSabtyrestabbed30-9-18.jpgA few sabs went into the field to see what they were up to. They arrived in the woods and found the Hunt looking lost and confused.

We moved on and caught up with them. We can't believe what conditions they ride their horses through. They'd ridden down a track that was almost a foot deep in mud/clay. Horses are very sensitive to the ground. It's a wonder one of them weren't thrown off or one of the horses slipping.

The bridleways we followed are obviously just for the Hunt as they constantly shouted at us to get off and stop trespassing. Hmmm, they may think they're better than us but last time I checked bridleways are for common sabs too!

More of the same, get a job, are you ugly, have a... bath blah blah blah. We do work. We work and pay taxes. We live in nice homes but we'll never invite them round for afternoon tea. I don't think wholesome, healthy, cruelty free vegan food would be appreciated.

Yet again walking on open access land we were subjected to verbal abuse. You'd think with how they speak down to us they'd be knowledgeable about the law. Stand there. Do not move. Stay there. "Mandy"Mandy"Mandy" take their photos, quick get his face on camera!!! Why such drama?

Mandy, practically knocking into a sab almost knocking him into the ditch with her horse while following his instructions. Must be his understudy. We eventually left and headed around to see them on the other side of the fields.

On our way we spotted a hound wandering in the middle of the road. A hunt follower tried to catch it but it was enjoying it's freedom too much. We held our breath as a tractor with a large trailer turned the corner, thankfully the hound got off the road and was unhurt. We offer to help them if we see stray hounds but they never accept our help. Regardless of what we think of the Hunt we'd always put the animals lives first.

We kept up with them practically all day and feel confident today that no creatures were hunted and killed yesterday. We even managed to beat the hunt followers to their next ride down the bridleways. Again and again being told we we're trespassing. They couldn't cope with the fact that we have brilliant local knowledge and find them. So they have to vent their anger by accusations.

This time a numpty blocked us in. So the Hunt could sneak off. Gets boring really looking at number plates but all documented and recorded. If ever there's an unfortunate accident due to them blocking us in at least we have built up evidence for the police.

The Hunt and hounds We're in a field full of cows. The cows were so terrified they huddled together. They have no concerns for the welfare of other creatures. When the Hunt moved off the cows ran frantically about.

The afternoon was more of the same. We waited until we saw the hounds van arrive and they packed up. We got back to the car to find a flat tyre. Now some hunt followers had parked nearby so it doesn't take much guessing to who was to blame. Don't worry though we captured them on the dash camera. Another successful day.

We hope they rounded up all their stray hounds. Just a reminder to those of you who don't know, Staintondale hounds killed a family cat. Here's the link. We saw beautiful cats yesterday and were concerned, please if you live near where Hunts are out, keep your pets safe.

If you would like to donate some £ we'd certainly appreciate it. We now need to buy a tyre pump for our car( for future tyre let downs) and some other equipment to keep us on the road if they tamper with our cars again.

If you would like to donate, please click on the link: https://www.paypal.me/EYHS. Thank you for reading and sharing.

UPDATE! Our tyre wasn't just let down it was stabbed with a knife. What next ? If they're carrying such weapons perhaps the police need calling to have a check through their vehicles. Imagine if we hadn't noticed the flat tyre. We could have had an accident. These morons need stopping. Please donate to help towards a new tyre. Keep us sabbing them.

E. Kent FH Huntsman makes absurd claim of sab hitting him 

30-9-18   Facebook - West Kent Hunt Sabs  VIDEO   HUNTSMEN ACCUSES SAB OF HITTING HIM FROM 10 FEET AWAY! WHO'S HARASSING WHO?  Here is a video of Steve, Huntsman of the East Kent with West Street Hunt accusing one of our sabs of hitting him when quite clearly they aren't, before riding his horse at them making a right fool of himself!

We're actually starting to feel sorry for this Huntsman now.... he's clearly losing the plot and will try anything to stop us stopping him from killing our wildlife!




Anti-Bax protest at KWT AGM prompts media coverage

30-9-18   Facebook - East Kent Sabs    DEMONSTRATION AT KENT WILDLIFE TRUST AGM 29th September 2018 Thanks to EVERYONE who managed to get to this yesterday - we know how many people wanted to come along but couldn't, but your support has been overwhelming. And thanks to the press who after two years are finally picking up properly on the story, with journalists from the Independent, the BBC and KM group all present.


Also thanks to the amazing Joe Hashman of Hounds Off for his amazing speech - shame the rep from KWT who came out to tell us that a lot of the published links about Mike Bax and his connections to hunting and game shooting were "lies" or "mistakes" didn't stick around to listen... but some people do find the truth uncomfortable. (you can read a transcript of Joe's speech in the item below.

Also thanks to the speaker from the League Against Cruel Sports, who also gave a speech. This is not over.


If you wish to donate to our group and keep us out in the fields, you can do so here-many thanks. https://www.paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA.30-9-18

30-9-18   Facebook - League Against Cruel Sports    Yesterday, we joined East Kent Sabs, Hounds Off and Kent Wildlife Trust AGM to protest their pro-hunt, pro-shoot chair Micheal Bax. It's such a shame that an otherwise fantastic organisation would have someone who stands against what they stand for as a figurehead. TV coverage here.

Sabs ridden/driven at by Flint & Denbigh FH - hounds pulled off deer

30-9-18   Facebook - Derby Hunt Saboteurs    Hit Report -  29 September 2018   Early morning start as we paid visit to the Flint & Denbigh Hunt's kennels at 5am. They we were meeting nearby in Cefn Meriadog. We were given none of the previous excuses they had given to Sabs on previous visits such as they were just 'exercising the hounds' and no attempt to run away and lose sabs. Jezza, the Huntsman just got stuck in with some blatantly obvious cub hunting.

The whole day was very repetitive, with the hounds being taken into covers and woods, riders standing on point and sabs pulling the hounds out again. Then the hunt riding across a few fields for the pattern to continue.

At one point sabs were stuck in a field with horses and buggy being ridden at us in an attempt to stop us reaching the hounds. However, we broke free and were able to pull the hounds off a line.


Towards the end, it became very confusing with the pack scatter all over countryside, the Huntsman couldn't decide whether to gather his hounds or hunt on. At one point some of the hounds chased a fleeing deer. Surprisingly the Huntsman then told his Whipper-in off for not doing anything, luckily the sabs called the hounds off the chase.


        Injured hound being carried away - will it be allowed live to see another day? 

Some of the loose hounds started to be picked up and put in the back off different vehicles as the Hunt finally decided to pack up after 11am.

Big up to North Wales and Welsh Border Hunt Sabs for being in the field on a long early morning. Any donations gratefully appreciated at: paypal.me/DerbySabs.


N. Cotswold FH give up cubbing attempt after sabs intervene

Supporter threatens to 'smash sab's face in' 

30-9-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs    Saturday 29th September 2018    Out on early patrol looking for Hunts and badger trappers in the North Cotswolds. One sett that we checked had steam coming from the badgers on a very cold frosty morning, Obviously active sett.

We soon bumped into the North Cotswold hunt at Coronation Plantation and heard a whistle. Now a whistle blown in this area denotes that a fox has been sighted and not only was the rider on point raising his hat as well, but we saw the fox running towards a small covert in the middle of a field. A few holloas and use of the gizmo meant that the Hunt gathered the pack and ran away from us and appeared to leave the startled fox alone.

This was too much for one hunt follower who nearly imploded. We had better watch out because she has footage of one of us from 2010 and she is going to the police with it, committing the heinous act of... trespass. Also she was going to smash one sab's face in... Hmm, let the side down there we thinks. Half an hour later at Scarborough Pits hounds rioted on multiple deer, were called off the hunt staff who then decided to go home at 10.00.

We were then out till just after dusk checking more setts. Just off out again now. Please continue to support us paypal.methreecountiessabs.


Antis find 10 blocked badger setts while monitoring Wynnstay FH

29-9-18   Facebook - Cheshire Against Blood Sports    Today whilst monitoring Wynnstay Hunt CABS and Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs found 10 blocked badger setts. Reported to Cheshire Police and safely unblocked.


Sabs and monitors restrain Portman FH's cub hunting attempts

29-9-18    Facebook - Wildlife Witness  VIDEO   Portman Hunt - Lowbrook Farm, Belchalwell     Cub-hunting continues with the Portman, today meeting at 7.30 with the usual mixture of horse-riders, pony club kids, car followers and bumpkins spoiling the beautiful views across Dorset's finest countryside.

We had monitors and sabs out today, working together in order to keep an eye on the Hunt's activities. With Dorset Against Blood Sports (DABS) monitors watching the meet, the Hunt moved off in usual fashion, drawing hedge-lines to the west of the meet, without success.


          Rider blocking monitor's view - they try this all the time, when not riding at antis 

Our monitors were in position when the Huntsman headed towards Whitmore Coppice where they picked up the scent of a fox which managed to escape the coppice despite the efforts of riders slapping saddles and foot followers shouting to head it. Dorset Hunt Sabs (DHS) were soon in the action as the hounds carried on hunting slowly towards Garland Farm.


A message must have been passed on by followers on Garlands Lane, as hounds were lifted from there and taken at pace across the lane and on to Oke-Apple House where DHS kept them in sight as they drew the small woods, west of Okeford Fitzpaine.

Having found no success there, the Huntsman then took hounds back to Whitmore Cross, via a few small areas of wood, before getting back to Whitmore Coppice, where our monitors were waiting. No surprises to see them again pick up in Whitmore Coppice but this time the whipper-in, on point on the north side, spotted a fox leaving and notified the huntsman who took hounds to that area.


                                             Portman FH hounds in cry 

Before long, the hounds were again hunting, this time down to Lower Fifehead Farm where hounds stopped hunting in the farm buildings. The Huntsman, Evo Shirley, then took them across the road and hunted on foot in the area of The Nook. As 11.00 approached the Hunt slowly headed back near to Kitford before packing up.

Great teamwork today from all the groups and despite a large area covered we kept up with them for most of the day's hunting.


29-9-18   Facebook - Wildlife Witness   VIDEO   This is what hunt monitors do... every week    People may ask what do hunt monitors actually do? Well, today was a typical day, spent watching a so-called trail hunt, on this occasion, the Portman, openly flouting the law, hunting foxes, holding up coverts by slapping saddles, shouting to head back a hunted fox and passing on messages to the huntsman telling him where the fox has gone.

No police there... just hunt monitors filming the hunt and waiting for that moment when the Huntsman makes a mistake and we get the evidence that gets them in to court. It's not a pleasant task, it's tiring, it's often frustrating and it means getting in there with the hunt supporters and riders...but it needs to be done if we are ever going to get the Hunting Act enforced and strengthened.


Many assaults on sabs at Fitzwilliam FH - but still ensure no kills

29-9-18    Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    CRIMINAL FITZ HUNT ATTACK SABS AT ILLEGAL CUBBING MEET Hit Report 29.09.2018 – Fitzwilliam Hunt, Great Gidding, Cambridgeshire Sabs were today attacked again at the Fitzwilliam Hunt, a group with multiple recent convictions to their name for illegal hunting, assaults and criminal damage.

As hunt sabs were keeping tabs on the Hunt at Flittermere Gorse, near Great Gidding, one activist was pulled to the ground by a hunt supporter and held down by the weight of the attacker and his bicycle. Shortly after, violent individuals Clive and Paul Castle lived up to their reputations as hunt thugs by pushing and shoving sabs while their hunt masters were hunting foxes in a nearby wood.


                                Horror movie  characters deputed by Hunt to follow sabs

Punches and kicks were also directed at sabs by hunt followers, as the Fitzwilliam hunt were riled and angry at the presence of pacifist wildlife defenders, preventing them from murdering young foxes at one of their key ‘cub hunting’ meets.

Cambridgeshire Police were notified, however spent 20 minutes document checking our driver in a transparent attempt at holding us back. Fortunately, sabs were already out in the fields keeping the Fitz in check.

Sabs from North Cambs and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs initially found the Hunt meeting just outside of Great Gidding, as the early morning sun was just starting to warm the autumn air. The sab presence was clocked and called in immediately by hunt support and the Huntsman, Simon Hunter, took the hounds away at speed.

As we caught up at their first draw of the morning, it was clear they were set on open illegal hunting, with riders stationed outside the edges of a small copse (Cow Pasture Gorse) and hounds being called in by Hunter.


                                             Blood from injured Hunt horse 

Sabs moved in quickly and after fending off the first round of assaults of the day, distracted the hounds long enough for the Huntsman to move on. The pack was taken south and around for a hack around the local hedgerows, before heading out to one of the Fitzwilliam’s favoured and historic cub-hunting spots, Flittermere Gorse (known locally as Fox Covert).

Sabs kept the hounds constantly distracted with voice calls and whip cracks, while foot support dished out assault after assault. Undeterred, we stayed with the pack while Hunter flushed the gorse repeatedly for around an hour. While the hounds were clearly excited at searching for scents, no wildlife was flushed by them and we are happy to report they were unable to kill today.

After this tense stand-off at their famous cub-hunting gorse, the Hunt eventually called it a day and hacked back to their meet. Sabs stayed in the area to ensure the hound van headed off before calling it a day ourselves.

Hunt sabs are all volunteers, giving up their time and cash to stop illegal hunting of your nation’s wildlife. If you would like to help us, message the page to join up, or donate the price of a coffee to keep us on the road. 100% of donations go towards fuel and equipment. http://ko-fi.com/northcambs

Pics below   -    1/  JM Phillip Baker, mounted with, left and right hunt thugs who'd been assaulting sabs moments earlier    2/  Police conferring with Hunt    3/   Whipper-in Shaun Parish tries to flush fox from gorse    4/  I'm a hunting hound - get me out of here! 

        FitzwilliamFHJMPhillipBakermountedThugCliveandPaulCastleassaultedsabs29-9-18.jpg FitzwilliamFHPoliceconferring29-9-18.jpg

  FitzwilliamFHWhipShaunParish29-9-18.jpg FitzwilliamFHhound29-9-18.jpg


Sab success in disrupting Mendip Farmers FH cubbing - no kills

29-9-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO    Mendip Farmers get first Saturday visit from sabs in over a decade    This morning, along with Bath Hunt Sabs, we decided to pay a very long overdue Saturday visit to The Mendip Farmers Hunt who met in Chewton Mendip at the crack of dawn. There were a lot of surprised faces when we turned up but we were straight into the field and up with the huntsman from the off, meaning any hunting attempts were closely monitored. As the Hunt quickly tried to get away from sabs in the field, three vehicles were patrolling and keeping eyes on every move the Hunt made.


Once a bit of distance was made, the Hunt surrounded a kale field and cast out the hounds whilst hunt staff, terriermen and supporters blocked any chance of a fox escaping. Thankfully, we were quickly back on the scene and the Hunt were off again in another attempt to lose us.

As we caught up, the Hunt were surrounding a hedgerow so sabs intervened and took control of the hounds, forcing the Hunt to ditch their hunting attempt and move off again. This set the standard for the remainder of the morning, every time we were seen, the hunt were legging it away!

It was a hot morning so scenting conditions were poor. Combined with a large group of sabs watching every move the hunt made, they were heading home around 10am having had a pretty dismal morning. A great result for local wildlife!

Please consider supporting our work – paypal.me/bristolhuntsabs.


Pytchley FH hunters try to ride down sabs, supporter blocks road

Also reported for using mobile phone while driving 

29-9-18  Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs    As well as having teams out in two cull zones today we also teamed up with our good friends Northants and Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs to visit the Pytchley fox hunt for their cubbing meet in Cottesbrooke, thanks to a local tip off.

The Huntsman was obviously displeased as he kept his hounds close and went on the run, quickly moving past many coverts he'd no doubt hunt otherwise, before spending the majority of the day trying to hide in a small area away from the road.

With limited options in his hideout, sabs were able to get in the field and monitor closely as riders surrounded coverts in typical cub hunting 'on point' fashion. The hounds went into cry a couple of times, but never for long and we can be confident of a no kill day.

This obviously became frustrating for the Pytchley as horses were ridden at sabs, and a particularly amusing supporter [left] claiming to be Albert Finney (his real name is Kelvin Pestel) spent his time trying to block sabs in, telling us "I don't care about the law" before parking diagonally across an A road with his eyes glued to his phone. His dangerous driving and questionable off-roading were all the more entertaining due to his failure to prevent sabs doing what they needed to at every point.


As a tribute, we'd like to see if we can raise at least the £60 he'll need to pay his fine for using his phone while driving. If you can contribute please donate through the link below: https://ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.


Surrey Union supporter tries to run over sab - no kills

29-9-18   Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs    Today with North Downs and Berkshire Hunt Sabs we sabbed the newcomers meet of the Surrey Union Hunt. With one group at the meet awaiting to give a SurreyUnionFHGreaterthroatedscreameronboredhorse29-9-18.jpgdirection we placed ourselves further up. As soon as the Hunt came towards us hounds were in cry after a fox at holmbury hill. Despite extremely difficult terrain sabs managed to stay with the hounds masking the scent of the fox and using voice calls to call them off. Andrew Hazeltine then spent ages trying to gather them up again, with some laughable horn blows he finally managed.

With a clearly pissed off Hunt the support focused their aggression on sabs attempting to run one of our sabs over (with a child in the back!) drunk behind the wheel or just annoyed you didn't get your bloodlust fix?

The Hunt soon moved over to gulls isle where they have killed before and again the hounds were in cry all over the place. We managed to stay with the hounds and ensured they didn't get anything! Once again after loosing hounds (even they don't like you!) they spent a while trying to gather up and soon packed up which meant pub time for sabs!

To help keep us out in the field please consider donating or message us to get involved! Want to grass up your local hunt? Give us an anonymous message.

Pic above right  -  The lesser throated screamer on a bored horse who has heard his rants so many times before. 



Sabs use gizmo to pull cub-hunting Crawley FH hounds away 3 times

29-9-18   Facebook - Brighton Hunt Saboteurs    This morning saw us at the Southdown and Eridge kennels bright and early.... We followed the hound van at dawn, but got blocked in down a narrow lane by a terrier boy. And in to the sunrise they went, much to our dismay. We did however get chance to take in the beautiful view which was a bonus.

Soon after we got a call that the Crawley and Horsham were in the Cowfold area so we bezzed it over that way double quick time to catch them just after they had left the meet at Little Wasps farm in Wineham.

Straight away we found riders on point around a small copse with hounds in the middle very interested in something. 'Why surround a wood with riders if you are following a trail?' we cried, but our berating fell on deaf ears.

Fortunately our gizmo did not, mwahaha!!! We were able to cause enough chaos that the Huntsman pulled the hounds out and rode off into the distance. We caught them at it again twice more over the course of a few hours and due to our presence and that of the local West Sussex group we are confident nothing got chased or killed.

Now to the Viva vegan fair in Brighton where we have a stall and no doubt too much grub shall enter our swollen bellies. Laterzzzz.


Hounds Off founder's moving talk to KWT AGM re. hare hunting

29-9-18   Hounds Off   At the Kent Wildlife Trust 2018 AGM, held at the Kent County Showground, Detling, on September 29th, Hounds Off Founder Joe Hashman spoke on behalf of over 205,000 people who have signed Tom Fitton’s petition calling for the pro-hunting Chairman to be replaced. Here is what he said:- 

Some people are not telling the truth about the Kent Wildlife Trust Chairman and his involvement with hare hunting. The truth matters because it cuts to the heart of who controls the countryside.

Kent Wildlife Trust accept that their current Chairman, Mike Bax, hunted hares with the Blean Beagles only until thirteen years ago, when this pastime was prohibited. But our evidence shows that he was the Huntsman for the Blean Beagles from 1971 until ‘91 and from then until 2016 he was a Joint Master. For twenty years, as Huntsman his job would have been to help his dogs seek and destroy hares for the amusement of paying spectators. As Joint Master, his responsibilities would have included the day-to-day running of the Hunt.


                               Sandhurst Beagles kill hare no. 3 of day 15-11-17 

Beagling is a deliberately cruel bloodsport. The greater the suffering, the better the hunting. Beagles are finely tuned killing machines, selectively bred to run slower than a sprint-specialist hare but with enhanced stamina and sensitive noses so they can follow the scent that their quarry leaves behind as she tries to escape.

There is no natural predator that hunts hares like this. Beagling is the complete opposite of natural selection. Beagles work as a pack under the guidance of a Huntsman. Their aim is to gradually tire the hare enough for the dogs to pull her down and bite her to death.

In favourable conditions and the right mood to chase and catch a hare, beagles are relentless. 90-minutes from find to kill is considered perfect. At the bloody end, the Huntsman and spectators will have been marvellously entertained, their quarry reduced to a stiff-legged, hunched, shattered shadow of her former self and the beagles will relish their hard-earned prize.


                               Eton College Beagles in cry after hare October 2015 

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what was being written in the sporting press shortly before beaglers took their activities underground to avoid falling foul of the law.

From the Purbeck & Bovingdon Beagles in Dorset; “… we had a splendid morning with a hunt of three hours finally killing in a field of kale.”

From the Stoke Hill in Devon; “An entertaining day….A useful view of the hare running the road … saw hounds on good terms again … a final fast burst across some old pasture saw this well beaten hare accounted for … A hunt of over two hours …”

A useful view” means that the hare had given hounds the slip but someone saw it and told the Huntsman where. “Well beaten” means stiff-legged, hunched and shattered. “Accounted for” is a euphemism for catching and ripping apart.

From Somerset, the Clifton Foot bragged, “… a classic hare hunt … recorded a successful conclusion in three hours and twenty six minutes.”

This from the Chilmark, also in Somerset; “The best of November hunting … the field had a grandstand view of an eighty minute hunt … they ran into the hare at the fields feet.”

In beagling, spectators are known collectively as ‘the field’. So, translated, this means the dogs killed the hare right in front of everybody who was watching.

In the Home Counties, the South Herts gushed; “Better was to come … where visitors …. saw hounds catch their hare after a glorious seventy minutes of steady hunting.”

The Cambridgeshire-based Pipewell Foot boasted, “An amazing hunt was enjoyed … for nearly one and a half hours … to a well-deserved conclusion.”

The North Staffordshire Moorland wrote of one hunt climax, “The view … was magnificent as they rolled her over in an open meadow below.”

Rolled her over.” Sounds almost pleasant doesn’t it? But we’re not talking about making love in the clover. It’s a rose-tinted euphemism for glossing over the cruel reality of using dogs to chase a hare to the limit of her physical ability, then savage and rip her to pieces.


                                        Holcombe Harriers chase hare 15-2-18 

This from the Holme Valley, in Yorkshire; “…a hare was hunted for around for 70 minutes giving the remaining field some excellent viewing until hounds were rewarded in the copse.”

Nobody thinks about how the hare feels do they? It’s all about the glorious view and the sweet little dogs who deserve a prize at the end of all their hard work. In fact, people who go beagling are actually advised not to consider the suffering of the hare and are warned that if they do then their enjoyment might be spoiled. I wonder if Mike Bax ever considered the plight of his quarry during twenty years as Huntsman and another twenty-five as a Master?

This from the Pevensey Marsh, just down the road in Sussex; “The day from Little Marshfoot was probably the best of the season … killed at dusk, after ninety minutes.”

And, bringing it right back home, during the season before the ban the Kent Wildlife Trust Chairman Mike Bax’s own Blean Beagles killed 22 hares and boasted in the sporting press of “producing some fine sport”. This included “accounting for a tired hare” after a “very fast” half-hour, and catching another after a continuous chase over two and a half miles.

Parliament banned beagling in 2005 because it seriously compromises the welfare of the hare but the abuse didn’t stop. Many hunts pretended they were chasing a scent laid by a human runner. They called this newly invented fictitious activity “trail hunting”, but trail hunting is a con. It’s a false alibi designed provide a cover for illegal hunting. Others pretended to be after rabbits because rabbits are not protected by the law.


                                      Hare fleeing Dunston Harriers 30-1-16   

Shortly after beagling was banned, one of the Countryside Alliance’s own national board members, the late Admiral Sir James Eberle, boasted, “a previously not well known breed of ‘bush rabbit’ provided a notable quarry.” The Countryside Alliance’s man was clearly and defiantly sticking two fingers up at the Hunting Act because there is no such creature as a ‘bush rabbit’.

As I said earlier, not everyone is telling the truth. Scratch the surface, read between the lines, take the trouble to inform yourself even slightly. Only the corrupt or wilfully ignorant could fail to see that, between the bloodsports community and Countryside Alliance, there is a nationwide criminal conspiracy to subvert the law and carry on cruel and illegal hunting.

This is awkward for the Kent Wildlife Trust. Mike Bax is part of the Kentish bloodsports community and his apparent addiction to killing for fun is clearly at odds with their aims and objectives. As well as heading up the Wildlife Trust, former Huntsman and Hunt Master Mike Bax is an ex High Sherriff of Kent, sits as Chairman of the Kent Rural Crime Advisory Group and is President of Kent Crimestoppers. So what is really going on here?

For many years the hunting lobby has been infiltrating the system by getting their people into positions of authority. It’s a tactic called Entryism.

We believe that Mike Bax is part of this tactic. That’s not to say that everything he does is bad. He will be party to decisions and policies on which we all agree. This is all part of the smokescreen and, amid the fog, clearly Mike Bax swings his power and influence to open doors which Kent Wildlife Trust find so irresistible that they feel compelled to push misinformation about their Chairman to cover their backs.

This is actually about vested interests and criminal elements presenting an acceptable face to facilitate the abuse and killing of animals in beautiful surroundings. Their ultimate goal is to repeal the Hunting Act, then embed hunting into the fabric of society so that the public and Parliament never challenge its existence again.

Our campaign is not an attack on Kent Wildlife Trust, its employees, volunteers or members. We recognise and support what they do in terms of worthy work to restore, save and enhance our natural heritage. But, and it’s a big “but”, we have a wealth of evidence regarding the links between Kent Wildlife Trust, their Chairman Mike Bax and the Blean Beagles hare hunt which contradict their official statements.

In the absence of any explanations which stand up to proper scrutiny, it seems perfectly reasonable to continue to politely ask their Chairman to step aside. As I said at the beginning, not everyone is telling the truth.

Pics below   -   1/  Easton Harriers JM tries to hide hare they killed under her jacket, 8-10-16    2/  Waveney Harriers hound carrying killed hare, date n/k     3/  Deer killed by hounds of a Gloucs beagle pack, October 2010   4/ Colne Valley Beagles thugs beat up sab 26-2-14 

  withharekilled8-10-16.jpg WaveneyHarrierwithhare.jpg

  GloucsharehuntDeercarcass2-10.jpg ColneVllyBeaglesThugsattacksab26-12-14.jpg


More pressure on Bax, KWT Chair/hare hunter to quit/be sacked

29-9-18   Independent   Wildlife Trust chief faces calls to quit over hunting and shooting sponsorships - Critics say role as chairman of conservation charity conflicts with support for ‘bloodsports’    The head of a conservation charity is facing increasing pressure to step down because of his firm’s sponsorship of Hunts and game bird shoots. Critics say Michael Bax’s position as chairman of the Kent Wildlife Trust is at odds with his support for activities that involve loss of wildlife.

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition calling for the Trust to sever its links with Mr Bax [below right], who served as Huntsman and Joint Master for a hare-hunting group, supports other hunts and allows pheasant shooting on his farm. Wildlife lovers are also planning to protest at Saturday’s [today's]annual general meeting of Kent Wildlife Trust to demand his removal.

The wildlife trust’s mission and decisions are based on science, but his experience of animals isn’t science-based, it’s about a love of hunting,” said Tom Fitton, who launched the petition. All evidence suggests the brown hare has suffered a massive decline, and his experience doesn’t give any confidence in his suitability to run the Trust.” 

But the Trust says Mr Bax is pivotal to maintaining good relations with landowners and farmers. Mr Bax MikeBax.jpgbecame chairman of hare-hunting group the Blean Beagles [snapped March '18, below left] in 1971, and took over the reins at Kent Wildlife Trust in April 2014. The Trust says he left the Blean Beagles in 2005, but Baily’s Hunt Directory, the “hunting bible”, reported him leaving in 2016 – two years after he took the trust top job. He is also director and senior partner of BTF Partnership, a land and property agent.

In July 2014, three months after he became Kent Wildlife Trust chairman, BTF sponsored a Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust event, advertised as a “game bird challenge shoot and sporting auction” with three 100-bird sporting flushes per team and an auction of sporting lots. Participants had to send applications to join BTF. As well as pheasant and pigeon shooting, the lots included a “tide flight” on Greenborough Marshes, an environmentally sensitive area in Kent. A tide flight is a bird shoot around the time of high tides on marshland, when birds and ducks are at their most active. 

Last year BTF sponsored the pony club of Southdown and Eridge Hunt, a hunt that in 2015 was accused by the deputy mayor of Lewes during a council meeting of having a 10-year “history of violent acts”. The pony club fundraises for the Hunt. Also last year the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt thanked BTF among others for sponsorship.

In May this year police dropped an investigation into an alleged illegal hunt by the Ashford Valley after detectives said they did not have enough evidence. Saboteurs captured footage of a fox being chased by hounds and its corpse later being carried away by a terrier man. Police deemed the death an accident. At the time, Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt declined to comment.

Mr Fitton’s petition says: “Many wading birds are included on the ‘birds of conservation concern review’ and that the chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust would sponsor their slaughter is unthinkable. Bax’s shoots will also be polluting the environment with lead. Exposure to lead is not only detrimental to the growth and reproductive rates of animals and plants, but it also has adverse effects on human health. BTF continue to sponsor shoots taking place in Kent in 2018.”

BleanBeagles10-3-18.jpgThe petition says the brown hare is a priority species on both Kent’s and the UK’s biodiversity action plan because of a dramatic decline in numbers caused by agricultural practices and hunting. “According to the Hare Preservation Trust, the UK’s brown hare population has declined by 80 per cent since 1880; numbers are low in Kent. Bax does not represent the views of Kent Wildlife Trust’s membership who pay their fees to protect wildlife, not to slaughter it for pleasure.” 

One of Bax’s business partners, Stuart Sillars, was listed by Baily’s as joint master of the Blean Beagles in 2006, and by Horse & Hound in 2014-15, and is thought to still be linked with the group. 

Kent Wildlife Trust has a statement on its website, attributed to John Bennett, the chief executive, saying: “We recognise the level of concern reflected in the scale of the response to this petition. In order to work with the widest possible community, we remain neutral on the personal positions of our 30,000 members, 1,056 volunteers and trustees with regards to hunting, fishing and field sports. We don’t allow hunting on our nature reserves where we have control of the shooting rights. Wildlife Trusts like ourselves do raise concerns and challenge aspects of field sports and hunting where they have a damaging impact on the conservation of the county’s populations of wild animals and plants. 

For the trust to achieve our objective of protecting wildlife and wild habitats we must work closely with landowners, farmers and the wider rural community, many of whom participate in field sports as well as being active conservationists. Mike Bax’s commitment to the trust over 30 years has proved invaluable in helping us to nurture these relations, which over the last five years has seen us manage and advise on nearly 31,000 acres of land across Kent for the benefit of wildlife and the public.” 

KWT’s site adds: “Claims and images have been used on social media to imply that Mike Bax runs a pheasant shoot on his farm. Mike Bax purchased Street End Wood, next to his farm, in 2007 at which time the local shoot was already in place on this land. The shoot has continued with Mike Bax’s permission, but he plays no part in its management, nor does he receive income from the shoot. Mike Bax makes land available to the shoot along with five neighbouring landowners.”

Mr Bax, who was High Sheriff of Kent in 2012-13, was also chairman of Kent Police’s Crime Rural Advisory Group.  

A spokesman added: “Nature is in trouble and wildlife is under ever-increasing pressure. Kent Wildlife Trust wants to achieve the greatest conservation impact possible over the biggest area it can. Kent Wildlife Trust aims to work across Kent with people who hold a variety of views, uniting them under the common cause of restoring nature.”

The petition adds: “The chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust should be a role model. If Bax continues to inspire and endorse bloodsports, our environment weakens. Any good that he does not give him any special right to go against the trust’s mission statement.”

Mr Bax did not respond to a request to comment.



Braes o'Derwent FH cub hunting fails as hounds cause road chaos

28-9-18   Facebook - NE Hunt Monitors   Hit Report 2: 22nd September 2018 Braes of Derwent Hunt    Another early start for Monitors as we attended The Braes of Derwent cubbing Meet. We arrived just as they were riding off, and taking up positions. We were horrified to see them accompanied by a 5 or 6-year-old child, on a tiny pony – irresponsible parenting to say the least. Huntsman Ben proceeded to take the hounds into Low Kelloe Plantation; a woodland adjoining Slaley Hall. Obviously, we notified the hotel, who were not impressed, to say the least.

Foot monitors entered the woods, and were in a prime position to safely respond to the hounds briefly in full cry, whilst others team members kept tabs on them from the road. Our road monitors were able to gain first-hand accounts of the mayhem that ensued. Like hound wacky races, it was more crowd BraesoDerwentFHInjuredhound22-9-18.jpgcontrol; with hounds jumping out of the wood and running all over the 60mph road with hunt staff and followers attempting round them all up. Reluctant to stay put, they were soon off again - having far too much fun, especially strokes from us, to put up with that malarkey.

Once all hounds were rounded up, the Hunt moved across the road into a wooded area, where monitors entered via a public footpath. The area was a very dense woodland, with brambles and bushes etc. Not ideal for horses, and certainly not the type of terrain one would lay a trail – impossible to follow. Yet, the ideal environment for fox families to live. Funny that.

We were able to keep close to them throughout, which was a challenge considering the dense undergrowth. Despite this we were able to maintain a good distance, and therefore, able to keep up with them without being spotted. Crawling through the undergrowth we managed to keep them surrounded, ready to jump into action if need be – I still have the rips to show for it. The hounds were soon all over the place again with some of them finding us once more, for cuddles and strokes. One little cutie just would not leave us.

Panic ensued at one point, though, as we heard the hounds in cry, yet again, which took a number ofBraesoDerwentFHAnInjuredhound22-9-18.jpg Gizmo attempts, before we believe they dispersed. We believe (by the actions of the Hunt) that a fox managed to escape, as they came looking for it. Huntsman Ben gave us some tosh about trespassing, eeer!! It’s a public footpath Benjamin – clearly unable to read. The irony being a public footpath provides right of way for public on FOOT, not horses. After failing to locate the escaped fox, they called it a day and attempted to sound the call for end of Hunt, and call in the hounds- not an easy task, as most of them preferred our company and who could blame them.

We also heard sounds of a hound in pain and distress, yelping and crying which is no surprise considering how unsuitable the area was for both hounds and horses.

We are confident that no kills were made and the fox families who seek sanctuary in the woods could rest easy for one more day.

If anyone knows who owns those woods then please message us in confidence as it is an offence to knowingly allow land to be used for hunting so perhaps they need notifying of that.

To add we also have a team checking out South Durham Hunt who are currently without a Hunt/hound Master and preferring to hunt on an evening. To help us help the foxes you can...

Grass up your local hunt. Join the team and become a monitor - owner drivers especially needed. Donate to our petrol fund via paypal to huntmonitors@gmail.com. Or use the link - paypal.me/huntmonitors. #longlivethefox ��

Pics below   -   1/   Hounds charge into road  2/  Hounds getting strokes from monitors




Tory Councillor/Hunter makes offensive comments re. slavery/abortion clinics

Previously posted lewd joke re. 'posh totty' and fox hunting

28-9-18   Facebook - East Kent Sabs   We wonder if he will still E.KentFHCllrBobCrosspost9-18.jpgbe welcome at the EAST KENT with WEST ST Hunt now, making jokes about killing foxes and "posh totty in tight jodphurs"? [right]

"Tory's shocking comments about Liverpool and the International Slavery Museum". Bob Frost - a 66-year-old Conservative councillor for Kent - is facing calls to resign.

27-9-18   Liverpool Echo    Tory's shocking comments about Liverpool and the International Slavery Museum Bob Frost - a 66-year-old Conservative councillor for Kent - is facing calls to resign    A Tory councillor has claimed abortion clinics in Liverpool are a form of 'crime prevention.' Bob Frost [below left] - a Conservative councillor for North Deal in Kent - is facing calls to resign his position after also tweeting that he 'bought two of the staff' at Liverpool's slavery museum. He has been accused of racism for making the remarks on Twitter over the weekend - while Labour's annual party conference was being held in Liverpool.

The controversial councillor tweeted that Liverpool was "The only city I know where the local Marie Stopes clinic is funded by the council as part of their crime prevention program." Marie Stopes clinics provide both NHS-funded, and private, abortion and vasectomy services nationwide. His Labour opponent Charlotte Cornell claimed his comment about Liverpool's International Slavery Museum was racist.

Cllr Frost tweeted: "B******s. By the way, don't miss the Tate and Slavery Museum. I visited in Jan when we went to see Ken Dodd. "Excellent service in restaurant attached. So good I bought two of the staff."

Ms Cornell, Dover and Deal prospective parliamentary candidate for Labour, then tweeted: “This is @Conservative councillor on @DoverDC talking today about abortion in #Liverpool. I’m here at #LabWomen18 where 1000 @UKLabour women will echo my calls for him to resign.

E.KentFHCllrBobFrost9-18.jpgThis is a @Conservatives councillor on @DoverDC talking today about abortion in #Liverpool. I'm here at #LabWomen18 where 1000 @UKLabour women will echo my calls for him to resign. Take action now @DDCLeader @theresa_may.

The 66-year-old, from Deal, Kent, includes a warning in his Twitter biography about his style of humour. He wrote: "WARNING - may use humour to expose or criticise other people's stupidity or vices, especially in the world of contemporary politics." Cllr Frost, also a Deal town councillor, made no reference to the race of the two museum restaurant staff he had remarked about.

Its not the first time Cllr Frost has caused controversy with his comments. In 2015 he was suspended after a four-letter Twitter rant about a Romanian Big Issue seller. Describing an encounter with the man, he wrote he had told him to "f**k off back to Romania".

Responding to Cllr Frost's comments about the city, Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said they were 'clearly racist and deeply offensive' and urged the Tory party to take immediate action and kick him out.

Mayor Anderson said: "This is beyond Boris Johnson buffoonery - it is a seriously racist and offensive comment against our city and I would expect (Tory party chairman) Brandon Lewis to take immediate action. He should be kicked out, anyone who holds those type of views in a modern day political party needs to be shown the door. If the Conservatives claim to be representative of the people then they need to act on this."

Totally blocked sett found exactly where Cheshire FH hunting

A dead badger was found on road nearby

Residents complain to police about Hunt 

27-9-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors   BADGER SETT INTERFERENCE AT EGERTON / HETHERSON GREEN, THURSDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER 2018 ...at the exact same time and exact same location the Cheshire Hounds hunt were out cub hunting this morning.

Today's early morning meet was hosted by Huntmaster Charlie Barlow [below, nearest camera],so desperate to 'get the job done' that he was forced to host the meet at his own home; it was only a small number of riders and supporters, and included masked terriermen.


Question: what are terriermen [masked at that, below] used for when a Hunt claims to be only 'exercising hounds', and why are they masked up on a warm and sunny day? Answers on a postcard please.


Almost every entrance to a large nearby badger sett was found blocked, shortly after the Hunt had been out in the exact same fields; blocked with boulders, breeze blocks, even a bucket full of rocks. Entrances to the same sett had been monitored unblocked only yesterday. (Badger setts are routinely blocked by Hunts to prevent foxes from escaping below ground when being hunted.) The land containing the badger sett, and where the Hunt were seen, is owned by the Bolesworth Estate.

Sadly, one of our team also found this poor badger dead on the road close-by, and we can't help wondering if had been scared onto the road after failing to gain access back into this freshly-blocked sett.

Badgers are a protected species, as are their setts, under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. It is a serious offence to kill, injure or take a badger, or to damage or interfere with a sett. (see:https://bit.ly/2NKEgdn#).Evidence

Evidence of this crime has been supplied to Cheshire Police, who also received a number of complaints about the Hunt today from local residents.

We are pleased to end this report on a more positive note; that, apart from a short time early on when we witnessed the hounds in cry (on the scent of a fox/es), we prevented the Cheshire Hounds from hunting for the rest of the morning.

Pics below   -   1/  One of blocked sett entrances - with rubble    2/  Dead badger found on road near blocked sett 

  CheshireFHBlockedsett27-9-18.jpg CheshireFHDeadbadger27-9-18.jpg


N. Cotswold FH hounds panic deer in wood - one runs into tree

Setts in hunted area found - very unusually -  unblocked 

Sabs think reporting of blocking has forced change in Hunt behaviour

27-9-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Monday 24th September 2018, North Cotswold Hunt    The NCH met in the vicinity of Norton Hall, off the Broadmarston Lane. Despite the numerous badger setts blocked within the Mickleton / Broadmarston / Pebworth area as well as on land owned by Marcus himself, the Hunt appear to still be obtaining permission to hunt fox cubs... this is the same area in which 3C sabs caught terrierman Will Haines and friends digging down into an active badger sett in October 2016 after the hunt chased a fox to ground. Will Haines was out again this week on his quad-bike.

Having worried a flock of sheep at Norton Hall Farm, the hounds (almost the entire pack...) were moved N.CotswoldFHDeerinwoodwithhoundsoneranintotree24-9-18.jpgon to a nearby wood, 2 deer running back and forth within it. At one point they ran back into the wood, straight towards several hounds who were drawing through. The deer split, one panicked and turned straight into a tree, the impact easily heard by sabs in the next field. She rolled and ran off, but this is likely to have been an effect of adrenalin. A handful of hounds rioted on her scent soon after but hunt staff (finally) called them off.

Hounds marked to ground in an annex badger sett, terriermen on quads waiting nearby until they spotted sabs coming to investigate. Other setts in the area were checked throughout the day, none being found blocked. We have been told that we have had an effect on many of the Hunts in the area due to our sett-blocking patrols and the amount of evidence of blocked setts that we have found over the seasons. This is a fantastic step forward as it changes the way that Hunts have to operate. Check out our article 'Hunts vs Badgers' for more information:https://network23.org/…/hunts-in-the-thre…/hunts-vs-badgers/.

After the Hunt packed up around 11am, sabs headed off for breakfast and coffee and returning a found phone to a local rider before returning to the badger cull zones. In one area 3 bags for life full of peanuts were removed from bait points.

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Hunt thugs attack parked car lone female sitting in

27-9-18   Facebook - Derby Hunt Saboteurs    A lone female was sat in a car parked legally at the side of the quiet country road in Staffordshire. A vehicle approached and 4 [hunt] thugs exited the vehicle, surrounded the car and one of them attempted to brake the window screen. Luckily the driver returned just in time and was able to evade them or else it may have been a whole other story. After a chase into a nearby town the car and occupants escaped unharmed.


Bonner CA letter - will 'press authorities to address' sab activities

Says hunt sab activities have 'significant' effect on Hunts

Letter appears to admit they're still live quarry hunting 



Quantock SH guns on public display on road

27-9-18    Somerset Wildlife Crime   VIDEO   This clip is from the 17/9/2018 when the Quantock Stag Hounds hunted a stag across the Brendon Hills. This was the point at which horses were exchanged in order to have a good run on a fresh horse and the pistols are transferred from one saddle to another. Is it acceptable that handguns are routinely being carried on the roads and public land? We don't think it is.

POWAperson comments - Until now, I had, it seems erroneously, believed that the weapons carried by some hunters [usually the Huntsman, terrierman, sometimes also the Whipper-In], since handguns were banned in the wake of the Dunblane Massacre, were captive-bolt pistols. Thanks to Somerset Wildlife Crime for setting me right. They tell me that they are usually pistols modified to hold just two .38 shells, 'slaughtering' weapons authorised by the 1997 Firearms Amendment Act. Clearly, they could be used to kill a person. As could the shortened shotguns used to kill deer that hounds have brought to bay.

I do, however, believe that any hunter carrying one or other of these weapons whilst trespassing, is committing the offence of armed trespass, as at Section 20[2] of the Firearms Act 1968, the penalty for which is 3 months jail or a fine. The offence is an absolute one. No intent is required and there seem to be no exemptions. The weapon need not be loaded at the time of trespass.   


Sabs say Atherstone FH unable to kill in September because of them

26-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Atherstone Hunt - Tuesday 25th September - Bradley Green   No hunting and no kills in September thanks to our constant presence.

We wouldn't have been able to do this without your continued and appreciated support. It is from your support and donations that we have been able to get to this point with the Atherstone Hunt - https://network23.org/westmidshuntsabs/donate/.



Sabs work hard to keep Mendip Farmers FH cubbing kill free

26-9-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    A small team of sabs from Bristol and Bath headed to Tynings Farm near Charterhouse this morning to sab the Mendip Farmers’ Hunt’s cub hunting meet. Huntsman and hounds headed straight into woods at Rowberrow Warren, where they spent the morning working through areas of dense scrub and woodland. Sabs followed on foot, and were there to intervene several times when the hounds went into cry. The pack was often split, and could often be heard going into cry in two separate areas. Although this made work difficult for sabs, it also meant the Huntsman spent a lot of time trying to gather hounds and keep his pack together.

On two separate occasions, the hounds picked up on the line of a fox directly in front of sabs. We were perfectly placed to jump straight in to action, using whips, horn, and voice calls to turn them back and take them off the line.

It was a tough and tiring day, with gruelling terrain and some very intense moments, but totally worth it to see the hunt pack up at around 10:30 with no kills. Please consider supporting our work: PayPal.me/bristolhuntsabs.


Hearing to say if South Herefordshire FH trial can go ahead

Defence are claiming 'abuse of process' because of delays

Trial date set for January if hearing says can go ahead

26-9-18   Ledbury Reporter    South Herefordshire Hunt case moves closer to trial    FIVE people have pleaded not guilty to charges of animal cruelty in relation to the South Herefordshire Hunt. 

Paul Oliver, aged 39, of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire; Hannah Rose, 29, of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire; Julie Elmore, 54, of Cwmyoy, Abergavenny; Nathan Parry, 38, of Cwmyoy, Abergavenny, and Paul Reece, 47, of Chepstow, appeared at Birmingham magistrates’ court today. The five have pleaded not guilty to all charges against them. Oliver, Rose, Elmore and Parry were charged with four counts of animal cruelty, while Reece was charged with two counts of animal cruelty, in May.

Arrests, first made two years ago, were linked to allegations of animal cruelty at the Hunt’s Wormelow kennels. A hearing for legal arguments to be made in relation to abuse of process will take place on December 3 and 4 to determine whether the trial can go ahead. A trial date has been set for January 14, if the hearing rules the trial can take place.

25-9-18    Facebook - Hunt Investigation Team    The 5 members of the South Herefordshire Hunt are back in court tomorrow. The judge will rule on whether this case has run out of time and whether it can proceed to trial. Let's remember that the police have had our evidence for 28 months now, it's a straightforward case and the evidence is strong.

So what have the police been doing in all this time you ask? They spent 18 months investigating a member of HIT and their own police officer in the case who was handed the bodies of the fox cubs. They searched houses, took computers and phones and they wasted precious time. They did all this on the say so of two individuals connected to the South Herefordshire Hunt that alleged that the officer had personal connections to HIT. Not a shred of evidence was found because none ever existed. The two individuals who made the allegation.....one is from the farming community and one is a serving police officer with West Mercia Police! Both were connected to the Hunt at the time and maybe still are. Scandalous! Please share. HIT.



Cheshire Monitors invited to give evidence to PCC hunt policing inquiry

25-9-18   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    UPDATE: CHESHIRE CONSTABULARY HUNTING REVIEW  Today we were invited to input into the on-going review into the policing of hunts in Cheshire, commissioned by Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire David Keane.

This independent and apolitical review was commissioned after a spike in complaints about hunting, from members of the public. It is a first in England & Wales and we believe is an indication of the desire for real change in Cheshire, a county blighted by illegal fox hunting and associated crimes and cruelty.

Findings are due to be published before the end of the year, with the review team working hard to try and make this happen before the new hunting season starts in November.


Natural England say any hunting banned on SSSI hunted by Mendip Farmers MendipFarmersFHPriddyMineriesSSSI.jpgFH 

25-9-18   Facebook - Locals Against The Mendip Farmers Hunt   NO HUNTING ALLOWED ON PRIDDY MINERIES    Natural England have confirmed that no hunting is allowed on Priddy Pools SSSI, including the favourite of the Mendip Hunt, Priddy Mineries. This means that the Mendip Farmers' Hunt are NOT ALLOWED to hunt on this land, including so-called 'trail' hunt.

If you witness hunting in this area, please call the police on 101 and try to take photos and/or video evidence and send it to us. Please share...


Sab group to boycott Leics Police 'Hunt Awareness Training Day'

Feel it's pointless while pro hunt W.O. remains in post

Also meetings over 5 years with senior police have not helped 

25-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Leicestershire Police have invited us to their "hunt awareness training day" which is taking place tomorrow Wednesday 26th September   We are boycotting this event due to their ongoing targeting of our group over the past few years and because of the corruption and consistent bias shown in favour of fox hunters. Other local sab groups will also be joining us in this boycott.

What's the point of training officers around hunting when many of them either have connections or support their local hunt or have openly stated their negative views on hunt saboteurs?

The only positive outcome from this training day would be the removal of PC 207 Rob Cross from his position as wildlife officer after we revealed that he has previously tweeted about repealing the Hunting Act. How can anyone trust Leicestershire Police to take wildlife crime seriously when it's wildlife officer supports fox hunting? Read more here about wildlife officer PC Rob Cross.


Hunt Watch say 2 farmers banned Hunts after shown film evidence of hunting

25-9-18   Facebook - Hunt Watch    After recent discussions with two landowners we would always advise informing landowners of the Hunt's behaviour. Even pro-hunt farmers sometimes give advice to Hunts as to what they can and can't do on their land.

We recently informed two landowners of what a local Hunt had been up to on their land. They were not happy after they had requested they didn't do what they did. The landowners were also informed that they could also face prosecution, as there was absolutely no defence for what the Hunt did. Both farmers banned them.

The Hunt then rang up the landowner trying to deny their actions, but we had the evidence and the landowners stuck with their decision.


'Cruel' organic farm sends dead/surplus cattle free to Cattistock FH
Evidence that bull calves handed over live to Hunt for them to kill 
Farm already suspended by Waitrose/RSPCA over cruelty allegations
24-9-18   Independent   VIDEO   Organic dairy farm supports hunting by offering dead animals as free food for hounds - Exclusive: 'Consumers buying organic milk will be appalled to know they are inadvertently helping Hunts'     Organic milk may not be as animal-friendly as it appears as at least one chemical-free dairy farm has been caught giving dead creatures to a local Hunt as free food for hounds.
Coombe Farm in Somerset, which last month was dropped by Waitrose after being exposed for cruelty to calves, has supplied “fallen” livestock to the Cattistock Hunt in Dorset, paperwork seen by The Independent shows.
Animal welfare campaigners said it was common for standard farms to supply hunt kennels but that this evidence shows that those buying organic milk may inadvertently be supporting hunting. “Knowing that more than 80 per cent of people in Britain are opposed to fox-hunting, I think consumers, especially those buying organic milk, will be appalled to know that they are inadvertently helping Hunts to keep DrToniSheppard.jpgoperating,” said Toni Shephard [left] of Animal Equality, which photographed the paperwork. People often choose organic milk believing the methods are less cruel but our investigation showed otherwise. In addition to the suffering of cows and their calves, consumers are inadvertently helping to keep Hunts in business by enabling a constant supply of carcasses which the farm gives them for free.”
In one case, a diary note read “Call hunt”; another note, headed Cattistock Hunt, listed a bull calf as having been collected and a female Holstein Friesian cow or calf as having been shot. It was unclear whether the farm or the hunt shot the creature but the Hunt would also have taken her carcass for the hounds. Underneath is notepaper printed with the heading of “Fallen Stock Limited”, at the address of the Cattistock Kennels. “Fallen stock” also means animals those that have died of natural causes as well. Coombe is written in as the customer’s name. This is a common way for traditional dairy farms to dispose of male calves that are unwanted in dairy production.
In 2015, the Cattistock Hunt was charged with illegal hunting, but the RSPCA eventually dropped the case. Like other Hunts, it insists it practises legal trail-hunting. A third entry in the diary shows one dead calf or cow, with the note “rung hunt”. By law, animals that are too ill or injured to go to the slaughterhouse cannot be used for human food so have to be killed on site.
The evidence was found around the same time as a university report suggested fallen stock were a source of infection of 97 hunting hounds that were infected at the Kimblewick Hunt and had to be put down. The University of Edinburgh researchers who looked into the 2016 infection said the most likely cause was eating farm carcasses infected with bovine tuberculosis.
Following the report, this week a group of vets called for an end to the practice of feeding dead farm animals to hounds to reduce the risk of bTB being spread across the countryside during hunts. Arrangements by farmers to supply Hunts with fallen livestock are perfectly legal and seen as a benefit on both sides. They save the farms money on paying for removal of the bodies and they save Hunts money on dog food.
Animal Equality uncovered the diary notes while filming at Coombe Farm, when distressed calves were filmed being brutally force-fed and hit by a worker. Cows were also filmed in shackles – a routine way of allowing animals to stand after repeated pregnancies and births have caused pelvic damage that causes their legs to splay apart, leaving them unable to stand properly.
Farming charity and organic certification body The Soil Association refused to suspend the farm. But both Waitrose and the RSPCA did. Waitrose confirmed Coombe remained suspended. Coombe Farm is a major supplier to Coombe Farm Organic, which delivers meat and meat boxes nationwide.
Ms Shephard said: “We have photos of paperwork from inside the farm showing they supply their fallen farm stock to the Cattistock Hunt to feed to their hounds. We have long known that this happens, especially with bull calves, but now we have proof. This is a common way for traditional dairy farms to dispose of male calves that are unwanted in dairy production.”
Some are raised to one year old and sold for beef; others are used for rose veal or exported for veal. But most, about 95,000, are shot on the farm each year.
Most people who buy organic are concerned about animal welfare, and it will shock consumers to learn that dairy farms regularly supply Hunts with dead animals to feed their hounds,” said Ms Shephard. “There is a vicious cycle of cruelty hiding behind every pint of milk – cows and their calves suffer to produce the milk; foxes suffer at the hands of Hunts that are propped up by the dairy industry; hunting hounds suffer when they eat infected carcasses provided by dairy farms; and badgers suffer as scapegoats for the spread of bTB across the countryside. It’s truly wicked.”
Hunts welcome free food as many struggle with costs, such as salaries for huntsmen and whippers-in, as well as maintaining kennels and insurance.
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) state: “If livestock dies on your farm, it must be collected, identified and transported from your farm as soon as is reasonably practical.” This includes collection by a knacker, hunt kennel or a maggot farm.
To comply with European Union (EU) regulations on disposing of dead animals, the government set up the National Fallen Stock Company, a not-for-profit company that works with around 100 fallen stock collectors around the UK. Farmers pay for membership by direct debit, and collectors may not refuse any reasonable request to collect stock.
There are 6,600 organic farms in Britain, figures from the environment department (Defra) show. The Soil Association, which endorses just over half of them, could not say, when asked, what proportion invite Hunts to take sick or dead livestock.
A Soil Association spokesman said: "Soil Association standards cover all aspects of production but not other things that happen on farms, and it is up to individual farmers to decide what they do with fallen stock within government guidelines."
The Independent has also asked Coombe Farm and the National Farmers Union to comment but no response had been received by the time of publication.

Sabs protect 2 foxes put up by Puckeridge FH cub hunting

24-9-18   Facebook - North East London Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Puckeridge Hunt, 22/09/2018      A couple of Nels sabs joined SES in their vehicle to check on the Puckeridge Hunt during the cubbing season. The meet was at Albury Hall and they set off at 7am. They were closely watched by us and Cambridge and also South Cambs Sabs.

Hounds went into cry soon just south of the meet. Later we saw a fox in the area and we made sure it got safely away as terrier-men were nearby. Terrier-men and some riders tried to intimidate us throughout the day with No such luck.

A little later that morning hounds went into cry again north of the meet followed by South Cambs and us nearby. There we spotted a second Fox running away from the hunt's direction and again, we made sure it got away safely, they packed up soon after, just after 9am.


Leicestershire Police Wildlife Officer re-tweeted pro-hunt tweet

24-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Leicestershire Police wildlife officer retweets in support of an article about repealing the Hunting Act    Leicestershire Police wildlife officer PC 207 Rob Cross retweeted an article about repealing the Hunting Act. The original tweet was sent in 2012 by a friend of PC Cross who rides with the Fernie Hunt and also the Quorn Hunt. It was then retweeted by PC Cross on 23rd August 2012.


This is not the first time that a wildlife officer at Leicestershire Police has been outed as supporting fox hunting. In 2016 wildlife officer PC Sharon Roscoe was outed as riding with her local fox hunt the Belvoir Hunt. She stepped down from the position of wildlife officer amid growing public pressure over the conflict of interest. PC Roscoe was replaced as wildlife officer by PC Cross.

Other tweets by PC Cross include retweets of the 2012 Game Fair which was due to be held at Belvoir Castle that year which is home to the Belvoir Hunt. At least three of PC Crosses friends ride with the Fernie Hunt.

At the start of the month we revealed that PC Cross was friends on social media with a farmer with close connections to the Atherstone Hunt. PC Cross was involved in at least one investigation into this farmer. No further action was taken against him.

We also revealed that PC Cross’s wife Louise Cross was close friends with a regular Atherstone Hunt rider who was also investigated by Leicestershire Police for assault. This investigation was also dropped suddenly with no explanation.

Last year we published an audio recording taken at an Atherstone Hunt pre-season meeting in which PC Cross was present and can be heard advising hunt supporters which laws can and can not be used against hunt saboteurs.

It’s astonishing that Leicestershire Police have now appointed not one but two wildlife officers who both support fox hunting. When most people think of a wildlife officer they will assume that the officer cares about wildlife. They certainly don’t expect the officer to support the chasing and killing of wildlife by a pack of hounds. In PC Cross’s case it seems he also supports the shooting of wildlife. The Game Fair is a fair celebrating the shooting industry. Game birds are reared on an industrial scale in horrendous conditions only to be shot out of the sky once they are fully grown whilst native wildlife is trapped and shot by gamekeepers. There seems to be a massive conflict of interest here. What's alarming is that PC Cross has been actively involved in several investigations into the Atherstone Hunt both illegal hunting and assault allegations.

He has not declared any of his links to fox hunting. Has his connections to fox hunting affected the outcome of any of the cases he has been involved with? Certainly PC Cross's conduct has breached the Police Code of Ethics - "associations with groups or individuals, must not create an actual or apparent conflict of interest with police work and responsibilities".

We will be lodging a formal complaint about PC Cross’s conduct to Leicestershire Police’s professional standards as we view this as a possible misconduct issue.

Leicestershire Police are holding a Hunt awareness training day on Wednesday 26th September at Police Headquarters. A positive conclusion from this training day would be for PC Cross to step down as wildlife officer in light of the serious conflict of interest and loss of trust in his ability to carry out his duties as a wildlife officer. We also think that any previous and on-going hunting related cases PC Cross has been involved in should be re-looked at to see what impact he may of had on them.

Please contact Leicestershire Police and ask them to remove PC 207 Rob Cross from his position of wildlife officer. Please keep all communications polite.


Police dismiss W. Norfolk FH allegations against sabs at no-kills meet

24-9-18   Facebook Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs   TWO HUNTS - ONE DAY - 22/09/2018 Part 2 - West Norfolk Fox Hounds, Rudham Grange, West Rudham   We joined Norwich Hunt Saboteurs as we rocked up to Rudham Grange around 3.30pm. The Hunt, hounds and field headed south west, straight into woods around West Rudham Common.

Foot sabs from Norwich got there first and we eventually caught up as huntsman Charles Saffell [right] was collecting up lost hounds. Much of the rest of the day was spent going in and out of these woodlands.

Our favourite surprise, though, was spotting Ben Hood as terrierman for the afternoon. After being tooW.NorfolkFHCharlesSaffell22-9-18.jpg scared to even go to the Dunston's meet that morning, he must have been delighted to see us again. At one point Charles tried to put us off by locking down in the middle of a stubble field and getting one of his henchmen to pretend they'd phoned 999 on us for "criminal damage".

Someone else actually did eventually phone the police but by this time we had been accused of jumping out of bushes in front of children on horses, trying to scare the horses into throwing them off. Thankfully even the police could see how ridiculous this claim was. (A little birdy tells us that the West Norfolks had an ex-copper in their ranks, telling the hunt what to say.)

Towards the end of the day hounds went into cry in the middle of dense woodland. We're not sure how this is possible as Charles had told us he was "hound exercising and trail hunting". Strange.

Rudham Grange is home to pet crematory business Peaceful Pets. Why not let them know what you think about their hosting of an illegal fox hunt? 

No wildlife killed by either Hunt on Saturday. If you can spare some change, buy us a coffee. It'll help keep us warm and mobile through the season: https://ko-fi.com/norfolksuffolkhuntsaboteurs.


Dunston Harriers lorry returns to kennels without letting hounds out

DunstonHarriersHopingsabswillstop22-9-18.jpg24-9-18  Facebook Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs    TWO HUNTS - ONE DAY - 22/09/2018 Part 1 - Dunston Harriers    Our day began with a 4am start. After receiving a last minute tip off, we decided to see what the Dunston Harriers were up to. Ben Hood replaced Charles Saffell this season as Huntsman and kennelman as Charles took up position of Huntsman for the West Norfolk Fox Hounds.

No more than 45 seconds down the road from the kennels and Ben pulled over due to our presence. The stopping and starting continued for almost another 2 hours until Police arrived [left] to tell us that they were heading back to the kennels and to give them an escort. We thought this was unnecessary as nothing was stopping him from going back, but he seemed to take some sort of pleasure of letting the hounds fight amongst themselves in the back of the van. Hounds were returned to the kennels and that was the last of Ben, or so we thought...


Sabs protect foxes from Lanarkshire FH attempts to hunt

23-9-18   Facebook - Glasgow Hunt Sabs    Hit Report, Sat 22nd Sep ‘18    This weekend we paid a visit to the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunts Newcomers meet and brought along a few newcomers sabs of our own. We arrived early enough to make sure we could pre spray as much ground as possible and had all entrances to the kennels covered. We were ready and waiting for them and didn’t lose sight of the Hunt all day.

The Hunt set off from meet around 10:20 with a police escort who were seen talking and laughing with hunt support for around 45 mins. The field attempted to hunt multiple areas of woodland but the hounds seemed to be showing very little interest.

At one point during the day, two sabs who were spraying some woodland had a beautiful young fox run out in front of them. There was a tense few moments where it looked as if this fox was going to head straight towards the sound of the hounds but she disappeared into the thick of the woods and we quickly covered her trail with citronella.

Just as we were about to leave this area a second much larger fox came running from the same direction as the first. As we stood still waiting for him to pass he stopped and turned to look at us before disappearing. Again his trail was covered and we left the area.

As we were discussing where to head next some straggler hounds came running past us, metres away from where we had spotted the foxes luckily not one of them showed the slightest bit of interest.

Marc Dradge the Huntsman seemed to have little control over his hounds and we wouldn’t be surprised if there was some missing by the end of the day. Most of his time seemed to be spent trying to collect his hounds and Sabs saw many single dogs no where near the rest of the pack.

Hounds were very briefly in cry at only one point in the day and with them being surrounded by Sabs we are certain there were no kills. Hunt packed up just before 1pm.


Antis clamour for hunter Strictly contestant to be voted off 

23-9-18   The Canary   People are pointing out why no one should vote for Susannah on Strictly   Strictly Come Dancing returned to our TV screens on 22 September. But one contestant isn’t winning any fans, and it’s not because of her dancing.

TV presenter Susannah Constantine, best known for What Not to Wear, appeared on the show. But SusannahConstantineBloodeddaughter.jpgConstantine’s appearance was controversial. Not just because she’s an active hunter and shooter. But because she posted photos on Instagram of her 11-year-old child out shooting and smeared in blood [right].‘Blooding’ is a ritual in which a young hunter or shooter is daubed with the blood of their first kill.

People took to Twitter to remind people of Constantine's support of hunting:- Alison Dixon @AlisonRhiannon  Reminder that Susannah is an avid hunter and you should not vote for her #strictly  19:12 - 22 Sep 2018 · Ottery Saint Mary, England.

Patricia Rayner #FBPE @Patsydors  Fox hunting animal killing blood smearing Susannah Constantine was terrible - good #Strictly  19:19 - 22 Sep 2018.

Others stated that, whatever her dancing skills, she should get the boot:- Marcus  @Testing_1212  I don't care if Susannah Constantine danced like Ginger Rogers, she's a fox hunter so needs to go out first. What a horrible hobby for a human being  #Strictly 19:12 - 22 Sep 2018  151 people are talking about this.

And a petition was started to get her kicked off the show:- Julie Stevenson @JulieMcKie   BBC: Get Susannah Constantine kicked off strictly - Sign the Petition! 19:23 - 22 Sep 2018 · Liverpool, England.

Unpopular moves - It’s not surprising that Constantine’s appearance was unpopular. A poll in 2017 found that 85% supported keeping the ban on foxhunting. And 69% want to see an end to bird shooting. It gets worse. Constantine regularly goes out with the Belvoir Hunt. In June, two hunt members pleaded guilty to assaulting a hunt monitor. Their attack broke the monitor’s neck in three places. As The Canary previously reported, this isn’t the only controversy the Belvoir has faced:- In March 2018, gamekeeper Nigel Smith was found guilty of holding a fox captive. On the same day the Belvoir Hunt was meeting nearby, investigators from The League filmed him retrieving the fox. Cunnington headed up the operation to expose Smith’s actions.

In February 2018, police began investigating the Belvoir Hunt after it allegedly killed a fox in Melton Country Park. Melton town council said horse riding and hunting in its parks are prohibited by local bye-laws. And in March 2016, police officer Sharon Roscoe quit her wildlife officer role after being exposed as riding with the Belvoir Hunt.

UPDATE   Constantine's dancing was more wooden than Sherwood Forest. Craig Revill-Horwood twice gave her one out of ten. She was the first voted off and reports say she didn't take it very well.  


Police send 3 cars & armed response as sabs wait outside Hunt kennels 

22-9-18  Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs   Kennel watching duty this morning! We was greeted by armed response and 3 police cars. What for? Facilitating/protecting illegal fox hunting. Sabs decided to have a play on the swing while waiting for scatter pack jezza [the Huntsman of Flint & Denbigh FH] to come and play!



Thousands march in London for wildlife, call for strengthened Hunting Act

22-9-18   Guardian  Thousands march on Whitehall to call for end to 'war on wildlife' - Protesters including Billy Bragg and Chris Packham take to central London to demand pro-wildlife policies   Thousands of people marched to Whitehall on Saturday [below, Credit Facundo Arrizbalaga/EPA] to demand the government invests in wildlife-friendly policies and swiftly reverses theWalkforWildlifeDeliveringPeoplesManifesto22-9-18.jpg decline of British ecosystems.

Protesters including Billy Bragg delivered a radical manifesto, co-edited by the broadcaster Chris Packham, to Downing Street [right]. The manifesto called for an end to the “war on wildlife” following the decline of more than half of British species in recent decades.

The manifesto made a series of recommendations, including twinning primary schools with farms to help children understand how food is produced, banning driven grouse shooting, making it illegal to dredge for scallops and stopping Scottish seal culling.

It’s time to wake up,” said Packham. “We are presiding over an ecological apocalypse and precipitating a mass extinction in our own backyard. But – vitally – it is not too late. There is hope we can hold to, and there is action we can take.”

In what organisers called a natural revolution, the People’s Walk for Wildlife began in Hyde Park under light showers as Bragg, Grace Petrie and others entertained the crowd with songs addressing environmental issues.

Its hard to ignore the politics of the environment given the way that the climate is changing,” said Bragg, the singer and activist, describing how storms on the coast where he lived had noticeably intensified during his life. “We need genuine green policies at the forefront [of political debate], and a bit of people pressure on that is quite positive.”


As the rain began to ease, the demonstrators – some of whom were dressed as foxes, doves and badgers – departed for Westminster to the tune of digital birdsong reverberating through the streets of London from hundreds of smartphones. Farmland birds declined by more than half between 1970 and 2015, and people in attendance were anxious to highlight their loss. “Nature has been decimated over the decades,” said Sally Whitman, from Stroud, Gloucestershire. “We’ve lost over 40 million birds and it is such a huge loss. Most people will never again hear a nightingale or see a turtle dove, while the skylarks are disappearing. We’re losing magical parts of our landscape.”

Others echoed the concerns of animal rights activists that trail hunting is being used as cover for bloodsport. “Fox hunting is still going on – they exploit loopholes in the law, while police are under-resourced and they can’t enforce [the Hunting Act],” said Joe Hashman from Hounds Off. “Fox hounds are responsible for spreading bovine TB across the country, but apart from the biosecurity risk it continues to cause massive amounts of animal suffering.”

Let’s End Culling”, “Get Wet for Nature” and “No Fracking Way” were among the phrases on placards, with attendees expressing their concern about plans to search for shale gas throughout the countryside.

Fracking will contaminate our water, we’re concerned about noise, we’re not convinced that the safeguards will be effective and we fear the loss of habitats in our wonderful, wild part of north Nottinghamshire,” said Julia Willerton from Misson in Nottinghamshire, where an energy firm have been given permission to conduct exploratory drilling. “We’re outraged about this – the site is adjacent to a home to many species of endangered owls and we are fighting the good fight.”


Fernie FH sit and watch as hounds frighten and stampede cattle

Huntsman unable to control hounds, who panicked & scattered 

22-9-18   Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   CUBBING SEASON IN FULL SWING - HOUNDS CHASED BY CATTLE AND CALVES - HOUNDS SCATTERED AND LEFT BEHIND   This morning at 7am, with Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs, we visited the Fernie Hunt just outside Lubenham in Leicestershire. Hunts are well into cubbing season now, training their young hounds to kill fox cubs, and we are there to stop them.

We found the Hunt and went straight in on foot to stop any kills. It became clear the Hunt and hounds were very confused and didn’t seem to know what was going on all morning, hounds were scattered everywhere. Hounds were panicking and scrabbling over barbed wire fences as they were being left behind by the Hunt. The Hunt led the remaining hounds into a cow field. The cows had calves and were terrified and stampeding after the hounds. It was horrifying to watch and we can't be sure no animals were hurt in this chaos. The Hunt looked on at the mayhem and did...nothing. Irresponsible and dangerous, all to try and kill fox cubs.


The Hunt then led the hounds over a busy road and through wooded areas desperate for a kill. But sabs stayed with them despite violent hunt support pushing sabs and some pinching!? very odd and desperate behaviour. But there were no kills and we left relieved knowing foxes were safe for another day.

If you would like to donate to help pay for fuel and vital equipment to help save foxes please do at www.paypal.me/ENABS.


Sab snaps pic of highly stressed fox chased by Warks FH 

22-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Warwickshire Hunt - Friday 21st September – Hunningham    This fox (1 of 3 foxes) managed to escape from the Warwickshire Hunt yesterday. You can see how stressed it is in the photo, eyes bulging and it's tongue is hanging out. This is the reality of fox hunting. Video to follow.


POWAperson comments   -  This photo gives a clue to what foxes go through when being chased by a pack of trained-to-kill hounds. It gets a lot worse for them, though. This fox is nowhere near beaten. The sight of a beaten fox desperately trying to push its limbs onwards in the effort to escape is heartbreaking. What kind of psycho do you have to be to enjoy inflicting suffering like this on defenceless animals? The Hunting Act has been a disastrous failure as regards organised Hunts, but it has made it much harder for them to engage in their black hearts' greatest desire - really long 'points'. A point is an uninterrupted chase and hunting reports of yore gloried in recounting them. The longest I can remember was over 11 miles. Try to imagine how that feels, what that does to the fox - and think that, for hunters, it is the very epitome of their disgusting 'sport'.


N. Cotswold FH ride thru bTb troubled farm, riot on deer/hares

22-9-18   Facebook - Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO  Saturday 22nd September 2018, North Cotswold Hunt, Wormington    North Cotswold badger cull zone and btb hotspot and yes they did go through Ryefield farm which has had btb breakdowns.

Well, at last we got to meet new Huntsman and Master Ollie Dale. As hounds rioted on deer and hare thank goodness his KH was on the ball and stopped the pack by the B4632. Apart from that they drew blank from what we could see. Pack up by 10.00.

And back we go into the woods and fields looking for peanuts and things protecting badgers from the government sponsored massacre...  Please continue to support us paypal.me/threecountiessabs.

Pics below   -    1/  Hare fleeing hounds    2/  New Huntsman Ollie Dale

  Harefleeshounds22-9-18.jpg  N.CotswoldFHOllieDaleNewHuntsman22-9-18.jpg


Antis restrict Oakley FH to little more than hound exercise

22-9-18   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs    We have a team 24/7 in a cull zone doing fantastic work saving badgers however that doesn't mean we ignore things closer to home and this morning saw us up bright and early to keep an eye on the Oakley who were having their hunt supporters breakfast meet at the kennels.

Cubbing as you know is a nasty business and the vast percentage of foxes killed by hunts happens during cubbing and we're not going to let the happen so once again we faced them with our long term comrades North Cambs Hunt Sabs.

We accurately predicted their first draw and with teams both in front and behind caught them in a classic pincer movement. Jack Harris the Oakley's hapless huntsman lost the hounds once again as they took off after something but voice and horn calls distracted them enough for whatever they were chasing to get away. It was quite odd today as Jack only took out half the pack, perhaps with the new Whipper In (who looks like he would be more suited to doing a paper round than hunting hounds) he's not confident enough to take out the whole pack? Who knows . . .

What followed was nothing more than hound exercise, teams were always in place to move them on from any intended cubbing and the field riders mooched about with long faces, their morning blood lust well and truly scuppered. It was, a rather pathetic show to be honest and it wasn't long before they became fed up with riding round in circles and headed back to the kennels for their supporters breakfast and crying tears into their tea.

A good morning's work and no kills. You can help by donating here. https://ko-fi.com/bedsbuckshuntsabs


22-9-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   Hit Report 22.09.2018, Oakley Hunt, Melchbourne, Bedfordshire    Sabs were ready and waiting for the Oakley Hunt today as they attempted to go out for an undisturbed morning's cub-hunting. No such luck. In an almost bizarre invitation to be sabbed, the Hunt placed an Oakley Hunt Supporters Club sign outside their kennels, indicating the location of today's meet. Once the hounds set off, a pair of bicycle riding hunt supporters [below] rode around bridleways, helpfully showing sabs the location of the hound pack at all times.


The Oakley Huntsman, Jack Harris, was again barely in control of hounds as they meandered from field to field. An initial attempt at traditional cub hunting (having field riders surround a small wood) was immediately abandoned once sabs had been sighted. We kept track of the hunt for around two hours, with only one incident where a number of breakaway hounds caught the scent of an animal and were called back by nearby sabs. All in all, this must have been a dull morning for the Oakley hunt supporters club, who must be wondering why they pay their subscriptions.

Today's hunt sabotage was brought to you by the teamwork of North Cambs Hunt Sabs and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs. Both groups are simultaneously sending activists to campaign against the badger cull, while stopping hunts on home turf. 

Hunt sabs are all volunteers, giving up their time and cash to defend wildlife from the cruelty of hunters. If you can support us in any way, you can either join us by messaging this page, or donate the price of a coffee here: https://ko-fi.com/northcambs.


Sabs keep foxes safe from chaotic hunting by Cotswold Vale FH

22-9-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs     This morning we headed to Gloucestershire and joined up with Welsh Borders Sabs to visit the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt, who met at Moat Farm in Taynton. The Hunt rode from the meet to the large wooded areas of Castle Hill Wood and Newent Woods, where they pretty much stayed for the duration. The usual chaos ensued with the pack split all over the place, foxes, muntjac and fallow deer running for their lives and stray hounds everywhere.

Sabs intervened on a number of occasions when hounds were in cry, once when the huntsman was encouraging them on to what we believe was a fox they had just put up from a wood pile in a forestry clearing, before they lost it at a road soon after.

A short time later, another fox ran across a road in front of sabs, who were perfectly placed to cover its line with citronella and turn back approaching hounds with voice calls. They didn’t pick up on it.

It was certainly refreshing to hear a number of locals express their objection to the Hunt and get some words of encouragement for our work. It would seem that despite all of the bluff and bluster from the hunting community, they don’t have the absolute support from people in the countryside that they claim to.

CVFH, we’ll be seeing you. Please consider donating to keep us in the field. Paypal.me/bristolhuntsabs.


POWA told Quantock SH hunted and killed large stag

21-9-18   Email from monitor   'We didn't monitor yesterday [Thursday] but unfortunately they did kill a big stag off the main Quantock Hills. 'Rights, four and three atop' so thirteen points. Ironically the stag that escaped on Monday ran into a shooting cover where they are not allowed!'


Sabs accuse Warks FH of releasing bagged fox into wood with hounds in

Disorientated fox ran into, out of and back into wood past hunters 

Sett in which it sought sanctuary was blocked - it's fate is unknown

20-9-18   Facebook – West Midlands Sabs    Suspected bagged fox runs into wood with hounds in    On Monday, 9th September two of us monitored the Warwickshire Hunt at Ashorne, Warwickshire.

In normal circumstances a fox wouldn’t run towards a pack of hounds or into a wood containing a pack of hounds [pic below - Huntsman taking them in]. It especially wouldn’t run straight past several riders to get to that wood. Yet that is what happened in Ashorne, Warwickshire last Monday. We suspect that the fox was released from a bag by members of the Warwickshire Hunt. The fox would have been scared and completely dis-oriented, especially if not from that area originally. Which would explain why it ran towards the first wood it could see [pic below first pic].



Moments later (probably realising there are hounds in the wood) the fox comes back out of the wood and can be seen running round the perimeter [bottom, Pic 1]. It sees an entrance to a badger sett and goes to head down it. However it stops when it gets to the entrance and realises it has been completely blocked [pic below, one of entrances]. Forced to keep running it then turns and heads back into the wood and back into the hounds. In the wood it would have been met with 12 more entrances to the sett all completely blocked. Again it was forced to keep running. It then tries to escape from the woods again but ends up running straight into the oncoming hounds[Bottom, pic 3] and is again forced back into the woods.


This fox would have been experiencing incredibly high levels of stress, forced to run round and round the wood probably not knowing where it was. We don’t know the fate of this fox, we did find one entrance to the badger sett further in the wood that hadn’t been blocked but we don’t know if the fox found it. We examined the sett afterwards and found them to be blocked. The sett has now been unblocked. We also reported the blocked sett to Warwickshire Badger Group who logged it.

All of the riders on that side of the wood saw the fox run past them and into the wood. The riders will also have seen the fox run out of and back into the wood at least twice. The Hunt knew that there was now a fox in the same wood as their hounds. Yet Huntsman Will Goffe did not bring his hounds out of the wood to avoid any “accidents”. He let his hounds stay in the wood for a further 30 minutes. The riders surrounding the wood maintained their positions for a further 30 minutes.

During that same morning we also filmed the Warwickshire Hunt hounds racing up and down a busy road in front of oncoming traffic [pic below, hounds in cry running along side of road]. This whole incident has been reported to Warwickshire Police.


We are only a few weeks into the cub hunting season and we have already got a dossier that is growing with every hunt meet of the Warwickshire Hunt in our opinion illegally hunting.

DONATE:-  https://network23.org/westmidshuntsabs/donate/.

Pics below   -   1/  Fox runs along perimeter of wood. Soon after it found a hole in the fence and entered. It re-emerged to the left a bit later.   2/  Hounds soon arrive at point fox entered wood.   3/  Fox almost runs head on into hounds. It darts back through hole into wood.  4/  The first hound jumps the fence. Others follow its lead.  


Hunters attempt to fit up activist fails spectacularly

He thinks was attempt to discredit him as a witness 

2 Thurlow FH servants await trial for illegal hunting

20-9-18   Accidental Activist   DOH!    So, the other morning I got a call from Suffolk Police. They explained that I had been positively identified and named at an incident which I can only assume involved a Hunt in the Suffolk area and that I had been acting in an abusive manner and calling people paedophiles (this is somewhat ironic considering hunt types like to throw this kind of abuse at sabs all the time). The officer who spoke to me believed this information to be questionable as he’d spoken to me many times in the past and didn’t consider this something I would be guilty of, hence the direct phone call.

Now as far as alibi’s go I had a pretty good one. At the time of the call I was located in a small hamlet just to the north of Courtenay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. That’s a little under 7,600 km from darkest Suffolk.

Needless to say the officer was satisfied with my response and we had a laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. However, it highlights that there is perhaps a more insidious purpose to the claims made against me. It’s fairly clear to me the purpose of this claim was the first attempt to discredit me as a witness prior to the prosecution trail of Chris Amatt and Archie Clifton-Brown, the Huntsman and Whipper-In respectively of the Thurlow Hunt, based in Suffolk. Except of course they have now completely shot themselves in the foot as any further claims are likely to be treated with the contempt they deserve by the police. You would think that if you are going to try and stitch someone up you would at least make sure they were on the same continent first.

No doubt this will be the first shot in a dirty tricks campaign, something the Countryside Alliance are well known for and with a case they may not be confident in winning they will resort of less scrupulous tactics in order to get the result they desire.

POWAperson adds  -  Antis have long known that hunters are willing to tell virtually any lies in attempting to defend and promote their sick 'sport'. Now it is clear that they will also happily attempt to suborn the police and perjure themselves to that end. The lies told to police above follow a recent case where hunt-inspired charges against a West Midlands sab collapsed when evidence proved their claims and statements were utterly without foundation and had simply been made up. One would have expected, in this case, that the culprits would have been charged with perjury and/or perverting the course of justice. This has not happened. W. Midlands Sabs believe that at least one officer in Leicestershire police actively colludes with at least one Hunt.    


Revealed undercover cop infiltrated sab group 1997-2002

20-9-18   Facebook - Hunt Saboteurs     The Undercover Policing Inquiry have just released another cover name of an officer involved in targeting animal rights organisations. It is absolutely shameful that a police officer stole the identity of a deceased five year old to spy on members of our local groups whose only aim was to save wildlife from a horrific death. See more via - http://bit.ly/20A1sXY.



LACS complains to BBC re. collusion in Hunt cubbing lies

20-9-18   LACS Press Release    BBC slammed for its defence of illegal fox cub hunting     A complaint has been made to the Controller of BBC Radio 4 over its coverage of illegal fox cub hunting in its flagship radio drama The Archers.

Chris Luffingham, Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, has written to Gwyneth Williams to express concern at the BBC’s portrayal of autumn hunting – a pretence for cub hunting. This involves the brutal practice of hounds being let loose in woodland to hunt and literally tear apart fox cubs in the run-up to the hunting season.

A Daily Telegraph news story exposing the issue which was published earlier this week contained a quote from the BBC perpetuating the myth of trail hunting, which is simply a deception being used by hunts to cover up illegal fox hunting.

In his letter, Chris Luffingham said:- “I am deeply concerned that the BBC is using one of its flagship radio programmes to perpetuate lies about illegal hunting. The BBC recently defended references to so-called autumn hunting in The Archers with the explanation that they were actually referring to ‘legal trail hunting which involves an artificial scent rather than fox cubs’. This is incorrect. Autumn Hunting does not refer to trail hunting and it is not legal. In fact it is far worse. The truth is that autumn hunting is a well-known euphemism for the hunting of fox cubs, commonly known as cub hunting. Cub hunting takes place in the run up to the hunting season as a training exercise for hounds. During a cub hunt, hunt members surround small areas of woodland and drive their hounds through, teaching them how to kill fox cubs and get a taste for their blood – by literally tearing the fox cubs apart.

Even the hunts themselves tend only to use the cover of trail hunting when referring to the illegal hunting being perpetrated during the hunting season which begins in November and goes through to March. This is very different, taking place in open countryside, all despite fox hunting being banned 13 years ago.

Professional investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports, including many former police officers, follow the activities of Hunts from the beginning of August each year through until the end of October, and corroborate the cruel killing of fox cubs. It is estimated thousands of fox cubs are killed every autumn and summer in this gruesome practice.

Cub hunting is cruel and illegal and has no place in a modern, compassionate society – and for the BBC to show it as otherwise, whether for dramatic purposes or not – is grossly irresponsible at best, and covering for illegal hunting at worst. The BBC should be exposing the dreadful realities of what is really going on, reflecting the views of the 85% of the population who wish it to remain illegal, and not reinforcing the Hunts’ lies and dirty secrets."


South Wold FH's unheralded visit throws horse into panic

Resident furious over this and damage resulting 

19-9-18   Facebook - West Sussex Hunt Sabs   This happened yesterday. It happens quite a lot and many residents in the countryside have to change their daily routine when the hunt are around. The hounds are not only a danger to wildlife, residents have to move their horses and keep their pets inside. The hunts used to inform residents when they would be hunting close to their properties, now due to so many people informing Hunt sab / Monitor groups, the hunts tend to keep it quiet and don't always inform them. This is another indication that they are not trail hunting, otherwise, what is there to hide. If hunts are trail hunting within the law, and wildlife are not being cruelly and brutally hunted and killed, there will be no need for them to be monitored.


Pic below  -  Some of the damage done to newly sown grass field by panicked horse  




Sabs catch Surrey Union FH trespassing on NT land

19-9-18   Facebook - Guildford Hunt Saboteurs   Surrey Union Hunt caught trespassing and illegally hunting on National Trust land at Ranmore Common this morning... www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/guildford-northdowns-sabs.



LACS highly critical of CPS dropping case against Badsworth FH

19-9-18   Ilkley Gazette   CPS drops case against Hunt over Weeton meeting    THE CROWN Prosecution Service has been criticised for dropping charges in a 'key case' against a local Hunt. Three terrier men were facing charges linked to a meeting of Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hounds at Rougemont Carr Wood, Weeton, on November 21, 2017. The charges related to offences under the Hunting Act 2004, the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 and the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979. The action followed an investigation by North Yorkshire Police which involved evidence being provided by the League Against Cruel Sports.

Professional investigators for the animal welfare charity had filmed the meet and what it claimed were incidents of foxes being chased by dogs, a badger sett being blocked and damage to an ancient monument. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), however, decided to end the prosecution just days before a hearing at Harrogate Magistrates Court - citing a lack of evidence and 'identification issues'.

Director of Investigations at the League Against Cruel Sports, Martin Sims, said: "This is yet another hugely frustrating case involving this Hunt. "Here we have a case of known individuals attached to an organised hunting pack, having targeted foxes and badger setts, going unprosecuted despite the efforts of North Yorkshire Police in gathering evidence for the matter to be dealt with. The CPS has serious questions to answer surrounding why it abandoned a key wildlife crime case, despite clear evidence being presented outlining the commission of offences and the suspect’s identity. The absence of any prosecution has allowed those who have targeted ‘protected’ wild mammals to simply cock a snook at the law without fear of being brought to justice."

A CPS spokesman said: "The police laid charges in this case and submitted a file of evidence to the CPS. Following a review the CPS determined there was insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of a conviction, for reasons including identification issues. As a result, the charges were discontinued."

Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hounds has been approached for comment.


Monitors say two hunted stags escaped Quantock SH

18-9-18   Facebook - Hounds Off    Yesterday the Quantock Stag Hounds were hunting on the Brendon Hills, between Exmoor and the Quantocks. Hounds Off and Somerset Wildlife Crime deployed Hunt Monitors to observe and record activities. This fellow [below left] was roused soon after they started. No stags were killed but it was not for lack of them trying. Feel free to support our work - http://www.houndsoff.co.uk/donate/ — with Somerset Wildlife Crime. 

19-9-18   Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   VIDEO    On Monday, Somerset Wildlife Crime and Hounds Off teamed up to monitor the Quantock Stag Hounds as they hunted across the Brendons. The QuantockSHStaghuntedbyHeescaped17-9-18.jpgday ended abruptly around 3:30, after their hunted stag managed to escape across the main road, just below Elworthy Combe and into land they were not allowed to hunt.

Whilst this stag escaped being killed by the Hunt, we know from the Bateson report that he will have suffered enormously during the chase. There is simply no excuse for this.

On a weekly basis this Hunt is on National Trust land, so once more we urge the National Trust to enforce their own ban of stag hunting on their land. Use your membership to campaign for these animals to be protected by the National Trust, lets hold them to the promise they made to our wildlife 21 years ago!.

If you like what we do and would like to help us with diesel costs we would be very grateful <3ko-fi.com/somersetwildlifecrime.  

18-9-18   Facebook - Hounds Off    Yesterday the Quantock Stag Hounds were hunting on the Brendon Hills, between Exmoor and the Quantocks. Hounds Off and Somerset Wildlife Crime deployed Hunt Monitors to observe and record activities. This fellow was roused soon after they started. No stags were killed but it was not for lack of them trying. Feel free to support our work - http://www.houndsoff.co.uk/donate/ — with Somerset Wildlife Crime.

POWAperson adds  -  We've been informed that the Hunt chased another stag earlier in the day, which fortunately escaped on to a shooting estate where they are not allowed. Besides tormenting wildlife, the hunters cause considerable nuisance to locals, particularly road users, treating the highways as though they exist purely for their convenience. Apparently, about 50 hunt vehicles had to back down a country lane to let a tractor and trailer through. 


 Sabs help stop Stationdale FH cub killing near clifftops

18-9-18   Facebook - East Yorkshire Coast Hunt Sabs   Determined to catch and stop the Stationdale from their evil, murderous fun, we were up before the sun this morning. They like to be out when the rest of the world sleeps so no one can see what they're up to. Cubbing season is now happening. Not only do they take out the young hounds and train them to hunt foxes, some Hunts steal the cubs and hide them away to be released later on in the season. A bagged fox is released on the day of the hunt, it's tired and is an easy target.

Today we met up early and were on the lookout before dawn. We tried the usual haunts of the Stationdale mob. They traditionally wear tweed for cubbing, its not as easy to spot as a red coat!

As we were driving about we spotted a young deer about to cross the road, we stopped to let it pass safety. As we were enjoying watching it slip under the fencing and make its way across the road, an impatient driver decided to overtake us at quite a speed without care of the poor deer. Thankfully it escaped safely. Why some have no patience and compassion is beyond our understanding.

We checked the area and it wasn't long until we heard the hunting horn and headed towards it. We found them on Burniston cliffs. Hounds have been lost off the cliffs in previous years. We got there just in time as the hounds were onto a fox, thankfully it got away. Some hounds were missing as they'd tried to get down the cliff to follow the poor fox. With relief they soon appeared back with the rest of the pack.


The misfits of society were not happy to have us join them this morning. We received the usual verbal abuse, in fact it's getting so boring. "Council house, so ugly that's why you wear masks, no jobs," Their lack of imagination matches their lack of compassion.

We were well chuffed when the hounds came to say hello. Tails wagging to find some love at last. We noticed one had blood on its face but on inspection it looked like it had cut it rather than the demise of a poor fox.

We enquired to where Gordon Bottomley was ( new Huntsman ) We said we were disappointed as we were looking forward to meeting him (he's been dismissed but we kinda already knew that) but didn't want to miss an opportunity to catch them off guard. We had a chuckle at their babbling replies.

Apparently Tim Osbourne Is now the new Huntsman. He's quite proud of himself too and he can't wait for this forthcoming season. He squared up to a female sab, practically bumping his chest into Her, then touched her shoulder to move her on. They then took off back up through, Cliff Top Boarding Kennels.

We had to jump back into Cyril (sab truck) to try meet them further along. We found them near Cloughton. Sabs managed to see another fox escape to safety and stood nearby to ensure the hounds didn't follow it. No trail at all, they were clearly cubbing and no trail was laid so we called it in to the police. Concerned about our safety they sent an officer to our assistance. Very kind understanding young man. Having then thoroughly checked the area we were happy that they'd called it a day and packed up.

If EYCHS hadn't been there today, potentially two foxes would have faced certain death. We do what we can to save innocent lives, today was a good day. An average days fuel cost is £30, we can cover well over 100 miles, so any donations however small is much needed and appreciated. https://www.paypal.me/EYHS.

Pics below  -  1/  Woman sab is intimidated by Huntsman    2/  The bloodied hound 

StatondaleFHHuntsmanintimidatingfemalesab18-9-18.jpg    StaitondaleFHBloodiedhound18-9-18.jpg


Beaufort FH post men at setts to stop foxes escaping down

Follows Hunt accused of blocking multiple badger homes

17-9-18   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO   The Beaufort Hunt Masked Men   The Hunt was approaching the area and this is what we found in the woods…


POWAperson adds  -  The video opens as a monitor is walking into a wood. We are told the Hunt is approaching. We see some masked men standing inside the wood. As the monitor nears the masked men we see they are standing above a badger sett with several entrances. Unusually for these thuggish types, they are at the sett without any blocking or digging paraphernalia.


The Hunt has received negative publicity recently as monitors have both publicised and reported to the police the blocking of multiple setts on multiple occasions, nearly all when the Hunt was in, or due to very soon visit, the vicinity of the setts. The monitors believe the men have been posted at the sett by the Beaufort in order to stop any fox the Hunt is might put up in the wood seeking shelter in the sett. The video then shows the Huntsman riding at walking pace with hounds along the perimeter of the wood. Other riders and followers are on the other side. A separate post carried a photograph of Lord Mancroft, Chairman of the MFHA, with other Beaufort FH riders out that day.  




BBC defends its portrayal of 'autumn hunting' in the Archers

Antis had complained they portraying cubbing as harmless 'trail hunting'

17-9-18   Daily Telegraph    BBC defends The Archers after animal rights activists claim it is promoting illegal hunting -Confusion arose from the phrase "autumn hunting" - which some take to mean illegal cub hunting The BBC has defended the Archers after campaigners accused the Radio 4 programme of promoting illegal fox cub hunting. Animal rights groups urged their followers to write to the broadcaster after Shula Archer said on last week’s programme that she planned on going “autumn hunting” to “train the young hounds”. They said that this is a reference to illegal “cub hunting” and urged the BBC to stop the storyline. However, the broadcaster hit back at these claims, clarifying that the references to autumn hunting were actually about legal trail hunting, which involves an artificial scent rather than fox cubs.

The BBC also vowed to continue discussing hunting on the programme, despite backlash from anti-hunt groups. The Archers discusses the issue annually, and characters on the programme display different views, with Jill Archer vehemently opposing her daughter Shula’s hobby.

Chris Luffingham, Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “The BBC should be highlighting that cub hunting, referred to as autumn hunting in a recent episode of the Archers, is a cruel and illegal practice which has no place in a modern, compassionate society of animal lovers. Please everybody take a minute out of your day to complain to the Pro-Hunting BBC. A despicable scene of cub hunting on Radio 4's The Archers.... Despite hunting being banned 13 years ago, hunts continue to target British wildlife and cub hunting teaches their hounds how to kill and get a taste for foxes’ blood by literally tearing them apart. Thousands of fox cubs are killed every summer and autumn in this gruesome practice which exposes the lamentable lies of the hunts that they have stopped targeting British wildlife.”

While activists claim that "cubbing" is widespread, those who represent hunting groups point out that there have been just 13 convictions under the Hunting Act connected to the 300 registered hunts in the UK in the 14 years the law has been in place. On average those Hunts carry out approximately 15,000 days hunting each year.

A BBC spokesperson responded: “When characters discuss autumn hunting it is a reference to legal trail hunting, involving an artificial scent not foxes, which the show has also done in previous years. As a fictional drama, the Archers will continue to feature contemporary rural issues, including hunting. Before hunting became illegal, hunters referred to early season activity, in which they would target cubs, as “autumn hunting.” Now, legal hunts still remark on early season rides, in which they wear more casual clothing and go through woodland rather than open countryside, but instead of chasing cubs, they follow scented trails.

Action Against Foxhunting disagreed, claiming the BBC was “showing its support for fox hunting”. The campaign group said: “Shula Archer says she is going autumn hunting. She mentions that she is taking the ‘young hounds’ out. We, at AAF, have a problem with this. The BBC is showing their support for fox hunting because we know that Shula Archer is actually going cub hunting to train her young hounds to kill. This is where the hunt goes to a copse where they know a fox family is living. They surround the copse, making a terrifying noise to keep the fox cubs inside. They then send in the young hounds to slaughter the cubs. Not only is this brutal, but it is illegal and widespread. By calling it autumn hunting, the hunts are trying to hide what they actually do, and the BBC is supporting this.”


Braes o' Derwent FH caught cubbing - no known kills

17-9-18    Facebook - NE HUNT Monitors   HIT REPORT 1   Another 3:30am alarm set for the monitors who checked that South Durham Hunt are still in disarray after the sacking of their Huntsman. Confident that nothing was taking place over Sedgefield we decided to head 50 minutes away to Whittonstall, where we were informed Braes Of Derwent would be out autumn cub hunting.

On arriving we could see a lot of support cars parked on the side of the narrow road and many people out watching down the wooded dip. By the looks on their faces they were surprised to see us and less than happy when realising the car of people they thought was just watching was also with the Hunt Monitors.


On pulling over we could hear the tell-tale rolling of the tongue used during cub hunting, to unsettle a fox and to flush towards hounds, being used in the woodland whilst point riders and support surrounded the wood watching for any fox trying to leave cover.

Many hounds dangerously came out onto the roads [above] and one limping hound looked frightened when a supporter went to pick it up [below]. We counted approximately 20 riders with one as young as 6 yrs old on a pony. We only heard the hounds speak a few times but no full cry and we believe no kills during the time we were present. The Hunt trundled off back to the kennels with riders packing up and support dispersing, we also left happy that the days hunting was over.


It was still early enough for some of our members to head off to the Hurworth County Fair to hand out leaflets relating to cubbing and fox hunting.

We understand we have had many requests to help and we appreciate them all. We have limited space available during cub hunting but will be in touch before the coming fox hunting season. Please contact us if we miss you as we get many messages and emails so you may get lost in them. To help us help the foxes you can … Grass up your local hunt... Join the team and become a monitor - owner drivers especially needed Donate to our petrol fund via paypal to huntmonitors@gmail.com. #longlivethefox


Government seeking to criminalise trespass

Travellers are purported target, but...

Concern could also take in hunt sabs 

16-9-18   Daily Telegraph    Ministers consider making trespass a criminal offence to keep travellers off private land Ministers are considering making trespass a criminal offence to stop travellers moving onto private land. James Brokenshire, the Communities secretary, has discussed the matter with his Irish counterpart, as trespass is already a crime in Ireland. He wants to give police more powers to evict trespassers following a series of incidents in which travellers have taken up residence on land and the police have not acted swiftly to remove them.

Earlier this year there was outrage when travellers entered and wrecked the Thwaites brewery in Lancashire, and were allowed to drive away by police after causing £100,000-worth of damage.

Mr Brokenshire held talks about how the law works in Ireland with the country’s Housing minister Eoghan Murphy on August 28, The Telegraph can disclose. Ireland changed trespass from a civil to a criminal offence in 2002. More than 2,000 people responded to a consultation on how to deal with so-called “unauthorised encampments” before it closed in June 15 and ministers are currently working on how to respond.

The current powers open to police mean that they only have the right to move on the travellers, who can “literally move a few hundred yards down the road, re-encamp there, then the whole rigmarole starts all over again”. Andrew Selous, a former Prisons minister, said: “We need trespass to be made part of the criminal law, as it is in Ireland. That change in law has led to a significant increase in Irish-heritage travellers coming to the United Kingdom. Is Ireland a cruel and inhumane country? Of course not, nor would the United Kingdom be if we were to change the law in the same way. To use a recent campaign cry, people want to take back control of what is being allowed to happen in their communities through a separate planning system that completely fails to provide equality under the law and produces terrible outcomes for settled residents and travellers.”...

POWA person comments   -    Whilst the talk about what they hope to achieve is currently only about 'problem' travellers, we fear the government might frame the law so as to also catch hunt sabs. Michael Howard attempted this with his Aggravated trespass legislation in the mid 90s, though it has been singularly ineffective as police are very reluctant to enforce it against sabs and Hunts rarely call for them to do so, doubtless fearing their illegal hunting will be further exposed to public view. But making simple trespass a criminal offence could seriously handicap sabs ability to expose this and to save hunted animals.


East Kent FH trespass on Forestry Commission land

16-9-18   Facebook – W. Kent Sabs   By the time the East Kent with West Street Hunt left their kennels it was 3.30pm, and we had only 3 sabs left in the field. Despite this we were able to keep up with the hunt nearly all afternoon. To start with they went to great lengths to insist they were trail hunting-we even had one ancient hunt supporter produce a jar of liquid claiming it was “fox scent” (!).

This happened to be exactly when the hounds picked up on a foxes scent, and they went in to cry only to be whipped off it by huntsman.... we're sure this is because we were standing right there!

This is when the days shenanigans really began! The hunt moved in to Elham Park Wood owned by the Forestry Commission. We were then joined by a usual terrier man who wasn't 'working' today.... we wonder why?

He followed us around trying to provoke us for half an hour desperately trying to distract us from the fact 5 other terrier men had turned up on 2 quad bikes, and the ruse that they were trail hunting was completely over. As soon as we came across the terrier men, he legged it! What a sad man!

It's worth noting that quad bikes aren't allowed on Forestry Commission land [below]. We wonder what they will think of this? The Huntsman was his usual chirpy self, dancing around us on his horse accusing us of “hitting him” and shouting about stalking our family members on Facebook (!)- watch this space for some very entertaining footage!

The Hunt returned back to the kennels after just 1.5 hours! All in all a long but successful day sabbing with 2 hunts prevented from killing.

If you wish to donate to our group and keep us out in the fields, you can do so here - many thanks. 



Tory MSP rides with 2 Hunts charged with illegal hunting

16-9-18   Daily Record    Tory MSP linked to dog-rap fox hunting groups accused of illegally killing animals - Rachael Hamilton rides with two Hunts which are alleged to have allowed dogs to illegally rip apart foxes with three members on cruelty charges    A Tory MSP is linked to two controversial fox hunting groups where members have been accused of illegally killing animals.

Rachael Hamilton [below left], who represents Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire, rides with the Lauderdale and Duke of Buccleuch Hunts. Members of both are alleged to have allowed dogs to illegally rip apart foxes, with three people involved in court proceedings.

ScottishToryMSPRachelHamilton16-9-18.jpgHamilton’s husband Billy claims to manage the Lauderdale Hunt, while the couple’s plush Buccleuch Arms Hotel in the Borders is a meeting point for the Buccleuch group. After their inn won Best Sporting Pub in Scotland in 2015, Rachael said she and Billy were “proactive and supportive of local countryside groups”.

Claire Bellamy, 42, a Facebook friend of Billy, was charged last year after a Lauderdale meeting was filmed by the Sunday Mail and the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS). It emerged in May that Bellamy had avoided a court appearance after accepting a minor penalty short of prosecution.

LACS were heavily critical of the procurator fiscal’s decision and questioned why the Crown Office wouldn’t say whether a warning or fine had been issued. Meanwhile, Buccleuch riders Timothy Allen, 40, and Shaun Anderson, 28, were charged in August, again in relation to fox hunting with dogs. The offence is alleged to have been committed in Roxburghshire and both pled not guilty at Jedburgh Sheriff Court where a trial is due to start on October 8. Hunting foxes with hounds was outlawed in Scotland in 2002. But there is an exemption that allows the use of hounds to flush out foxes so riders can shoot them as a form of pest control.

An SNP source said: “Rachael Hamilton’s close ties to Scotland’s fox hunting community are no secret but, as more cases of alleged unlawful practices emerge, it’s important her activities are subject to scrutiny.”


Sab groups prevent Old Surrey FH from serious cubbing

16-9-18   Facebook - Croydon Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Hit report - Saturday 15th September 2018   How many riders do you need to exercise the hounds? Acting on a valuable tip off we found the Old Surrey and Burstow hunt at their meet at Upper Stonehurst Farm, Moons Lane, Dry Hill, RH7 6PD. We were joined by Guildford Hunt Saboteurs and East Kent Sabs.

Leaving the meet at 9.15am with a large field including some children and two quad bikes it was clear that their intentions were more than just exercising the hounds. No cubbing today guys as we were on them from the start. They had a run around for a few hours but they were always in sight of sabs in the field and had no opportunity to kill. At midday they decided to call it a day and packed up!

You can donate to us using the following link. Every penny helps to keep us on the road protecting our wildlife from hunting scum! https://www.paypal.me/southldnhuntsabs.


Video shows Brocklesby FH redcoat trying to hit sab

Also screamed in another sab's face 

16-9-18  Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO    After sabs prevent hounds from killing a fox, a furious member of the Brocklesby Hunt tries to hit a sab with his whip and then screams in another's face.



Fitzwilliam FH support assault sab & block them in - but no kills

15-9-18   Facebook - Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs   15/09/2018   No kills - Assault on sab and blocked in Fitzwilliam Hunt- Manor Farm – Keyston    4 o’clock start to join our friends at Northants Hunt Saboteurs. Bad start to the day as Landy battery was flat- After a jump start we were off on our way.

Following a tip off from a member of the public we found the hunt in Keyston. Foot Sabs were deployed to find the Hunt. The Hunt was less impressed to see us. (Ah shame that). They then scarpered off as quick as they could. We radioed in for a pick up and drove up to drop foot sabs off at Crow’s Nest Hill, where one of the sabs were ridden at by Huntsman [below] and then assaulted by a terrier man.


Hounds briefly went into cry but were rated by voice calls. At this point whist this was happening the Landy was blocked in via several cars. At that point we got hold of North Cambs Hunt Sabs and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs, who’d already packed up the Oakley.

The Fitzwilliam tried a rather vain attempt to carry on hunting was obviously this was final straw seeing we’d had back up. They then shortly went back to the meet, where sabs overlooked and confirmed they were packing up.

After that we went on to a tip off to a place where snares were sett illegally and let’s just say they won’t snare again... https://ko-fi.com/A3372I1A.

Pics below   -   1/  Supporter blocks sab car    2/  Supporter blocks sab landy

  FitzwilliamFHSupporterblockssabcarin15-9-18.jpg FitzwilliamFHSupporterblockssablandyin15-9-18.jpg


Early fleeing fox protected by sabs as Oakley FH cubbing fruitless

15-9-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs    HIT REPORT 15.09.2018 OAKLEY SAB  Thanks to a timely local tip-off, sabs from North Cambs Hunt Sabs and Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs were waiting outside a cub-hunting meet of the Oakley Hunt this morning, at Newlands Farm in Bozeat, Northamptonshire.


Immediately before the Hunt set off, we witnessed a fox make his quiet escape from a maize field just north of the meet. After covering his scent trail, we positioned ourselves to shepherd the Hunt in the opposite direction from the fox.

While the hunt indeed rode in the direction away from our friends OakleyFHHuntsmanabouttogiveupafterjust90m15-9-18.jpgescape, hounds soon started to pick up the scent of their quarry in the area. As the huntsman (Jack Harris) cast the pack back and forth and around the maize fields searching, sabs stayed close and rated back the hounds whenever they started to pick up a scent.

Jack Harris cast hounds repeatedly around the small area surrounding the Newlands Farm meet, but after an hour and a half of fruitless hunting seemed to realise that today was a bust due to constant sab interventions [right, about to give up]. He gathered his hounds back at the farm and sabs stayed to ensure the hunt had indeed finished for the day.

Please support North Cambs Sabs here: https://ko-fi.com/northcambs.

POWAperson adds  -  N. Cambs sabs went on to help with sabbing of Fitzwilliam FH. See above report for details of that meet.  


Cury FH make only token hunting effort after sabs appear

15-9-18   Facebook - Kernow Sabs, Monitors and Animal Rights Team    Cury FH - Trewothack farm 14/9/18    After walking around the area a bit we discovered the Cury Hunt taking the foxhounds out on foot. Naturally we were very pleased to see this as we were expecting a mounted hunt and it is much easier to keep an eye on people who aren't on horses. Needless to say they were not happy to see us and this resulted in some hurried phone calls and quiet discussions as they decided what to do next.

Huntsman James Pearson took the hounds into a brassica field, where the hounds were put through the crop. After a short while and a few discussions between hunt staff the hounds were taken away on foot, but not far. Only to the next field which was full of head high maize. James stayed in this field, hidden from view and virtually silent while the hounds ran all over the locality. What was he doing in there? Hiding from us? Balancing his cheque book? After over an hour spent in this one field the Hunt packed up.

They claimed to be both "trail hunting" and "just the exercising hounds". They seemed awfully shy if they were just exercising and who lays a trail round and around one maize field!

A very easy evening. Now back we go to the badger cull which this year covers most of Cornwall from the Devon border down to roughly Newquay – Portloe. It's a huge area with a minimum of 3472 badger to be killed. If you can help us please do get in touch by PM.


Sabs save 5 foxes from Brocklesby FH hounds

15-9-18   Facebook - West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   A sab from Grimsby Hunt Saboteurs films as a fox escapes from a covert near Beelsby in Lincolnshire, illegally hunted by the Brocklesby Hunt. Other sabs from West Yorkshire and Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs join in with voice calls and whip cracks to hold the hounds up and send them in the wrong direction, allowing the fox to safely escape.

We rely on your donations to keep us out in the field saving foxes and other animals. Thank you:- Sheffield Hunt Sabs: https://ko-fi.com/A772AR5. West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs: https://ko-fi.com/westyorkshirehuntsaboteurs


15-9-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs   INJUNCTION! - WHAT INJUNCTION!!??  Very busy day for us today - whilst some of our group are busy sabbing in a cull zone and others where doing stalls in various places to raise money, still others paid a long overdue visit to the Brocklesby near Grimsby today, this hunt somehow managed to get a lifetime injunction against sabs in the 90's and haveBrocklesbyFHHuntingissuchfun15-9-18.jpg escaped our attention for a long while.

When we arrived the Hunt were surrounding a wooded area in typical cub hunting style but on seeing us they rounded up their hounds and scarpered. We followed the Hunt who stuck to a very small area, despite efforts from foot support and riders blocking us at our every turn some attempting to trip us up and riding horses into us.

We saw 5 foxes away to safety including one that broke cover right in front of us with the hounds literally yards behind with good work from sabs rating the hounds back. The Hunt tried getting the hounds back on the scent but voice calls from sabs took them in the other direction which brought more aggro from the riders. Our vehicle was blocked in on the road and hunt supporters tried breaking into the van but some stiff resistance and a bit of nifty driving saw us away to safety. We continued following the Hunt until they packed at around 9.30.

Thanks to West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs and Grimsby Hunt Saboteurs - always a pleasure.



Vets strongly criticise DEFRA handling of bTb outbreak at Kimblewick FH

14-9-18   A group of vets and academics have had a letter published in the Veterinary Recordentitled 'Spreading of bovine TB by hunting hounds', strongly criticising the way in which DEFRA has handled the outbreak of bTb in hounds in the Kimblewick FH kennels earlier this year. It demands that DEFRA should 'ban the feeding of livestock to hunting hounds and announce a moratorium on hunting with hounds throughout England until such data are presented that show that hound packs are free of bTB nationally.'

New info to POWA is 1/ that 'Subsequent to the outbreak, the Kimblewick pack was said to be free of bTB, although there was no evidence to support that conclusion. In the two months before this declaration, nine of the remaining – and supposedly infection-free – hounds developed bTB and had to be culled. Despite kennelling the surviving hounds with these nine bTB-infected dogs, Defra declared them as ‘unlikely to be infected/infectious’.' It's not clear whether these nine were part of, or additional to, the 97 hounds declared to have been put down.

And 2/, that 'Nineteen at-risk pet dogs that had close association with the hunt pack were tested using IGRA. Two were found to be positive for M bovis 10:a, indicating onward transmission of the disease to pet dogs.'

The paper also states that there had been movement of hounds between the Kimblewick kennels and others in a high-risk bTb area prior to the outbreak.

19-9-18   The Canary   A group of vets has slammed the government for letting fox hunters spread disease across the countryside    A veterinary research group has called for a stop to hunting. It says there is a “great deal more evidence” to show hunting hounds are responsible for spreading bovine tuberculosis (bTB) than there is for badgers. And it says the government’s response to the presence of bTB in hounds has been “negligent”.

Veterinary research body Prion Interest Group has called for the Department for Environmental, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) to announce a temporary ban on hunting. It follows the revelation that 97 hounds from the Kimblewick Hunt were killed following a bTB outbreak in the kennels. It took a long time for the full facts of this case to emerge. Prion Interest Group said there is:- '...clear evidence that bTB-infected hunting hounds have geographically spread… bTB'.

The group condemned the Kimblewick Hunt for introducing bTB into a new area. And it called for a stop to all hunting activity until hounds across the country are bTB-free. Citing a July 2018 report by the University of Edinburgh into the Kimblewick Hunt outbreak, Prion Interest Group points at infected farm animals fed to hounds as the source of infection. As a result, the group also called for an immediate ban on the feeding of livestock to hunting hounds.

Prion Interest Group criticised Defra’s actions after the outbreak. The department banned the feeding of offal. But, the group says, bTB isn’t confined to offal and described Defra’s policy as “inadequate” and “negligent”.

The Canary contacted Defra for comment and a spokesperson said:- 'We take biosecurity and animal welfare extremely seriously and expect hunt organisers to put in place appropriate measures to protect people and animals from the risk of disease. TB in dogs caused by Mycobacterium bovis in the UK is extremely rare. There is no evidence to suggest dogs play a significant role in the persistence of bovine TB in England or that hunting with dogs contributes to the spread of the disease in cattle.'

Prion Interest Group accuses Defra of being “secretive” in its response and says the department needs “radical reform”. When the Kimblewick Hunt cover-up became public, anti-hunting campaigners quickly pointed to Lord Gardiner. The under secretary for rural affairs and biosecurity is not only a former deputy chief executive of pro-hunting lobby group Countryside Alliance but an honorary member of the Kimblewick Hunt. The Canary also approached Defra about this but received no comment.

In order to wipe out bTB, the government has run an annual programme to cull badgers since 2013. In 2018, more than 40,000 badgers could be killed. But scientists and campaigners have long pointed to other causes for the disease’s spread, including hunting hounds. This latest report adds to a growing pile of evidence showing the badger cull is needless murder.


Sabs film Warks FH clearly chasing fox [it escaped]

14-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Cub Hunting - Warwickshire Hunt - Friday 14th September, Willoughby, Warwickshire   Fox runs from the Hunt with riders chasing after it to try and turn it back towards the hounds.

The Warwickshire Hunt continue to stick two fingers up to the law. We caught them hunting a maize field which they left pretty quickly once we arrived. They then went on to surround and hunt a dismantled railway. We managed to box them in and limit the area they normally hunt.

After surrounding and putting the hounds into a second dismantled railway a fox was seen running from the hunt. Two riders chased the fox in an attempt to turn it back. We got ahead of the fox and made sure it got away safely.

DONATE:- Thanks to your donations we have been to attend meets of the Warwickshire Hunt on Monday, Friday and the Atherstone Hunt on Tuesday. Any donations towards fuel costs are greatly appreciated. https://network23.org/westmidshuntsabs/donate/.

Pics below   -   1/  Fox breaks from wood, fleeing hounds. Rider signals    2/  Rider goes after fox    3/  Lead hound runs after fox [seconds later]   4/  Fox on the run, it escaped 

WarksFHFoxbreaksridersignals14-9-18.jpg  WarksFHRidergoesafterfox14-9-18.jpg   

WarksFHLeadhoundchasesaftersecondslater14-9-18.jpg WarksFHFoxontherunItescaped14-9-18.jpg


Kimblewick FH hounds withdrawn from Thame Show after disease fears

14-9-18   LACS Press Release    Kimblewick Hunt pulls out of Thame Show following disease concerns from animal welfare charity The Kimblewick Hunt has withdrawn its controversial hound parade scheduled to be held at the Thame Show on Thursday, following concerns about the risk of disease being spread to livestock being raised with show organisers by a leading animal welfare charity.

The League Against Cruel Sports, which monitors hunting activity in the region, contacted show organisers warning that the Kimblewick Hunt – which had advertised the parade on its website - has recently been at the centre of a bTbbiosecuritywarning.jpghigh-profile biosecurity scandal, following nearly 100 hunting hounds being killed as a consequence of an outbreak of bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) at their kennels. Causes included the dirty, overcrowded and dilapidated conditions in which the animals were housed, according to an official report cited by the League.

The Charity notes, however, that the Kimblewick incident is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Hounds used for hunting carry a number of infectious diseases which are often contracted after being fed the carcasses of diseased livestock, a common practice of hunt kennels across the country. Hunting hounds contribute to a substantial number of infections each year when crossing the countryside, costing the farming industry ‘millions’ – a problem exacerbated when hunts ignore biosecurity measures which are designed to prevent disease spreading.

Chris Luffingham, Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, says:- “The organisers of the Thame Show are to be commended in the strongest terms for ensuring the Kimblewick Hunt will not be holding a hound parade, and in doing so demonstrating the show’s clear commitment to animal welfare, biosecurity and the farming community. There is a clear link between hunting hounds and the spread of disease across the countryside, which places both animal health and the rural economy at considerable risk. No case shows this more than the recent reports of nearly 100 fox hounds being euthanised at the Kimblewick Hunt kennels, after contracting bTB from the dirty, overcrowded and dilapidated conditions in which they were housed.”

Individual members of the Kimblewick Hunt will still be attending the Thame Show to help out in a personal capacity, show organisers have confirmed.


Quantock SH supporter fined for filming antis while driving

14-9-18   Facebook - Graham Floyd   VIDEO   Meet this female Quantock Stag Hounds supporter who used to film anyone she could find on the Quantock Hills who she thought was an anti. On Monday 19th February at 2pm approx., she picked on AK and myself. We filmed her filming us and driving at the same time.

She was reported and received a fine of £200 and six penalty points. We haven't heard that she has chosen to appeal so can only assume that she took her just punishment and we did hear through the old grapevine that she's not keen on doing it anymore. !!!!!!


POWAperson adds  -  This brings to 423 the total number of persons from organised UK Hunts known by POWA to have been convicted of or given cautions for criminal offences since 1990, involving 1,007 offences, 242 of which were violent offences. 39 of these have resulted in prison sentences. Fines have totalled over £158,000.


Monitor films Beaufort FH clearly hunting a fox

12-9-18   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   VIDEO   The Beaufort Hunt chasing a fox at Goulter's Gorse 5-9-18   After hunting Alderton Grove the Hunt moved on to Goulter's Gorse.



Pics above   -   Top, Fox fleeing hounds along wood edge   2/  Hounds chasing fox - c.40 yards behind 

POWAperson adds - The video begins with hounds chasing a fox along the edge of a wood, about 40 yards behind it. Monitor shouts to hunters that she has seen the fox. A whistle is blown, by a hunter, a signal they have seen it.

A rider, Hunt master Matt Ramsden [below] appears in shot, immediately behind the last hound. Monitor shouts that she has filmed it, tells colleague on radio that fox has darted back into wood, pursued by hounds. Ramsden rides back along the wood. Another rider is on point at its far corner. Hounds can be heard in wood in full cry.


 Monitor shouts to Huntsman to call hounds off. He doesn't. Hounds burst out of wood. Monitor tells Huntsman they are rioting on a deer. Huntsman blows horn to call them back on to fox. They respond [below]. Monitor enters wood. Terrierman appears in front of her, tells her to leave. He's fairly polite. She tells him she's seen and filmed fox. Terrierman phones someone. Tells them monitor has footage. 'Tally-ho' is heard. Terrierman tells monitor to get back to footpath. Hounds are heard in cry again. Monitor tells colleague thinks they've killed one fox already as hound was blooded.


Fleeing fox emerges from wood. Terrierman steps in front of monitor, trying, and failing, to stop her filming it. Terrierman starts waving his arms in front of monitor. Hounds emerge from wood in same place as fox. Hounds stream away in pursuit of fox. Monitor is telling colleagues on radio what is happening. Someone shouts 'Shut up you dirty little fucker.' Male monitor over radio tells her fox is by him on road. Thinks hounds have lost it. Monitor tells him that they are chasing after it. Video ends.

Pics below   -   1/  Fox emerges from wood   2/  Hounds emerge soon after and start chasing fox 




Grafton FH lay 'trail' for first time in monitors' experience

Hounds ignored it, riders go to classic cub hunt positions

12-9-18   Facebook - Grafton Hunt Watch   VIDEO   WHAT TRAIL? - WHAT'S A TRAIL?    Grafton Hunt, Tuesday, 11 September 2018 putting on a show for the monitors. 

POWAperson comments - The vast majority of Grafton FH hunts have been monitored over the last few years. Illegal hunting is seen, and often filmed, very frequently. Monitors are constantly harassed, obstructed, abused. Monitors have NEVER seen the Grafton FH even pretending to lay a trail before. Who, exactly, do the Hunt think they're going to fool with today's pathetic exhibition. Even as the fake trail was being 'laid' riders were getting into their 'on point' positions for cub hunting and hounds showed no interest whatever in the supposed 'trail'.

Pics below  -  1/  Pretend 'trail' laying    2/  2 minutes later - hounds ignore 'trail' 




Warks FH committed many offences in day's cubbing, say sabs

12-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Cub hunting - Warwickshire Hunt - Ashorne - Monday 9th September - More hound road chaos - Suspected bagged fox runs wrong way towards Hunt - Badger sett badly blocked    Monday saw two of us at the Warwickshire Hunt where we witnessed more blatant cub hunting. The hounds ended up spilling out onto a road, running up and down in front of motorists. Several of the hunts JMs were present but were more concerned with filming us and following us about everywhere rather than the safety of their hounds.

Huntsman Will Goffe then took the hounds into a small wood which the rest of the Hunt surrounded to prevent anything from escaping. We then saw a fox running the wrong way into the wood towards the Hunt and hounds. We strongly suspect that this was a bagged fox that had just been dropped due to it being disorientated and running the wrong way. It ran past several riders who didn't at any point inform the Huntsman that a fox had run into the wood. Instead minutes later the fox was seen running round the outside of the wood. It stopped above a badger sett (which we later found had been blocked to stop it from going to ground) before running back into the wood. This was followed by the hounds in pursuit of the fox.

We reported the blocked badger sett to the Warwickshire Badger Group who found in total 12 holes had been completely blocked, preventing the fox going to ground to escape the hounds but also trapping the badgers below ground.

Other offences committed by the Hunt was an over crowded quad bike driven with no number plates on a public road. Video to follow.




Sabs save fox from 'full on' Surrey Union FH cub hunting

12-9-18 Facebook - North Downs Hunt Sabs    Mission 10 Surrey Union FH, Ewhurst 27-8-18     Late post, but a good afternoons work for Guildford and North Downs hunt saboteurs at an afternoon pony club meet of the Surrey Union hunt at Ewhurst.

We expected them to at try the pretence of trail laying but under the acting Huntsman Andrew Hazeltine it was full on cub-hunting from start to finish. We know the area well and managed to stay with the Hunt most of the time. The scenting conditions weren't ideal and they picked up and scents, but in the cool of Holt copse the hounds went into full cry after a fox and sabs intervened to get them off it, which ended a successful day.

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Stag escapes from Quantock SH after a long chase

Hunt members in court soon for illegal hunting

11-9-18   Facebook - Somerset Wildlife Crime   VIDEO   Quantock Stag Hounds out hunting, 10/09/2018    They hunted a very young stag, which thankfully got away. Not without a long chase from Broomfield ending up losing him down near Holford. 

A subdued support mostly without incident, until the end of the day when the frustration of no kill spilled over for some. With horses exhausted from a very challenging days ride, yet no consideration is given when these people are fed up. We will always give way on roads and offer priority to horse and rider, regardless of what side of the hunting fence you sit.

With thanks to Hounds Off. If you support what we do please share our posts or contribute to our fundraiser if you can ko-fi.com/somersetwildlifecrime.


Sabs claim N. Wales police facilitating illegal hunting by hassling them 

11-9-18   Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   It's been a eventful morning! At 5.30am our landy was blockaded by heddlu police and we was held for nearly 30 mins as they wanted a sabs details. Without any legislation, a swift phone call to our solicitor and some fantastic negotiations from our friends at Welsh borders we was free to go!

Taking our trusty little landy home and again we was pulled over, This time by armed response!!! They claim it's on suspicion of theft from local farms... we say it's facilitating illegal hunting! We will be taking this matter further hedlu police, the bully boy scare tactics don't work! We will be back as it is not us who are the criminals but the redcoats and clingers on!


Hound parade goes ahead despite LACS' biosecurity

11-9-18    Southern Daily Echo   Annual country sports day goes ahead - despite opposition   AN ANNUAL countryside event went ahead on Sunday despite opposition from an animal welfare charity. Hampshire Country Sports Day at Tichborne Park, saw hundreds of activities and displays taking placeHunthoundsatHampshireCountrySportsShow11-9-18.jpg throughout the day.

The League Against Cruel Sports had advised show organisers not to host the Hunt due to biosecurity breaches. They warned of an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis in a hunting pack that killed nearly 100 hounds. However, a show spokesperson said: “There has been just one pack of hounds that has been infected with bovine tuberculosis. However, following a strict testing procedure which was enforced when bovine TB was discovered, almost two years ago, the disease was contained and eradicated. There have been no further outbreaks at this hunt kennels nor have symptoms been seen in any other packs of hounds since.”

Events at the show included mink, beagle and fox hounds displays, an inter-hunt mounted relay, falconry clay pigeon shooting. Visitors could learn archery, fly fishing, and how to safely use hunting rifles. The show also featured a record number of market stalls offering everything from equestrian clothing and fishing tackle to handbags and jewellery.

Pic above  - Hounds on parade [Credit SDE] 


E. Kent FH hound lorry returns to kennels when see sabs on their tail

11-9-18   Facebook - East Kent Sabs    The “week day club” ride out again!!     So, after watching the EAST KENT with WEST STREET foxhounds pretending to be “exercising hounds” at a cubbing meet last Saturday, we decided too cobble together a vehicle full of Kent's finest sabs from East and West Kent groups to keep an eye on them midweek, when they are far more likely to openly hunt, thinking they are on their own…..so, in the middle of the night, we met up, and got going.

On bumping into the hound lorry, we thought we would let them take us to the meet. It took a few miles before they realized that they were leading us toward the meet, but soon took a u turn and took us on a wild goose chase!!

But by 5.50 am the Huntsman and hounds had given up and gone back to the kennels. Which does beg the question of course-if they have nothing to hide, why try and lose us, and then give up a mornings legal “trail hunting”?


So that was that, another Hunt packed up by direct action, with enough time for a coffee, and then back to the day job…..ouch! 

If you wish to donate to our group and keep us out in the fields, you can do so here-many thanks – https://www.paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA.


Sabs pull Cattistock FH hounds off only fox cubbers put up

10-9-18   Facebook - Weymouth Animal Rights    Hit report 08/09/2018 Cattistock Hunt, Meet Dairy Farm House. West Chelborough    From the off it was clear that Will and his merry band of murdering misfits were out for a days killing. We caught up with them as they headed straight to their favorite killing field of Chelborough Park , where riders had already surrounded the southern point in the usual cub murder stance. Sabs entered the field but at this point the hounds remained quiet. However this didn't stop Mr Footpath police from trying to block our view with his little doom buggy , something to hide perhaps?

With Sabs on all points it didn't take Will to long to move further east to Long Park then try and lose us by turning back to the Chelborough Park again. A fox was clearly seen by our legendary Monitor and hounds quickly picked up the scent but Sabs were fast on the scene to intervene with the use of a gizmo and voice calls .This did not make for a happy Will Bryers who then spent the next 30 minutes trying to find the beautiful young vixen but to no avail . The murdering misfits then packed up at around 10.30 am.


It seemed there had also been a serious accident at the meet. Three ambulances and an air helicopter arrived at the meet and after some time left. All during this time Will Bryers and his bunch just carried on hunting like nothing had happened. So much for camaraderie amongst this lot!

If you would like to join us please either message this page or email -weymouthanimalrights@protonmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for your continued support ��.


At least one fox escapes Warks FH cubbing attempts

10-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs  VIDEO   Cub Hunting - Warwickshire Hunt - Napton on the Hill – 06.09.18    We found the Warwickshire Hunt surrounding a small wood at the back of the meet to stop any fox cubs from escaping. A fox did escape [below] as the Hunt were leaving the wood and got away safely.

A second wood was then surrounded where the Huntsman was heard making very blatant cub hunting noises - screaming aye-aye-aye and making “brrr brrr” noises to turn the fox back towards the hounds.



Sabs restrain Beaufort FH cubbing attempts

10-9-18   Facebook - Bristol Hunt Saboteurs    A small group of sabs paid a visit to the Duke of Beaufort Hunt early this morning to disrupt another of their cubbing meets.

The Huntsman took off from the meet at speed, clearly trying to lose us, but we soon found them and were able to keep up with the hunt for the rest of the morning. Our presence meant they could never stay in one place long enough to surround a wood and flush foxes out to the hounds.

They attempted to draw through scrub and the occasional covert as they went, putting up both hares and deer in the process but thankfully we saw no signs of a kill and the hunt were packed up by 10am.

Please consider supporting our work: https://www.paypal.me/bristolhuntsabs.


Sabs stop Flint & Denbigh FH Huntsman hunting by man marking

9-9-18  Facebook - North Wales Hunt Saboteurs   Hit report 8/9/2018 NO KILLS FOR THE FLINT AND DENBIGH     We where out and about with our friends from Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs at 4.30am in anticipation of catching up with the Flint and Denbigh hunt out hunting fox cubs. On arrival we thought they have have changed the time of the meet to an evening meet as the hunt kennels driveway gates seemed to have a big chain and padlock around it...

A shadowy figure was spotted lurking in the woods near the kennels just moments before a fox was seen running away from that direction and shortly after, at 6am, Huntmaster Jeremy Reed attempted to sneak out on foot via a path leading into the Cefn estates. Unfortunately for Jezza we had a sab waiting for him in village where he gave some sort of pathetic little speech about hunting within the law. As Jeremy left the meet and headed down the back towards Cefn estate farm the police turned up as briefly said hi before leaving not to be seen again all morning.

As Jeremy entered the flield, sabs were on him and this was the picture for the whole morning, the Huntsmaster just couldn't shake of those pesky sabs. The Hunt had tried to use old Sharon to block the roads with her horse but even with blocked roads this wasn't stopping the foot sabs who didn't let the Hunt out of their sights all morning. The F&D wanted to train the new hounds to kill fox cubs by surrounding woodlands to keep the fox cubs in... But this didn't happen as sabs kept the disgruntled Huntmaster moving.

A bit later in the morning as the hunt headed to higher ground in another failed attempt to lose us, a handful of hunt support turned up, Liam, the local farmer, Greengrass, Max with a new walking stick and shamed Councillor Ed Lloyd-Ellis. There was even a sighting or two of Rob the terrier man who had come in disguise and kept his distance.

Jeremy was having no luck, he'd managed to scare some deer but that's as much as he threatened anything all morning. By 8.30am he'd come down from the hills and worked his way back through and along the river back towards the kennels still with those pesky sabs in tow. Sabs waited by as the hunt packed up and walked Jeremy and his whipper-in and hounds back home. But I would appear Jeremy had lost the key to padlocked gate and had to climb over in one last act of being humiliated today.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU for all your kind donations, if you wish to donate and help us stay in the fields saving wildlife you can do so and this link https://gogetfunding.com/help-for-north-wales-hunt-sabs/.

Pics below  -  1/  Huntsman tries to tell sabs hounds are over there   2/  Sabs walk Huntsman and pack back to kennels 

       FlintDenbighFHHuntsmantriestotell..8-9-18.jpg FlintDenbighFSabswalkHuntsmanbacktokennels8-9-18.jpg


'Broken' Atherstone FH restricted to no fun ride round fields 

9-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs    Broken - Atherstone Hunt, Thurlaston, Leicestershire - Saturday 8th September 2018    Things have not worked out as planned for the Atherstone Hunt. Last season they conspired (with Leicestershire Police) to take out a restraining order on one of our sabs. Bill Bishop was convinced to join them as Huntsman with the promise of rebuilding the Hunt, sabs out of the way and a chance to start hunting foxes again. Mike Lane was to step down as Huntsman but carry on as joint-master and help Bishop hunt foxes.

Except their lies were exposed in court, the case against our sab collapsed and the Atherstone Hunt face the horrible realisation that West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs are not going anywhere. The three members of the Hunt who lied in court all resigned over the summer. Kennelman Oliver Hope and joint-master Mark Halford left the Hunt not long after their humiliation in court whilst huntsman and joint-master Mike Lane who had intended to stay on as Joint Master resigned in June.

Saturday 8th September was the Atherstone Hunt's first outing of the new hunting season. They are down to just three JMs, took out only half a pack of hounds and are having to ride around the perimeter of a few fields for 2 hours. They are now just a glorified pony club with hounds. There was no hunting and no kills. This is entirely down to our persistent presence of the last few years. This is despite Leicestershire Police helping and advising the Atherstone Hunt over the past few years.


The cub hunting season is perhaps one of the more brutal aspects of fox hunting. Up to 10,000 foxes could be killed across the country. We intend make sure that the Atherstone Hunt do not hunt any more foxes over the next two months and for the entire hunting season. If we can keep the Atherstone Hunt riding round a few fields all season we could save hundreds of foxes from being hunted and killed. It would mean that foxes within the 970km2 of the Atherstone Hunt's area will be free from being chased by a pack of hounds.

We couldn’t have achieved this without your constant support and donations. You can help us keeps the pressure on the Atherstone Hunt by donating towards our fuel costs.


Sabs say saved four foxes from Belvoir FH cub hunting

8-9-18   Facebook - Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs     The Belvoir Hunt -  We found em, we sabbed em and were in Wetherspoons by 10.30!   They were hunting just south of Long Clawson and although it took a little while to catch up with them once we did they didn't shake us off all day. They were cubbing in the traditional manner with riders surrounding coverts to prevent foxes escaping. Hounds went into cry on a few occasions but sabs were on hand to take control of his pack. 4 lucky foxes were seen to safety.

We were joined by reinforcements from Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs and with their arrival the hunt realised they had little chance of a successful day and started working their way back to the meet, packing up at 9.30.

The Belvoir haven't been sabbed during cubbing for years but they can look forward to more attention in the coming weeks. https://ko-fi.com/nottshuntsabs.

Pics below  -   1/  Riders on point - traditional cubbing formation    2/  Sabs pull pack to them  

  BelvoirFHCubhuntersonpoint8-9-18.jpg BelvoirFHSabshavepulledpackoffcubhunters8-9-18.jpg


Portman FH filmed cub hunting by monitors

8-9-18   Facebook - Wildlife Witness  VIDEO    Brief video of the Portman this morning cub-hunting   The fox cub was seen twice by monitors as it tried to escape before being headed back.

The first clip shows hounds picking up the line and the whipper-in (wearing a tweed jacket) pointing as the fox is seen to his right. The final clip is after the cub had got through a line of supporters and broken covert. The shouting is supporters hollering to tell the Huntsman that the fox had been seen, at which point he "doubles the horn" to spur on the hounds.

All illegal, all barbaric and all carried out in plain sight of children and teens who have been raised by the parents to accept this as "normal". There are other video clips, which we won't put up, of parents talking with children of around 5 and 8, about cinema trips and party invitations, whilst in the background hounds are in full cry.

One has to question the mentality of individuals such as that who engage in banter whilst literally just feet a way a terrified fox cub is running to avoid being ripped apart.


Sabs deter East Kent FH from cub hunting efforts

End up pretending were just 'exercising' hounds 

8-9-18    Facebook - East Kent Sabs  Saturday 8th September 2018    So, we went out VERY (!) early again to look for the EAST KENT with WEST STREET hunt, who we quickly found at 6am getting ready for a cubbing meet at Westmarsh. The Hunt met alongside an orchard, near the hamlet of Elmstone.

No doubt they intended to hunt the small copse and wooded area near where they unboxed, but the sight of a loaded land rover full of sabs from East and West Kent groups may have changed their minds! Instead they trotted a mile or so to hunt the marsh north of Westmarsh. Maybe they thought they could lose us while we navigated the ditches and reed beds, but they couldn’t!

They ended up being escorted around the lanes by our driver until they packed up (gave up) at 7.45, when they vocally pretended to be “hound exercising”… which of course needs quads of terrier men with dogs and digging equipment. Your fooling nobody. Unfortunately it is a different story during the week when hunt sabs are AT WORK, when they hunt till gone 9am, in what can only be described as pre ban cub hunting...

A great morning's work from both our groups and it is good to see we outnumbered the mounted hunt, who could only muster up 10 riders!

We can't end this report without mentioning the very athletic badger, who tried to race us in our land rover for at least half a mile! A great source of amusement for us in the early hours of the morning. If you wish to donate to our group and keep us out in the fields, you can do so here-many thanks. https://www.paypal.me/EASTKENTHSA.Pics.

Pics below  -  1/ Frustrated terrier thugs    2/  Athletic badger 

  E.KentFHFrustratedterrierthugs8-9-18.jpg E.KentFHAthleticbadgerkeepingsabscompany8-9-18.jpg



Sabs intimidated as Crawley FH hunt illegally at evening meet

8-9-18   Facebook - West Sussex Hunt Sabs    Crawley & Horsham meet at Bakers Farm 07/09/18   After watching the area it soon became apparent the C&H were going out, and sure enough boxes were seen going in to Bakers Farm in Shipley West Sussex for a 5-30pm meet. It was a very unpleasant Friday evening for us and for the foxes we were out to protect. No trail was laid, footpath signs had been taken down and gates to footpaths tied up. Illegal hunting, horses being whipped and the amount of harassment and intimidation we were subjected to has reached a worrying level.

These acts are committed with impunity because we hear all the time from the police "Hunts are acting within the law". What law would that be? It's certainly not the Hunting Act Law, and it isn't the law we were brought up to respect. Is it within the law to have a mobile phone shoved in your face ? or, as one of our female monitors was subjected to, have a large man stand in-front of you so close you can feel his breath on your face?

We lost the Hunt for a while but caught up with them near Trawlers Farm. They hunted until the light began to fade.

Please keep a look out for signs of hunting and ring the Tip-Off Hotline 07443148426. Thank you all for your support, and our grateful thanks to those who have made donations this week. Have a good weekend all. https://gogetfunding.com/west-sussex-hunt-sabs/.


Sabs constrain Fernie FH 6.30 am cubbing attempts - no kills

8-9-18   Facebook - North Cambs Hunt Sabs   Hit Report 08.09.2018 - Fernie Hunt, Medbourne, Leics    The Fernie Hunt were this morning planning to go cub-hunting near the village of Medbourne, just under 5 miles from their kennels at Great Bowden. Fortunately for the local wildlife, around a dozen midlands sabs were on hand to prevent this.


                                    Sab watches cub hunt as the sun rises 

They were found initially surrounding a small wood to the east of the village (Watson's Gorse) in traditional cub hunting style, at 6:30am. Hounds had been sent into the wood, and riders circled the area to prevent the escape of young foxes.

As soon as sabs arrived on the scene however, this game was up. Will Hanson, the huntsman, called the hounds out of the wood and headed away to try to escape. He immediately ran into a second group of sabs ready to the north.

What followed was a repeated circling and drawing of the maize fields to the east of Medbourne village, with sabs on hand at all times, taking the pack away from Hanson and providing a welcome distraction for the hounds at all opportunities.

One local farmer tried to tell us he had no idea there was a foxhunt going on, on his land, just as a group of hounds ran past him and the sound of a hunting horn blew over his maize crops...

Field riders began to get bored of the lack of hunting from about 8, and sabs stayed on hand until we had confirmed that the hounds had been packed away into the van for the day.

What was noticeable today was the appalling state of the Fernie hounds. Many of them had sores, wounds, cysts and welts and we feel that if a member of the public was walking a pet dog around in that state, they would be taken away by the RSPCA fairly swiftly.


                                                 Supporter threatens sabs 

Successful day for North Cambs Hunt Sabs, working in conjunction with Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs, Northants Hunt Saboteurs and Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs to completely stop cub hunting by the Fernie Hunt this morning.

Hunt sabs are all volunteers, giving up their time and money to prevent hunting of our wildlife. If you would like to support our work, for only the cost of a coffee, it would be hugely appreciated ->http://ko-fi.com/northcambs.

Pics below   -   1/  Farmer denying hunting on his land - as hound runs past    2/  Hound in terrible condition    3/  Another hound in poor state   4/  Hound with swollen eye 

  FernieFHFarmerdenieshuntingonhisland8-9-18.jpg FernieFHOneofhoundsinpoorcondition8-9-18.jpg

  FernieFHAnotherhoundinpoorcondition8-9-18.jpg FernieFHHoundwithswolleneye8-9-18.jpg


Fox probably killed in Beaufort FH early start cub hunt 

MFHA Chair Lord Mancroft was among the riders 

7-9-18   Facebook - Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch   Beaufort Cub Hunt 5.9.18 at Alderton Grove   The meet was scheduled for 6.30 but when foot-walkers went in at 6.20 they found the hounds already on cry in Alderton Grove and terriermen ready to stick to them and physically prevent them going off the footpaths. The Hunt went on inside the Grove with one fox glimpsed darting out and driven back in by hunter on foot who ran towards it. This happened close to the artificial fox earth we have previously recorded in this wood. We believe they killed in there as one of the hounds was covered in blood when they came out.

One fox clearly did eventually get out as the pack tore off on cry up towards Acton Turville and then swung round into Goulters Gorse, a small wood. Riders were patrolling the sides and the fox was seen darting out twice and back in, trying to get back to the Grove, with hounds coming out and in after it. At all times foot-walkers were guarded by terriermen and as one attempted to go into the wood she was forced to come back out. The hounds rioted on a deer, were called off that and then pursued the fox out of the wood and up the hedge and over the Littleton Drew road, where we believe it got away but are not certain.

The Hunt then moved over to a smaller wood the other side of the railway. They packed up at 9.15 after succeeding in what was clearly their intention - a full on cub hunt to train the new hounds to work with the pack and to kill foxes. We were completely gutted that we were not able to stop them this time, but we will never give up.



Cheshire FH behave very oddly after get police escort from kennels

6-9-18   Facebook - Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs    Another day, another police escort for a wildlife criminal gang. Today, our friends at Welsh Border and North Wales Hunt Saboteurs joined us at 4.30am to check out the The Cheshire Fox Hounds kennels to see what area they where going to pillage today. Two police cars escorted the hound trailer with the three 4x4s and quads out of the kennel grounds a few miles onwards. After 45 minutes of driving us as far as Nantwich, the Hunt returned to the kennels. At this point Huntsman Jake Oppenheim and Whipper In Jamie Whittles changed their vehicle in an effort to evade the sabs.

The next couple of hours involved several hunt vehicles driving around the kennels like the wacky races. We kept the hound trailer, Jake and Jamie and known terriermen in our sights during this time. With very strange behaviour displayed it is clear they are becoming desperate and the pressure is on already, as they just seemed to be wasting the morning away.

When Hunt vehicles where spotted in Saighton and most notably Whitchurch road, we sent a vehicle to check out the location but no Hunt was found, just shady terrier men in 4x4s trailering quads, they where dumbfounded when we appeared at every corner and where unable to get up to whatever.

It's unknown what shady things the Hunt's associates tried to get up to today but it is certain we didn't let them out of our sight and that Jake is having a hard time getting his new hounds ready for hunting due to sab intervention. Our concerns with Cheshire police are growing with every day, why should our tax money pay for an illegal hunt to be escorted to their crime scene?


Warks FH cause road chaos while trying to cub hunt

6-9-18   Facebook - West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs   VIDEO   Warwickshire Hunt hound chaos cub hunting   Wednesday, 5th September 2018. Broomhill Farm, Epwell    The Warwickshire Hunt WarksFHHoundrunsintopathofcar5-9-18.jpgwere blatantly cub hunting in Epwell on Wednesday. Riders from the Hunt surrounded a maize field next to a road. The result was chaos on the roads. Hounds darted in and out of the maize field and onto the road and into oncoming vehicles. Several cars had to perform emergency stops. One hound may have been hit. Thankfully it walked away and didn’t look like it had any serious injuries. No one from the Hunt stopped the hounds from going on the road. They were too busy filming us (women in pink viz). Several local residents didn’t look happy at the Hunt taking over the roads.

We are very grateful for all the information we receive and all the help offered regarding the Warwickshire Hunt There are many ways to help us. If you are a landowner or local resident and you are willing to let us use your land or have a place for us to safely park our vehicles we would be very grateful.

WarksFHHoundemergesfrommaizeontoroad5-9-18.jpgThank you for your fuel contributions it meant we could attend be with the Warwickshire Hunt on Wednesday. We were also out with them today and filmed them hunting foxes- (Thursday 6th at Napton) report to follow.

DONATE:- . We will be out at least 3-4 times a week. Any donations towards fuel costs are greatly appreciated. Anyone wishing to join us please get in touch - CONTACT US confidentially with any information:- Private message On Facebook, Tip off hotline 07767620767, Email: westmidlandhuntsabs@hotmail.co.uk,   Website.  We have a benefit gig on Saturday 29th September 8-3am at the Wagon & Horses, Birmingham.  FOLLOW US:- Twitter , Instagram ,  YouTube.

Pics above  -   Right,  Hound runs out in front of car - thought was hit  Left -  Hound runs out of maize straight on to road



Blackmore FH cubbers hunt over recently bTb infected farm

6-9-18   Facebook - Dorset Against Blood Sports   Tuesday 4th September    The Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt Meet at Manor House,Hinton St Mary Acting on a tip off we found, with our friends from Wildlife Witness. The Hunt had parked their boxes hidden in the farm's yard. Hinton Estates run the place, which is a working dairy farm, plus shoots, and obviously allows the Hunt access to their land. Having had a bTb outbreak recently and not letting their cows outside. It's interesting to see they allow Hunt and hounds all over their land?

We found the Hunt up behind the Abattoir at Manston, another favourite haunt. They went along the back to Northover Coppice and hunted along behind Meatyards. They then rode round down to near the main road and drew copses behind the line of beehives. All the support (actually not many) were at Stearts Lane - watching and waiting. They all came down the track to Home Farm where they went out of the back to draw a last copse before returning to box up.


We did not hear any hounds in full cry and so are unable to confirm any kills. If you would like to join us monitoring the local Hunts please contact the page.


Fears over Kimblewick FH's hound parade at Bucks County Show

5-9-18   Bucks Free Press    Fears county's livestock put at risk after controversial Kimblewick Hunt paraded at Bucks County Show   It is feared the county’s livestock could have been put at risk of contracting infectious diseases after a controversial hunting hound parade was showcased at a major agricultural show.
On Thursday, thousands of people flocked to Weedon Park in Aylesbury for the 151st annual Bucks County Show – one of the largest agricultural events in the country. However animal welfare charity League Against Cruel Sports has now criticised “callous” show organisers for allowing the Kimblewick Hunt to display at the event – after dozens of hunting hounds were put down following an outbreak of bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) at their kennels in 2016. Hunting dogs are often fed the carcasses of diseased livestock, according to the charity, prompting fears infections could have been passed on to farm animals in the county.
bTb_biosecuritywarning.jpgDirector of campaigns at League Against Cruel Sports, Chris Luffingham, said:- “There is a clear link between hunting hounds and the spread of disease across the countryside, which places both animal health and the rural economy at considerable risk. The organisers of the Bucks County Show, as an event expected by all to treat animal welfare and biosecurity with the utmost importance, must answer questions as to why they allowed the Kimblewick Hunt – which is at the centre of a high-profile biosecurity scandal – to parade. This callousness has placed livestock and the farming community as risk of disease and substantial economic loss.”
The Kimblewick Hunt was thrown into the spotlight in December 2016 after bTB spread through their “dirty, overcrowded and dilapidated” kennels. However show organisers have insisted they adhere to strict health and safety regulations when planning and selecting what events will be showcased.
Charlotte Patrick from the Bucks County Show said: “The 2018 Bucks County Show was a hugely successful event with visitor numbers in the region of 25,000. The show aims to promote all aspects of Agriculture and Rural Life to the public and at all times we adhere to Environmental Health and DEFRA bio-security regulations.”
A spokesman from the Masters of Foxhounds Association said the Kimblewick Hunt “behaved properly and reasonably” at every stage of the bTB outbreak and subsequent investigation. A statement issued on behalf of the Hunt added: “The Animal Plant & Health Agency and Public Health England were immediately informed when the bTB was identified, but no restrictions were imposed. Nevertheless, the Kimblewick immediately suspended hunting and imposed strict bio-security measures around the Kennels, and the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) assembled a panel of vets and scientists, including representatives from APHA, and experts from the Royal Dick Veterinary School, Edinburgh University to advise on the best way to respond to this outbreak. Their advice was closely adhered to throughout.

Sabs ensure no cub kills for York & Ainsty S FH

5-9-18   Facebook - Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs   Late hit report from last Saturday [1/9]    After tip-offs from concerned locals, we travelled north with our friends West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs to visit the York and Ainsty South Foxhounds who where attempting to train their new influx of hounds by killing fox cubs near the village of Cliffe, close to Selby.

"Cubbing" as it is known, for those of you who don't know, is hunting's dirty little secret. Historically the hunt go out at dawn and surround woods, copses and maize fields with riders, then send the hounds in, to give them one of their first tastes of killing foxes. If the terrified cub breaks cover the riders are strategically placed to scare it back in. The idea is not a long chase as in normal hunting but to achieve kill after kill quickly.

When we arrived the Hunt were holding up a maize field, the hounds rioting in the dense crop. We took the opportunity to call the hounds to us with some nifty voice calls and horn work. The Hunt moved off across recently harvested corn fields, scaring two hares up as they did, one of which was only saved by quick acting sabs, hounds snapping at its heels.

After that the Hunt attempted to slow our vehicles down by blocking a lane pretending to look for a hound which didn't exist. Sigh. They packed at 0920am, trailing back to their meet. Sabs went for a cupper tea to celebrate.



Monitors reveal film re. Wynnstay FH fox kill in February

Hunt interviewed under caution - but not charged  

4-9-18   Cheshire Monitors   VIDEO    Wynnstay Hunt kill a fox chased from the Duke of Westminster's estate, 25.2.18  [includes content which some may find upsetting; kill not featured]WynnstayFHBuildingsitewherefoxkilled25-2-18.jpg  On the 25th February of this year, the Wynnstay Hunt chased a fox from the Duke of Westminster’s estate and killed it feet away from workmen on a building site [right]. They then proceeded to use the Duke's private bridge over the River Dee to carry on hunting in another area.

We can now release this edited compilation of an interview with the group of workmen who witnessed the fox being killed, which was passed to the police and who interviewed the hunt under caution (for the very first time). While the evidence available meant it couldn't be taken further, legal costs to the hunt were not insignificant.

The Hunt had met on the now-disused Poulton Airfield on the edge of the Eton Estate, belonging to the Duke of Westminster. From here they chased the fox from the airfield and killed it on the building site in front of the group of workmen. Cheshire Monitors had been monitoring this hunt that day but sadly had not managed to get to the area in time to stop the kill.

The following day one of our team returned to the scene (Chapel House Farm in Poulton) to speak to the workmen. The way this incident had affected them was palpable and humbling. We have reason to believe that the previous Duke, Gerald, was never in favour of fox hunting (though was a 'shooter') but turned a blind eye to it on his land. His son, the new Duke, is believed to be anti-hunting and we are now looking at ways to share this footage with him and to find out if he has any idea what goes on his land.

Contact Cheshire Monitors in complete confidence:- Message us here on Facebook, Text us on 07376 338179, Email us at info@cheshiremonitors.org.uk.

Pics below  -   1/  The kill site. Fox flesh fragments can be seen    2/  One of the fragments

       WynnstayFHKillsitewithfleshpieces25-2-18.jpg WynnstayFHKillsiteoneoffleshpieces25-2-18.jpg


Kent WT accused ahead of AGM protest re. hunter Chairman Bax

4-9-18   The Canary   Wildlife campaigners are taking on a charity for its links to hunting and shooting    Kent Wildlife Trust (KWT) is set to face protests at its AGM – by wildlife campaigners. They claim the chair’s connections to game shooting and hunting make him unfit for office. And they want him gone. 

A storm began in March 2017 when it emerged that Mike Bax, KWT Chair, had been the master of a hunting pack, the Blean Beagles. And in April 2017 it emerged Bax allowed pheasant shooting on his land. Campaigners argued these two connections represented a “conflict of interest” with his position as KWT chair and campaigned to have him ousted. Bax’s connection with shooting is undisputed. 

Responding to the allegations, KWT said: 'Mike Bax purchased Street End Wood, next to his farm, in 2007 at which time the local shoot was already in place. It has continued with his permission but he plays no part in its management, nor does he receive income from it.'

But a petition to remove Bax from his position said:- 'Allowing the shoot to take place in the first place is management in itself. He has the power to stop it and he doesn’t. The petition also points out that in 2016 Bax personally conducted an auction for game shooting. It included a £1,600 winning bid to shoot ducks on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent. This connection has formed a key pillar for the campaign against Bax.

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, told The Canary:- It is deeply concerning that somebody who permits pheasant shooting on their land remains Chairman of the Kent Wildlife Trust, in clear conflict with the charity’s commendable work to protect wildlife and the habitat which sustains it. 

The release of large numbers of non-indigenous ‘game’ birds, which have been factory farmed for the gun, inflicts clear damage on wildlife and the environment. Not only does this invasion of pheasants into the British countryside displace native birds and upset the delicate ecology, but further introduces disease and threatens rare butterfly species. Natural predators including foxes, stoats and weasels – drawn in by the prospect of a ‘free lunch’ – are subsequently trapped, snared and shot. Had Mike Bax permitted the release of equally-damaging mink into the Kent countryside, would he still remain Chairman of the Kent Wildlife Trust? I suspect not.”

While KWT has taken a neutral position on Bax’s connection with the shooting industry, it has denied campaigners’ claims of his long-term involvement with hunting. But evidence suggests otherwise. Mike Bax has been open about his involvement with Blean Beagles. He says he was one of seven joint masters until the 2005 introduction of the Hunting Act. After this, beagling – hunting hares on foot with a pack of beagles – became illegal. KWT said, Bax has had no role in the Blean Beagles’ affairs since then.

Campaigners have provided evidence that suggests this isn’t true. They point to Baily’s Hunting Directory, which began in 1897 and has long been seen as the ‘bible’ for information about hunting packs. It describes itself as 'the best and only comprehensive listing of packs of hounds of all types from around the world.'

Joe Hashman, founder of anti-hunting organisation Hounds Off, gave a speech outside KWT’s 2016 AGM, saying:- 'I have a copy of Baily’s Hunting Directory dated 2006-2007. … The 2006-07 edition clearly lists M W S Bax as a Joint Master. Joint masters are integral to a hunt. They provide financial backing for a pack and liaise with local landowners to secure areas for hunting. Joint masters also join a pack out hunting.' 

KWT stated in April 2017 that this directory “says correctly that… Bax is a former master”. But the 06/07 directory clearly lists Bax as a joint master. The preceding entry in the image shows there is a separate section for former masters. It also lists Bax’s business partner Stuart Sillars as huntsman and joint master. At the time of publishing, Sillars is still involved with Blean Beagles.