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LATEST NEWS on hunting in the UK

Stories listed here are covered in detail and commented upon below -
..... 20th February - Essex Farmers FH invade small farm and shop, chase pets, scare livestock
..... 19th February - Essex & Suffolk FH redcoat can't control horse by busy road - traffic chaos
..... 19th February - Woman abused and mooned by Cheshire FH supporter, others damaged sab car
..... 19th February - CPS drop all charges against Belvoir FH Huntsman after 3 foxes killed in a day
..... 18th February - Eggesford FH kill fox, hunt others, trespass, assault sabs, steal & damage property
..... 18th February - Claim that Princess Eugenie's godmother whipped sab at Surrey Union FH meet
..... 18th February - Cottesmore FH thugs attack sabs with weapons, some injuries
..... 17th February - Group of dogs seen attacking a fox on a road in Middleton FH country
..... 17th February - Atherstone FH sack hapless Huntsman Stuart Barton, say sabs
..... 15th February - Corpses of three badgers found near sett in Beaufort FH country
..... 14th February - HIT say scandal-hit S.Herefordshire FH is to close
..... 13th February - Blackmore FH witnessed hunting fox across road by motorist
..... 12th February - Atherstone FH Director arrested after splitting female sab's head open with crop
..... 12th February - Monitors free trapped Portman FH horse & grateful redcoat + unblock sett
..... 12th February - Monitors save fox from dig out by Cheshire FH
..... 12th February - Lamerton FH attempts to hunt stymied by angry landowner
..... 11th February - Cheshire FH thugs beat up and run down sabs
..... 11th February - Sabs find deluxe artificial earth on Fitzwilliam Estate, see terriermen blocking sett
..... 11th February - Cattistock FH day ends in chaos on coast road - injured horse, stray hounds
..... 10th February - Police finally pass file on S.Herefordshire FH [rebailed] 5 to CPS
..... 10th February - Claims that N-West Hunt rampaged thru gardens, damaged property, injured child
..... 10th February - 3C sab runs as 'clean boot' for 3 Counties Bloodhounds drag hunt
.....  9th February - Police come out and rein in the Wynnstay FH!
.....  9th February - Walker tells POWA she & husband saw fox being hunted on Dartmoor
.....  8th February - Monitors film Beaufort FH hounds hunting fox in a school's grounds
.....  8th February - York & Ainsty FH hounds run on to A1[M] - 1 killed, major traffic delays
.....  8th February - Oakley FH Huntsman smashed my windscreen, says woman driver
.....  8th February - Ledbury FH Huntsman escapes conviction after CPS charging blunder
.....  8th February - Monitors say South Durham FH Huntsman forced to resign
.....  7th February - South Dorset FH Huntsman warned by police over badger sett blocking
.....  7th February - Hunt-inspired plot to strip RSPCA of prosecution powers fails
...... 7th February - Multi group letter urges Leics police to clamp down on illegal hunting
.....  7th February - Pressure leads high-end car supplier to withdraw sponsorship of Old Surrey FH ball
.....  6th February - Sabs upload film of very violent attack by hunt thugs - case dropped by police
.....  6th February - Fife FH caught hunting with no guns - Huntsman lies to sabs about this
.....  5th February - Badsworth FH Huntsman uses horse as weapon then leaves 3 hounds behind
.....  5th February - Cheshire FH hounds kill what sabs suspect was 'bagged' vixen
.....  4th February - South & West Wilts FH kill one fox though sabs save another
.....  1st February - Sabs upload film of Cheldon BH thugs assaults 2 weeks before severe attacks

For stories before FEBRUARY 2017, go to UK HUNTING NEWS ARCHIVE

Essex Farmers FH invades small farm, chases pets, scares livestock

Cat still missing, hens have stopped laying, property damaged

Hounds, chasing 'two foxes', even came into the farm shop

Neighbour says Hunt often invade and have been into his garden 

20-2-17   Basildon, Canvey, Southend Echo    Family pets 'chased by a pack of hounds' as drag hunt causesEssexFarmersFHFamilyaffectedbyhavocby20-2-17CreditBasildonCanveySouthendEcho.jpg havoc in village    FRUSTRATED residents [left, credit Basildon, Canvey, Southend Echo] told how family pets have been chased by a pack of hounds as drag hunts spark havoc in their village. Lee Bell and his wife Bev have run Little Buskins Farm Shop, in Canewdon Road, Ashingdon, for 30 years. Their usually peaceful farm was transformed into a scene of chaos when a groups of dogs charged through the fence - seemingly chasing a fox.

Mr Bell, 43, said: “A pack of dogs came charging onto our land chasing two foxes. The dogs were completely out of control and destroyed our gate and our fence. They ran into our farm shop and then started chasing our cat. It was complete chaos.”

It is believed that the chase started out as an Essex Farmers and Union drag hunt - where a fox-scented rag is used. The hounds are understood to have sniffed out the scene of a live fox during the hunt. The group was contacted by the Echo but did not respond to requests for a comment before going to print.

Mr Bell claims the hounds terrorised his chickens, dogs and cat - who wasn’t seen for several days after the incident. He added: “When the foxes got away, we had to quickly rescue the dogs before the hounds turned on them. The chickens have been scared off their lay which means they are not laying eggs and that can last three to four months, so it is affecting our income.”

Steve Sexton and his wife Jenny have also been disturbed by drag hunts, which are regularly held in the area. Mr Sexton, a care worker who lives in Fambridge Road, said: “It has happened a few times recently. The concern, other than for the foxes, is the welfare of our own pets. My dog became frantic a few weeks back due to the dogs running loose into the garden. Last Friday we had to brake sharply as a number of dogs and horses appeared from the fields into the roads without consideration to traffic.”

Fox hunting was banned in 2005. A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “If hounds pick up the scent of a wild animal, the law requires that those in control call them off. If huntsmen can’t control their hounds, they should not be off the lead where other animals may be at risk.”

POWAperson adds - Needless to say we shall be educating the Editor as to the difference between a 'drag hunt' and what this mob get up to - Hunts using 'trail hunting' as a false alibi to carry on fox hunting, etc.


Essex & Suffolk FH Huntsman loses control of horse by busy road

Sabs threatened and abused by supporters as traffic chaos ensues

Supporter kicks passing car as others fight among selves

19-2-17  Facebook - NE London Sabs   Hit Report, Essex and Suffolk Hunt 18/02/2017   The meet was at Abbott's Hall, Horsley Cross east of Colchester. NELS joined SES, Cambridge and Norfolk/Suffolk Sabs.

We sabbed successfully this extremely aggressive Hunt. The Hunt was constantly on the move, always followed by a significant number of sabs. They were covering a large area but the hounds haven't gone to cry for the whole day. The Hunt and their support were getting more and more frustrated by our presence and started blocking our vehicles, trying to intimidate the sab drivers, driving their cars at foot sabs, trying to engage into physical fights, sexually and racially harassing us as well as threatening us with violence throughout the day. The terrier men kept driving their quad bikes towards us in order to block and intimidate us.

The extreme tension resulted to the hunt supporters fighting among themselves. At some point we saw a Hunt supporter driving his car towards another supporter, who had to jump on the bonnet to avoid getting hit by the car. This all escalated further at about 2pm after one of the redcoat riders - as seen on the video attached - lost control over his horse by a busy road. The Hunt and their support blocked the road causing a traffic jam and assaulted sabs. The support was kicking vehicles, calling sabs f***ing foreigners and behaving appallingly. Sabs were trying to calm the situation down, managed to get away and kept following the Hunt.

Zero kills on the day and even though it was a very intense day we managed to stay calm and sab till they packed up and left. More videos to follow.

Pics below -  1, 2, 3/  Huntsman loses control of horse by busy road   4/ Rider uses her horse to drive sabs across road   5/  Supporter kicks passing car   6/  Supporter to sab 'What we got here? A fucking foreigner. Ha, ha, ha.' 

  EssexSuffolkFHHuntsmanloingcontrolofhorse_1_18-2-17.jpg  EssexSuffolkFHHuntsmanlosingcontrolofhorse2_18-2-17.jpg

  EssexSuffolkFHHuntsmanlosingcontrolofhorse3_18-2-17.jpg EssexSuffolkFHRiderdrivessabsbackacrossbusyroadwithhorse18-2-17.jpg

  EssexSuffolkFHSupporterkicksapassingcar18-2-17.jpg  EssexSuffolkFHSupporterWhathavewegothereAfuckingforiegner18-2-17.jpg 


Woman verbally abused and sab car damaged by Cheshire FH supporters

She subject to horrible sexual remarks then shown supporter's arse

19-2-17  Facebook - Lancaster Huntsabs   Sab report 18/02/17 - Yesterday marked twelve years since theCheshireFHsupportersSomewhereseveralvillagesaremissingtheiridiots18-2-17.jpg introduction to The Hunting Act being put in force and Sabs and monitors are still out in the fields having to do the police's job of protecting our persecuted wildlife.

Lancaster joined up with N.Wales, Cheshire and Welsh Border sabs alongside the help of the Hounds Off team and paid another visit to the Cheshire hounds, who previously killed a fox illegally, and after the violence towards sabs last week we weren't about to back down.

Sabs received a tip-off, again from some of the locals who have had enough of the Hunt trespassing on their property, and that the scattered pack was all over the main road in Houghton. When the first group of Sabs arrived at the Hunt, they were already onto a fox near Snugbury's ice cream farm. Thankfully this lucky fox escaped the blood thirsty bunch.

One group of Sabs was targeted by offensive looking hunt thugs [right] had threats of violence, a female Sab received unwelcome sexual remarks before one of the hunt thugs exposed himself, dropping his pants [at bottom, pun unintended]. The Sabs, left traumatised by his crusty backside, caught up with the rest of the foot Sabs who were nearby covering and the second lucky fox was spotted by Sabs running across a field. Savvy Sabs quickly covered the area and the line of the fox with citronella.

Sabs following the Hunt down the lane in Spurstow were greeted by masked thugs and hunt employees who kicked and punched one Sab's vehicle with force leaving a dent. One even thoughtfully threw a lit cigarette through the Sab's window, while another shrek look-alike spat on a Sab with police witnessing this.

CheshireFHPoliceenforcingHuntingActNOT18-2-17.jpgThere were large numbers of police in attendance [left] who were filming and monitoring what only seemed to be sabs, and police were ordered into fields after one officer declared Sabs were trespassing. Despite their complaints of not wanting to get their boots dirty, police grudgingly followed sabs and the Hunt for a short while before being picked up...

The third lucky fox that the Hunt was also onto at this point was spotted by Sabs, with the hounds in cry, but also managed to dodge the Hunt. By this time it appeared all riders had packed up, besides the Huntsman himself, Shayne and a new Huntsman. Sabs made sure all hounds had packed up at the original meet then waved off the Hunt and frustrated support.

20-2-17   Facebook - Cheshire Sabs   HIT REPORT - 18/02/17 - CHESHIRE HUNT/HOUNDS   On Saturday, we met up with friends from N.Wales Lancaster Welsh Border & Central Lancashire sabs to check in on the Cheshire Forest Hunt but it... turns out they had cancelled and later in the day it was confirmed that some of them had actually gone out with the Flint and Denbigh Hunt... we decided to have a look for the Cheshire Hunt who were filmed killing a fox just two weeks ago whilst the Huntsman was stood nearby off camera who did absolutely nothing to call the hounds off the vixen.

We found the Cheshire Hunt after a tip off from a concerned local came in that the Hunt had been seen heading towards Hurleston, where they were caught by sabs chasing a fox onto land owned by Snugburys Ice Cream. Thankfully this one got away, but with the Hunt still in pursuit of the fox, they were soon onto the scent of another which was seen bolting across field. But sabs were quick to spray the foxes line and a nearby wooded area with citronella which meant the hounds lost the scent.

Shortly after, a sabs vehicle was attacked by a hunt supporter who kicked the car, leaving several dents in the bodywork and a female sab was subjected to some horrendous sexual remarks before the odious fellow responsible decided to show her his bottom...

The police were out in force again, which we don't mind at all but we would prefer it if they were there to keep an eye on the violent hunt supporters, hunt employees and the wildlife murdering Hunt rather than ourselves, as our only purpose of being there in the first place is to try and save the wildlife.



CPS drop all charges against Belvoir FH Huntsman after fox kills

3 foxes were killed in a day - two of them in grounds of a nursing home

Sabs witnessed the other and Huntsman assaulted her & broke camera

CPS says can't prove foxes were pursued intentionally, as law requires

PCC for Leicestershire was out with police on the day

19-2-17  Facebook - Northants Hunt Saboteurs    It is no great surprise to us that we have just been informed by Leicestershire Police that the CPS have dropped all charges against John Holliday, Huntsman with the Belvoir Hunt.

On December 3rd 2016, one fox was killed in front of Northants sabs who did everything they could to save them but sadly were unable to, though they did manage to retrieve the body. One sab was then assaulted and had their camera smashed. On then calling the police it transpired that a further two foxes had been killed in front of shocked staff and residents of a care home [this was reported to the Police and Crime Commissioner, who was out with the police that day]. John Holliday was later arrested and charged with illegal hunting, assault and criminal damage - all of which have now been dropped.

The very existence of the Belvoir Hunt and every other Hunt in the country is 'intention'. They are being caught out time and time again by sabs, monitors and undercover investigators, yet the law does nothing. This just determines our resolve to continue our non-violent direct action to save persecuted and hunted wild animals.


POWAperson adds -  POWA, which has campaigned for significant strengthening of the Hunting Act since before it became law, is also not surprised the illegal hunting charges have been dropped because the CPS are right about the ridiculously high level of proof required. Nonetheless, we are aghast and can't help feeling that police and CPS too often use the weaknesses of the Act as an excuse not to prosecute or, often, not even to investigate. This decision will embolden Hunts even further into hunting at will and will endanger the safety of monitors and sabs yet more, besides making it even more likely their hard-fought and dangerous evidence-gathering will achieve nothing in future. The will of the people and Parliament and the rule of law are all being held in contempt.  


Eggesford FH hunt foxes, trespass, attack sabs, damage radio

Huntsman claims killed fox but told meet were 'hunting within law'

Hounds riot through field with mares in foal - land owners furious

18-2-17   Facebook – Devon County Sabs   Eggesford Hunt 18.2.2017   Blatant illegal hunting, yet more assaults on sabs and criminal damage. That was the order of the day yesterday at the Eggesford Hunt, who met at Burridge Moor Cross, near Chawleigh. Even amongst other Devon Hunts they are now being referred to as drunks and thugs!

Part of this report comes courtesy of local landowners, who have complained that the Hunt were out of control. Our Land Rover is in the garage so we only had the car to ferry foot teams around. This meant sabs spent most of the day on foot, tag-teaming to keep the Hunt in sight...  Hounds never got onto anything in the first couple of hours and Gary kept moving them on at speed, always leaving hounds scattered several miles behind.

Sabs had to witness some unbelievably irresponsible riding, with Huntsman and several riders cantering down steep, slippery tarmaced roads, the horses skidding all over the place.

Hounds were put in at Winswood Moor and began drawing the stream-lined valleys between there and Yelland Moor. A team on Winswood Moor witnessed a fox break not far ahead of the pack. Riders had also spotted it and, sure enough, Gary began hunting the hounds on in exactly that direction. Sabs split up with some covering the fox's scent and rating hounds when they arrived, while others called the hounds out of the valley into the top corner of the field. The full pack was called off the fox's scent and a battle of horn calls ensued, with Gary attempting to take the hounds back from across the valley.

At this point a group of masked thugs came running into the field. Some had been called in from outside the area. They were joined by the Hunt's terriermen, most of whom were also masked-up. Seven male thugs plus two riders surrounded foot sabs in the field. One of them stole and broke a gizmo and another broke one of our radios in the process of trying to wrestle it out of a sab's hands. The male terrierman from our last report attacked a female sab, injuring her hand, while others went for the male sabs in the group.

Sabs were forced off the land by the thugs, but another team had caught up with Huntsman and hounds, who by now were making their way up towards Bealy Court Farm. It transpired that our car team had also been attacked shortly before the attack in the field. Our navigator had been punched in the face through the open window by one of the masked thugs who later joined the thugs in the field, and he also attempted to kick in the driver's window. Police were called, our sab's injuries were documented and she provided a statement. Footage and vehicle registrations are being handed to the police.

At Bealy Court Farm hounds picked up a scent and began speaking. Gary, now on foot, was hunting them on. Hounds were spotted shortly after chasing a fox across a field. Gary later boasted to his riders and followers that the hounds had caught and killed this fox. "At least now they can't put 'no kills' in their report." Not even Gary can stick to his story, having promised everyone at the meet that they would be "hunting within the law".

According to an extremely irate landowner, hounds had been rioting through a field where mares were in foal, with Gary having seemingly no control over them whatsoever, a combination of a lack of skill and a lack of will, and perhaps a bit too much alcohol in his system. Sabs repeatedly insisted he call the hounds off. His response: "Fuck off you fat cunt". The last hour was spent between Affeton Moor and Thornham before the Hunt packed up at Affeton Moor Cross.

This is our message to Devon's Hunts: We won't stop sabbing until you stop hunting. If you call in thugs to assault us we will just continue exposing you week after week for the violent lawbreakers you are. It's no coincidence whatsoever that the Hunts we receive the most tip-offs about are the ones who make themselves unpopular not only with us and with local landowners but also with individuals who are or were once members of these Hunts but will no longer stand for their behaviour.

Pics below -   1/  Fox [towards top right] fleeing   2/ Hunt scaring deer   3/  Female sab threatened by masked men   4/  Female sab being assaulted   5/ Thug tries to kick in sab car window   6/  Pugilistic supporter

  EggesfordFHFoxfleeing18-2-17.jpg  EggesfordFHHuntscaringdeer18-2-17.jpg

  EggesfordFHFemalesabthreatenedbymaskedsupport18-2-17.jpg EggesfordFHFemalesabassaulted18-2-17.jpg

 EggesfordFHThugtryingkickinsabswindow18-2-17.jpg  EggesfordFHPugilisticsupporter18-2-17.jpg


Claim that sab was whipped by Princess Eugenie's godmother

We stopped Surrey Union FH hunting foxes, say activists

18-2-17  Facebook - Guildford Sabs  VIDEO   Sabs ridden into and assaulted today by the Surrey Union HuntSurreyUnionFHLuluHutleyJMswingingwhipatsab18-2-17.jpg   A kill free day and yet again an atrocious turnout - not looking good for this sorry state of a Hunt. Full report to follow.

19-2-17   Facebook - Guildford Sabs   Surrey Union Hunt at Slades Farm, 18th Feb with North Downs Sabs and Surrey Hunt Monitors. With a unusually late meet, possibly to avoid sabs, we followed the hound van from the kennels to their meet, trying to lose us and block us in. Didn't work! The Hunt claimed today was a 'fun day' as Princess Eugenie was apparently in attendance - but that clearly wasn't the case.

While the Hunt looped around a few times in an attempt to lose us, sabs tried to get to the nearest road and were rammed against a fence and then struck with a whip by Lulu Hutley (who is the godmother of Princess Eugenie} [right].

Later on, near Loxhill, sabs found the Hunt on point in a woodland with hounds going in and out of cry. It was clear they were on to a fox. As soon as sabs got there the Huntsman started frantically calling the hounds back. Sabs sprayed the area to make sure the hounds didn't pick up the scent again. (I thought this was a fun day, with no trail layer why are the hounds in cry...)

After only being out for a few hours the Hunt returned to Slades Farm at around 15.30 and after a successful day we went to the pub!

POWAperson adds -  Lulu Hutley - with whip in video, say sabs - is a JM of the Surrey Union FH, as is her husband, Ed. He may be the mounted redcoat in the clip. Ed Hutley is a property developer and owner of the Wintershall Estate. They are said to be close to Sarah Duchess of York, friends with pro-bloodsports 'rock god' Eric Clapton and with various minor European royals.

    SurreyUnionFHLuluHutleyJM18-2-17.jpg  SurreyUnionFHObservedbyactivists18-2-17.jpg

19-2-17   Surrey Hunt Monitors  VIDEO Found 3 decomposing foxes on the Wintershall Estate, owned by Ed & Lulu Hutley, Surrey Union FH JMs. 


Cottesmore FH supporters attack sabs with weapons, some injured

Bird-handler at centre of aggression, swinging length of chain

18-2-17   HSA Press Release   Hunt Sabs attacked by members of Cottesmore Hunt   Hunt saboteurs have been attacked by members of the Cottesmore Hunt at their meet in Burrough On the Hill, Leicestershire. TheCottesmoreFHbirdhandlerattackingsabs18-2-17.jpg attackers used chains [right] and lengths of wood in the unprovoked attack after being stopped from illegally chasing and killing foxes. Leicestershire Police were called and five vehicles turned up. They are currently investigating the incident.

One of the main attackers is a key member of the Hunt, and is often involved in handling the bird of prey [below left], which the Hunt haul around all day as an excuse for their illegal hunting. He used a heavy length of chain to attack saboteurs, not the first time he's been implicated in such attacks.

Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, commented: “On the 12th anniversary of the Hunting Act illegal hunting and violent assaults still occur throughout the hunting season. We're pleased Leicestershire Police responded in this instance but if police forces enforced the Hunting Act CottesmoreFHbirdhandler18-2-17.jpgin the first place then these attacks wouldn't happen as hunt saboteurs wouldn't be needed. The Cottesmore will now attempt to distance themselves from this cowardly attack, but we know that one of the main attackers is a key member of the Hunt and often handles their bird of prey. Saboteurs have also been attacked at the Surrey Union Hunt today and the video of this incident will further add to the hunting community's terrible reputation.”

18-2-17    Facebook – S.Cambs Sabs     Sabs cornered in a wood and attacked at the Cottesmore Hunt today by hunt supporters with bats and chains   Several sabs injured including a female sab battered to the ground by large hunt supporters. Sabs currently receiving treatment for their injuries. Picture shows one of the thugs swinging round a heavy chain at sabs. Police on scene and investigating. More to follow.

18-2-17   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs   We headed north to Leicestershire to join up with North & South Cambs hunt sabs to scupper the Cottesmore's plans. They were meeting south of Melton Mobray close to Burrough on the Hill... we joined with our Cambs comrades and got straight into action. The Cottesmore claim to use the bird of prey exemption which is quite frankly a nonsense. The Bird was hardly seen all day while they were blatantly and openly hunting. The hounds were in and out of cry all day, with sabs always on hand to rate them using voice, horn or gizmo. Several foxes were seen to safety.

We also noted at least 5 large badger setts had been filled in to stop the foxes escaping. Where possible we opened up some holds to allow our stripey friends to escape. Block badger setts is a crime under the protection of badgers act 1992.

After second horsing. we got back on to the hunt and shortly after this we got an emergency call from the foot sabs from Cambs Sabs, who were under attack from masked up hunt support carrying chains and lumps of wood. We got to the scene as quick as we could, but some sabs had already been assaulted and bore the scars of the assaults committed by these cowards. As we arrived the bullies saw the extra numbers and decided to beat a hasty retreat but not before one nutter continued to attack, violently swinging a chain.

Police were called and arrived with 5 vehicles including a riot van. Statements will be taken and video evidence submitted and we hope for a successful conviction. We have already identified the main culprit and this information will be passed to the police.

The Huntsman Andrew Obsborne was his usual arrogant self and clearly annoyed we'd thrown a 3 sab group sized spanner in his plans. Hunt master Nicholas Leeming seemed little concerned for the injuries and the disgraceful behaviour of those who followed his Hunt. The Hunt packed up just after 4pm. Cambs sabs went to on A&E to get checked out while we returned and unblocked the setts we weren't able to earlier. A tough day but no kills. Huge respect to our friends at North and South Cambs Sabs who we work so well with.

To the Cottesmore - We won't accept this and we will be seeing you again very soon.


19-2-17   Daily Mail    Huntsman launches foul-mouthed rant at saboteurs after 'trying to attack them with a metal chain' - The video footage shows man launching a foul mouthed tirade at protesters - Allegedly threatened animal rights activists, Beds and Bucks Hunts Saboteurs - Narrowly missed female protester's head as he swung a metal chain at them    In the clip filmed during a meeting of the Cottesmore Hunt in Owston, Leicestershire yesterday, an outraged man can be seen launching into the foul-mouthed attack while appearing to swing at protesters with a metal chain. The video was filmed by the Beds and Bucks Hunts Saboteurs, who claimed a number of attackers used chains and wood as campaigners tried to stop them chasing and killing foxes. Members of the Beds and Bucks Hunts Saboteurs said the man marched out of nearby woods towards the group, saying: 'All of you, yeah. Come on, then'.

The raging man shouts at one protester: 'I was run over by one of your f***ing mates.' He replies: 'I wasn't doing anything, mate. Put it down. Put it f***ing down.' The man was said to the square up to another protester in a mask, saying: 'Come on, then. You big hard boy.' A spokesman for Beds & Bucks Hunt Saboteurs said: 'Police were called and arrived with five vehicles including a riot van. Statements will be taken and video evidence submitted and we hope for a successful conviction.'

A spokeswoman for Leicestershire Police said: 'Police were called at around 2.50pm to Whatborough Road, Owston, following a report of a disturbance involving a number of people. On attendance, a man reported an assault to officers. He did not receive any medical treatment. 'Enquiries are continuing into the incident and no arrests have been made.'

Cottesmore Hunt has been approached for comment.


19-2-17  Facebook – S.Cambs Sabs   Hit Report 19/02/2017 Cottesmore Hunt, Burrough on the Hill, Leics   … the Hunt headed straight into one of the areas sabs had pre-sprayed. One fox was immediately seen ro safety, and due to the sabs earlier efforts, the hounds were unable to pick up a scent for long. Sabs were able to use voice calls and horn to further distract the hounds, despite the Huntsman very clearly using distinctive bellowing calls to hunt them on.

The Hunt had a bird of prey with them, in a bid to use the bird of prey exemption to hunt - however the Eagle was only seen once all day. This was in a field, at least half a mile away from the Hunt, and the distraught bird was being cruelly swung around upside down while it flapped it's wings in a desperate attempt to fly while tethered to the bird handler. CottesmoreFHbirdhandlerattckingsabs2_18-2-17.jpg

The day continued on in the same manner - sabs on the Hunt and successfully blocking the determined Hunt's every attempt to kill wildlife.

This kill free day clearly frustrated the Hunt and their support to such an extreme extent that the violence we reported yesterday ensued.

A small number of sabs was cornered while attempting to leave a wooded area on a footpath, and blocked in by hunt supporters brandishing weapons. Several sabs were repeatedly punched, including a female sab who was punched to the ground. The attack was totally unprovoked and during the entire attack sabs attempted to walk away and did not reciprocate any violence.

Numerous police vehicles attended, including armed police, a dog unit and a helicopter. The first officers on the scene were unsympathetic to say the least, and more interested in our views on hunting than on the assault. Luckily, officers more experienced with hunting laws were soon on the scene and we were able to show them video evidence of the incident. Investigations are ongoing and we will update you further as soon as we are able to. Solidarity with the other sabs groups who have also experienced violence this weekend.

Pics below [both 18/2/17] -   1/ Bird handler with eagle     2/   Sab unblocking badger sett 

   CottesmoreFHBirdhandlerwitheagle18-2-17.jpg   CottesmoreFHSabunblockingsett18-2-17.jpg


Group of dogs seen attacking fox on road in Yorkshire

17-2-17   Yorkshire Post   Did you see pack of dogs attack a fox?   Police are trying to trace the owners of several dogs seen attacking a wild fox. The incident happened on the B1249 between Foxholes and Staxton Hill, near Scarborough. Several motorists stopped at the roadside when they spotted the fox being mauled at around 1.40pm on Thursday. Police are keen to speak to the witnesses, including the driver of a Sainsbury's van who is believed to have been the first to stop. If you can provide information, contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 or email neil.cholmondeley@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk. Quote reference number 12170026974.

POWAperson adds - Though not specified, it seems highly likely the dogs were fox hounds. The location appears to be well inside the country of Middleton FH [POWA has since learned they met just 4 miles away]. Though Thursday is not one of their normal hunting days, they do specify it as a 'bye day', i.e. one on which they sometimes hold unscheduled hunts. Anyway, I've written to the police and the paper suggesting they might look at the Middleton for this and reminding them of that Hunts record over recent years, which is below


They last hit the headlines in late January, when their new Joint Master told a middle-aged woman [not a hunt saboteur or monitor] who was complaining to him about the Middleton's illegal fox hunting, that he'd like to 'shag' her, then asked her to go to bed with him. See the Sun coverage, The Daily Mail and Mirror also ran the story. This apparently resulted in Lord Middleton, who was supposed to be hosting their meet the next Saturday, cancelling.
In early summer 2015 they made national news again when 16 fox cubs were found by League Against Cruel Sports investigators in a shed near the hunt kennels and filmed a man they claimed was connected to the Middleton visiting the shed. The cubs were rescued and no criminal charges ensued. It may be that no actual crimes were committed, but you don't need to be a genius to work out what a fox hunt would want with such cubs. 

Before that, their kennel Huntsman, Barry Andrews, and a terrierman, Lee Martin, were both charged with interfering [on separate occasions] with a badger sett. Hunts still customarily block them on hunting days, even though both fox hunting and sett interference are illegal and they are usually pretending to be 'trail hunting', which would not require earth blocking or the presence of terriermen, who still, almost invariably, accompany Hunts on their supposed 'trail hunts' and not infrequently engage in dig outs of foxes illicitly chased to ground by Hunts. The charge against Andrews was dropped, for reasons unknown to me, and, though Martin was initially convicted, he was acquitted on appeal. The reason? The prosecution could not actually prove that the sett was occupied by badgers on the day in question, though they could prove this for shortly before and shortly after that day. Draw your own conclusion.

In September 2014, it was reported that the Joint Master and Huntsman Tom Holt had been summonsed for illegal hunting. I don't know what happened about that. But he had a previous conviction.

In August 2013, he, Martin, Whip Shaun Marles and another terrierman Brian Cuthbertson were all convicted of a particularly nasty piece of illegal hunting in which hounds savaged a fox to death, having been charged with breaking S.1 of the Hunting Act 2004 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006.  Despite the film evidence of extreme and wilful cruelty, three were fined a tiny fraction of the maximum allowed [£5,000] and the latter got a C.Discharge. Some deterrent, also given that the offence of illegal hunting is not reportable.  

Even when perhaps not hunting illegally, they don't seem great at controlling their animals. The latest instance was on 28th Jan, when a riderless Middleton FH horse was filmed cantering down a road near Sherriff Hutton.

Troubled Atherstone FH sack hapless Huntsman Stuart Barton

Amateur Huntsman with violent record hired to replace him

Hunt to hold EGM to try to sort out crisis

17-2-17   Facebook – W.Mids Sabs    Atherstone Hunt update EGM and demonstration   Violent Atherstone Huntsman Stuart Barton [right] and partner /groom Jainey Rainey have been given notice and will be leaving the Hunt at the end of the season. Barton was filmed jumping off his horse to attack a sab earlier in the season and has been Huntsman whilst the Atherstone Hunt have been know to kill 5 foxes.

The Atherstone Hunt will be having an EGM in one last attempt at rebuilding the hunt. The main item on the agendaAtherstoneFHHuntsmanStuartBarton3-10.jpg is the proposal to bring in Andrew Frank Smith as a master and unpaid amateur Huntsman. This is the only way the hunt can continue to keep going by reducing its costs and not paying for a Huntsman. The Atherstone are currently also without a Whipper-In and a Terrier-man. The Atherstone's financial problems and lack of subscribers are a result of a persistent sab presence.

Andrew Frank Smith is a Farrier who will be hunting the hounds as his hobby. He has not hunted hounds on a regular basis before, so all the current problems that current Huntsman Barton has of being unable to control the hounds will be even worse. We are expecting the hounds to be out of control over busy main roads and to be chasing any wildlife that moves.

We also hear he is violent and has misogynistic views so will fit right in at the Atherstone. His violent behaviour can be seen in this video from Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs where he jumps off his horse and attacks a sab [pics below] by pushing them into a ditch. This happened whilst he was acting as Whipper-In at the Meynell Hunt. It seems the Atherstone will be swapping one violent Huntsman for another...

It doesn't matter to us who hunts the Atherstone hounds, we will be there because as long as they are loose in the countryside they pose a threat to all the local wildlife. We know everything about this Hunt, the meets, the badger setts and everything else that goes with hunting. The Atherstone Hunt have been in national and local press almost 80 times over the past two seasons, we see no reason that this wont continue next season.

We will be holding a demo outside the EGM at the Odd House Inn at 6:30pm on the 28th February.

    MeynellFHwhipFrankSmithjumpingoffhorsetoassaultsab5-12-15.jpg   MeynellFHwhipFrankSmithassaultingsab5-12-15.jpg



Corpses of three badgers found near sett in Beaufort FH country

Anti group had recently informed police of pre-meet sett blocking on that land

15-2-17   POWAperson has today been informed that this sett is in the Beaufort FH country and that an anti-hunt group recently reported to police that the Hunt had been blocking setts on this land before Hunt meets. The slaughter of the badgers at this place could, of course, be a simple co-incidence and nothing to do with the Beaufort FH directly or indirectly. 

5-2-17    Wilts & Gloucs Standard    Dead badgers found outside blocked sett in Brokenborough  POLICE have received yet more reports of badger setts being blocked in in north Wiltshire. A recent incident of setts being filled in occurred in Brokenborough, where the remains of dead badgers were found on January 31. The police are currently unable to identify who is responsible for this crime. Anyone with information is urged to call police on 101.


HIT says scandal-hit & suspended S.Herefordshire FH to close

14-2-17   Facebook - Hunt Investigation Team   Update on South Herefordshire FH [please share]   In just a matter of weeks the South Herefordshire Hunt will have missed the entire 2016-17 hunting season due to suspension by the MFHA. This was a direct result of our investigation and as far as we are aware has never happened before. We are reliably informed also that the SHH will close as an entity and that they are in advanced negotiations with neighbouring Hunts with regards to an amalgamation. Needless to say, any hunt foolish enough to join forces with the SHH will be watched extremely closely in coming seasons. The 5 accused in the cub killing case answer bail on March 24th.

POWAperson adds - This is what led to the arrest of five persons associated with the Hunt and its suspension by the Master of Foxhounds Association. It is rare for the MFHA to take any disciplinary action against Hunts, but here they obviously feel the SHFH events were way beyond the pale and a threat to the integrity of their 'sport'. Below is another pic, which I've not republished here before, taken by the Hunt Investigation Team at the kennels last May. It speaks for itself. 



Blackmore FH witnessed hunting fox across road by motorist

13-2-17  Facebook - Dorset Against Blood Sports   BSV Hunt caught showing their blatant disregard for the law!  DABS received this information on Sunday from a concerned member of the public...

"Yesterday early afternoon at 13:45 approx, I was stopped in my car on the A352 just south of Longburton. A terrified fox ran across the road in front of me. To the right appeared several people on horse back with clearly the leader blowing on his bugle. Large hound dogs then appeared sniffing and ran across the road in the direction of the fox. Then about 25 more horses and riders appeared. Crossed the road and clearly in pursuit of this poor little fox. The incident occurred about 1/4 mike south of Longburton. A friend of mine reports this is a common occurrence in that locality. I have reported the incident to the police today. The local rural police will be alerted. “

Shame on you BSV.


Atherstone FH Director splits female sab's head open with crop

Later spits at protester then engages in homophobic abuse

Offender is arrested on suspicion of Actual Bodily Harm

12-2-17  Daily Mail   VIDEO    'You just f*****g hit her!': Huntsman accused of hitting a female saboteur over the head with a riding crop before SPITTING at another protester    This is the shocking moment a huntsman appears to hit a saboteur over the head with a riding crop [right] before spitting at another protester [below left]  and calling him a 'gay c***'. Animal rights activists, who captured the footage, say it happened while they were tracking the Atherstone Hunt during a meeting in Shackerstone, Leics, on Saturday.

West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs claim the woman had a gaping head wound glued shut after she was allegedly struckAtherstoneFHDirectorPeterTaroniabouttohitf.sabsheadwithcrop11-2-17.jpg from behind in a 'completely unprovoked attack'. The clip shows two female saboteurs walking alongside riders on a footbridge while filming them on their bodycams. The man is caught on camera holding his riding crop up as the injured woman hunches over the side of the bridge clutching her head [below right]. A rider backs his horse into one of the saboteurs and says: 'How are you, Cathy, all right?' before apparently grabbing her. She shouts: 'Get the f*** off me', to which he replies: 'It's dangerous here. Come on, be fair.' The woman then points her camera at another rider wearing a bodycam and says: 'She's just filmed that'. She replies: 'Yeah, I'm filming you, Cathy.' A loud thump is then heard followed by a scream as the second saboteur walks past the male rider.

The man is caught on camera holding his riding crop up as the injured woman hunches over the side of the bridge clutching her head. He says: 'What? I've done nothing, look it's f***ing dangerous here, you idiot.' The woman's friend marches over to the rider wearing a bodycam and says: 'That camera will have filmed that. You're just turning it off. You f***ers. You just f***ing hit her over the head.'

AtherstoneFHDirectorPeterTaronispitsatsabbeforeutteringhomophobicabuse11-2-17.jpgThe police were called and the woman was taken to hospital. One asks him: 'How do you feel about what you've done today?' The man spits at him twice and tells him to 'f*** off', to which the saboteurs asks: 'Why did you just spit on me?' The man then leans out of the cab, shouting: 'Get that camera off me. Come on, you f***ing idiot, get it off. You f***ing gay c***.' Incredibly, he then calls a police officer for help, asking: 'Officer, you watching this?' The saboteurs asks another rider: 'What do you think about what he did? It's well out of order.' The man replies: 'What did he do?' The man in the lorry then rages: 'F*** off, you little t**d' and continues to spit while the saboteurs calmly asks: 'Will you stop spitting on me, please?'

In a statement on its Facebook page, West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs said: 'Yesterday, in a completely unprovoked attack, a female saboteur was hit over the head with a riding crop by a member of the Atherstone Hunt. Body camera footage from another saboteur shows the female saboteur leaning over a wall with her head in her hands whilst a rider next to her quickly lifts his riding crop up and moves away. After trying to back his horse into the saboteurs he then attacked when they were walking away from him. The female saboteur was immediately taken to hospital to get her injuries treated. At the hospital she had to have the split in her head glued back together [below left].' The group claimed a man had been arrested in connection with the incident.

Leicestershire Police confirmed it is investigating and a man has been arrested and bailed in connection with theAtherstoneFHDirectorPeterTaronihasjusthitf.saboverhead11-2-17.jpg incident. A spokeswoman for the force said: 'One man has been arrested on suspicion of ABH following a report of an assault which is alleged to have happened in Derby Road, Shackerstone, on Saturday 11 February. He has been bailed pending further enquiries.'

12-2-17  Facebook - W.Midlands Sabs  VIDEO  Atherstone Hunt director attacks female sab Atherstone Hunt - Saturday 11th Feb 2017 – Shackerstone    Yesterday, in a completely unprovoked attack a female saboteur was hit over the head with a riding crop by a member of the Atherstone Hunt. Body camera footage from another saboteur shows the female saboteur leaning over a wall with her head in her hands whilst a rider next to her quickly lifts his riding crop up and moves away. The rider in question is Pete Taroni [bottom], who is on the board of directors of the Atherstone Hunt. After trying to back his horse into the saboteurs he then attacked when they were walking away from him. The whole incident was also filmed by Joint Master of the Hunt Sarah Evans, in fact she can be heard on the footage confirming several times that she is filming “That camera would have filmed that” “Yes absolutely” “your turning it off” “its on, its on”.

AtherstoneFHSabsheadwoundafterhitbyDirectorPeterTaroni11-2-17.jpgThe female saboteur was immediately taken to hospital to get her injuries treated, at the hospital she had to have the split in her head glued back together. The incident was witnessed by an independent member of the public who was out walking at the time.

Later that day, when confronted about what he had done, Taroni then starts spitting at another saboteur and uses homophobic language.

Leicestershire Police seized several riding crops and a man was arrested and taken into custody in relation to the incident. The body camera footage from Sarah Evans was not taken, we hope she will cooperate fully with the police in handing it over.

This is yet another attack by the Atherstone Hunt on a female and comes only weeks after one of their supporters was given a conditional caution for his sexist language. Sexism and misogamy seem to be a deeply rooted problem at the Atherstone Hunt and the wider hunting community in general. From the followers and supporters, all the way up to the Hunts directors, there seems to be a real bigotry and hatred towards women.


The incidents were also reported in the Sun and the Metro.


Monitors rescue trapped Portman FH horse and grateful redcoat

Also earlier unblocked a badger sett - reported to police

12-2-17   Facebook - Dorset Against Blood Sports   DABS help to free a trapped horse!! Portman Hunt, Larmer Tree 11/2/17   On a snowy morning, we found the Portman meeting [right] at the mystical Larmer Tree. Most of the day was spent in Wiltshire on the Rushmore Estate. The Meet was well attended by 47 riders,terrier men and quads. Canapes were served.. delicious.

We had both overt and covert monitors and were able to follow the Hunt round all day. They hunted around Rookery Coppice over to Half Hide Coppice and then through Minchington Downs right up to Brooks Coppice. Under observation we saw them go into Monks Arundell Coppice, where we found a blocked multi entrance badger sett.PortmanFH11-2-17.jpg Fresh spade marks and quad tracks indicated this was done earlier on in the day. Holes were unblocked and the location was reported to the Police.

The hounds were heard in cry in these woods... quite a short burst and no horn to indicate a kill. The Hunt spent ages in these woods with riders on point surrounding them... no evidence of trails being laid.

We then observed a redcoat come over a hunt jump on our left up ahead followed by another horse. The hunt jump was just cut out of the hedge and two simple wooden rails, the second horse dropped a back foot into the middle of the jump, causing him to trap his foot in stock wire and barbed wire, leaving his back leg suspended in the air. He was unable to move.

We pulled over, jumped out to help. The rider had been left alone and was unable to hold the horse and free his foot. So we took the horse's head and calmed him down whilst the rider tried to free the foot but it was too tight. The rider started to panic when he realized how bad the situation was. We had to be quite sharp with him to calm him down so that he wouldn't panic his horse and possibly cause serious injury to himself and potentially us. He was very distressed and tearful, he kept thanking us for helping.

Eventually, another redcoat arrived on his horse with wire cutters, As soon as the foot was free, we realised the horse was still stuck in the hawthorn and we had to gently bring him forward until he was able to free himself. We checked the horse for injury but he appeared OK. The second rider then insisted that the fallen rider get back on his horse, but it was clear to everybody that he was lame. If we hadn’t been there he would perhaps have been made to carry on, but we insisted he call it a day and take the horse home. As he rode past us he thanked us again for our help. Riders then trickled off back to the meet and no boxes were left when we checked later.


Monitors save fox from dig out by Cheshire FH

12-2-17   Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    It was a very mixed day yesterday. As we said before we were with the Cheshire Hounds (who killed the fox on film last week) who met at Cholmondely Castle. While we were watching exits to the castle grounds (to make sure the hunt didn't sneak out to hunt unseen) we found out that Sabs hadCheshireFHhoundsmarktoground11-2-17.jpg been attacked at the meet, were okay (thank goodness) but were giving statements.

This left us to follow the Hunt, which we did. Including catching them put a fox to ground [right]. We made sure we stopped them hunting that fox by walking in filming it all and the Huntsman took the hounds and rode off. When (a second later) the terriermen turned up to dig out the fox their faces were a picture ;)

At this point we noticed a big black 4x4 (that none of us recognized) full off masked up hunt thugs that we also didn't know. It looked like the hunt had bought in extra thugs. Even masked up you know who's who on a hunt when you need to! Fortunately we were left alone all day, although the atmosphere was much more tense than usual. Anyway we kept the hunt moving all day, although huntsman Shayne Francis didn't seem his normal 'Cocaine Shayne'. Subdued would be the term.

There were 2 Police riot vans and at least 2 Police cars that seemed to be allocated to this event all day. We watched Police riot vans dispersing quads and supporters just by driving off road into areas they thought they were safe! Then we arrived home to find out that this was Shayne Francis's last day as huntsman with the Cheshire Hounds Hunt. Hooray!


Lamerton FH attempts to hunt stymied by angry landowner

Sabs say were grabbed and threatened by terriermen

12-2-17   Facebook - Devon County Sabs   Lamerton Hunt 11-2-2017    Yesterday, we paid a long overdue visit to the Lamerton Hunt, who met at Hunt Master Moyse's home at Swaddledown, near Bratton Clovelly. They started with a field of 7 riders plus redcoats, which was quickly reduced to just 3 riders plus Huntsman and the two Masters. We spent the first hour watching from various vantage points in the freezing cold (and snow!), while Huntsman LamertonFHHuntandsabs11-2-17.jpgDavid Lewis took hounds into the interconnected valleys south, west and north of the meet.

They drew blank until they got to the area around Redstone. Here hounds began speaking on a line and by the time the Hunt reached the area between Voulsdon Cross and Swaddledown hounds were in full cry. Several deer were seen fleeing across the fields. We also spotted a fox break ahead of the pack, run upwind across fields and then unfortunately back into the valley where the hounds were. We covered the fox's scent and waited for hounds to arrive. Fortunately, they lost the scent and were moved on by Huntsman Lewis.

We could hear quadbikes enter the copse where hounds had just been and went closer to check what they were up to. Here we were confronted by masked terriermen Steve and Wayne, along with master Moyse and whip Gareth [left and right]. One sab was grabbed and held by the hood of her jacket and another was pushed and shoved. Moyse threatened that he would "get wild" if we didn't leave. While we wereLamertonFHMaskedterriermenhavingchatwithsab11-2-17.jpg being escorted off the land, out came the usual excuses for why the terriermen were out with the Hunt: "we happen to be out when the Hunt are out", "we have to kill foxes to protect ground nesting birds" etc etc...

Having not been able to check the copse, we headed back out to the road and found another way back in while our other sabs kept tabs on the rest of the Hunt. Sadly we found a dug-out badger sett at the edge of the woods, completely obliterated some months ago. Perhaps this is what they were trying to hide. The area where there had previously been a sett was covered in craters that were now filled with leaves but still showed very obvious spade marks, old spoil heaps and signs of repeated historical persecution. We later reported this to the police and will be following it up with them.

Terriermen had already left the woods and caught up with the rest of the Hunt, who had moved on to Brocks Moor Field. Hounds were entered into a patch of dense scrub, definitely not somewhere anyone could have 'laid a trail'! Riders were strategically positioned around the covert, very clearly acting on point (in case the 'trail' is seen breaking from the covert??). Hounds had picked up a line and headed north towards Lower Brockscombe Farm where they entered another long, wooded area to the north. They were in cry by this point and Lewis had joined them on foot.

What transpired next was quite refreshing to witness! The landowner joined Lewis in the copse and could be heard shouting at the top of his lungs for the Hunt to "get the f*** off" his land. "NOW!" Lewis was forced to leave, muttered something to Moyse about the landowner being a loony, and rode off along the road to the west, taking only two-thirds of the pack with him. He was almost a mile away before he stopped to gather the rest, who wouldn't have been able to hear his calls at that distance.

LamertonFHHoundslookingforsomelurv11-2-17.jpgSome of us stayed behind to keep an eye on the stragglers, who had begun hunting on their own as a small pack. One sab saw a flash of brown crossing the road and hounds could be heard not far behind heading in that direction. Normally we wouldn't do the Huntsman's job of gathering his straggler hounds, but a small group of hounds can kill a fox on their own, and being so close to the road they were also at risk of being run over. We called the stragglers towards us and Lewis eventually came round to pick them up.

The Hunt finished by drawing the River Wolf valley. Hounds picked up a scent in the woods but we made the decision not to call them, as the risk of calling them onto something was too great. Hounds were pulled back out of the valley before they reached Southweek Wood and Lewis avoided an embarrassing repeat of the incident from a few seasons ago when hounds went rioting through Roadford Lake Nature Reserve. They headed back to the meet via Redstone and packed up.

We want to say thank you to everyone who has contacted Devon & Cornwall Police over the past few weeks to complain about their handling of several assault investigations over the past year. The Hunt called the police yesterday, although hunt support later accused US of wasting police time! We want to commend the 5 officers who attended for their impartiality and the interest they took in our welfare as well as the dug-out badger sett. We took the opportunity to remind them that we wouldn't need to be out on a freezing cold Saturday if the police took steps to enforce the Hunting Act, rather than turning a blind eye to the serious wildlife crime that goes on all over the country multiple times each week.


Cheshire FH thugs beat up and run down sabs while police look on

Sabs say Huntsman who let hounds kill fox last week has been sacked

11-2-17   Facebook – N.Wales Sabs   Cheshire Hunt - Hit report 11/2/17   Sorry for the late report but this is due to legal reasons. On Saturday Feb 11th we joined Cheshire, Lancaster, Manchester and W.Yorkshire Sabs to visit the Cheshire Hunt who had killed a fox in front of sabs the previous week and have since had a lot of media attention.

Sabs made their way to Cholmondeley estate where they could see a large gathering at the meet. Also it had been pointed out that two police riot vans had been seen parked up 5 minutes away from the meet. Sabs entered the estates grounds but were soon accosted by hunt supporters who immediately resorted to attacking sabs. Sabs were pushed punched put in headlocks and driven at by a mule type buggy [right], at one point the buggy drove into a sab [below left] right in front of the police who true to form did nothing. One of the most disturbing parts about thisCheshireFHSabsdrivenatbysupport11-2-17.jpg was when the support were attempting to set a dog onto the sabs. Luckily, some of the perpetrators are well known to the police for numerous reasons. Despite this sabs did an excellent job and were with the Hunt for a while until the Hunt had moved on and sabs returned to their vehicles.

At which point sabs had noted the black 4x4 we had heard was in the area as the Hunt had hired in some extra thugs. More police seemed to be turning up, we presume to watch sabs get a kickin'.

Sabs had again located the Hunt just off a dead end road so sabs went on foot along a public footpath to try catch up with the Hunt who were now already a couple of fields ahead. Sabs were soon joined in the field by a 4x4... sabs stuck to the task and continued up the footpath. At which point a helicopter when over we presume more police. As sabs walked the footpath, they came to a big gathering of masked up terrier men on quad who started with verbal abuse then pushing on of the sabs as he climbed over the stile all this despite clearly being on a footpath.

CheshireFHSabknockedoverbysupportonquad11-2-17.jpgSabs moved on the the terrier men followed on quad and now there were more following on foot too. Quads were drove at sabs as sabs had to dodge out the way. sabs were now trying to head for the nearest road. This is the point it got really violent. Masked supporters were shouting at sabs then a sab was hit by one of the quads to the joy of the terrier men (see video). Sabs jumped over the fence only to realise the masked terrier men and hired thugs still had two sabs down on the ground and were kicking them in the body and in the face. The sabs finally got up and exited the most direct way back to the road in Ridley. at which point the police turned up followed by an ambulance. Two of the sabs suffered facial injuries and needed treatment. Still at this point the police took no action. The Hunt had moved back towards Cholmondeley castle. And the Hunt Master was seen talking to the police back near the meet.

On returning home it was good to hear that monitors who had also been out in the area had managed to stop a dig out after the Hunt had chased a fox to ground.

Later we discovered the Huntsman Shayne Francis had been sacked by the Hunt following the footage of him killing a fox the previous week, and this had been his leaving doo. Obviously we expect the Hunt to deny his sacking but who quits with only a couple of weeks of the season to go.

The footage  is just a small part that we can release at this time.


Sabs find deluxe artificial earth on the Fitzwilliam estate

Then see Fitzwilliam FH terriermen blocking a badger sett - reported to police

11-2-17    Facebook – N.Cambs Sabs    HIT REPORT 11/02/2017 Fitzwilliam FH     North Cambs Hunt Sabs, joined today by the ever supportive and skilful S.Cambs Sabs, hit the Fitzwilliam Hunt [below right] in the rolling misty countryside around Great Gidding, south of Peterborough. Acting on intelligence gained from a local, sabs set out several hours before the hunt to reconnoitre and pre-spray known likely copses and spinneys. At a small woodland area to the east of Great Gidding, a network of artificial earths were found, arranged in a star patternFitzwilliamFH11-2-17.jpg covering around forty square feet and with four separate entrances [one in pic, below left] leading to a central point. Now why would land OWNED by the Fitzwilliam Estate have artificial earths on it we wonder. Maybe they'd like to message us and explain.

As sabs were investigating a quad with terrier men was seen making its way across the field to the east. Two terriermen, totally unaware sabs were watching from feet away, dismounted and proceeded to block in, with spades, a large badger sett. This was still well before the hunt was due to set off and was clear evidence of planned illegal hunting later in the day. Video footage was taken and the incident has been reported to the Cambridgeshire Police Rural Crime team. Sabs waited until the coast was clear, and then immediately set to work in their own terrier-like fashion digging the setts clear again, the Hunt’s twisted enjoyment spoiled for another day. With several copses pre-sprayed, artificial dens re-arranged, and badgers set free from their sleeping prison, it felt as though a full day's worth of sabbing had already been done - before the Hunt set off..

When the Fitz’ finally departed from The Fox And Hounds in Great Gidding, sabs were on them from the off. With a field of around fifty riders, approximately thirty hounds, four redcoats, some rather unmenacing looking terrierman and the usual bird man in tow. Slimey Simon repeatedly dragged up and down the same fields and hedgerows heading to Flittermere Gorse and Cow Pasture Gorse (both pre sprayed). Hounds went into cry but thanks to being unable to find any scent other than citronella 2 foxes were seen to safety. The Hunt moved north and took off at speed towards Lutton.

After a short break, where much of the field dispersed (presumably exhausted after their two hours sat on a horse) the hunt took off at speed again towards Papley Coppice, a known previous favourite killing field of this group. Sabs set off in pursuit and were joined by Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs on foot. Sabs in numbers covered the wood to the east, west and pushed through the centre. Hounds were called out of the woods using the gizmo, onto an area of pre-sprayed field where they lost all scent lines. Foot sabs had dealt with thankfully very little aggression from the FitzwilliamFH1of4entrancestoAEonFitzwilliamEstate11-2-17.jpgHunt and field throughout the day, although predictably the support drew the usual six toed bumpkins who thought shouting and raving at our Wildlife Warriors would draw a rise. Wrong. The sabs had places to be and animals to save.

By this point the Hunt had covered several miles, with sabs in constant visual range and spraying ahead of the hounds. Terriermen on quads were seen to visit dilapidated farm buildings and drive out at speed with something hidden in their rear container. Fearing the introduction of a bagged fox to the proceedings, teams anticipated the next move and returned south. Keeping on top of the hunt, by reverting to running when support traffic blocked in the vehicles, teams were able to keep a close citronella-fuelled watch on the last hurrah of the day when the hunt attempted to flush hounds through Sawtry Gorse.

With the light slowly fading from this kill-free day, mist and fog barely lifting at all at any time, the round-up call of the horn was heard echoing across the fields. Riders began to melt away back to their damp burrows, ready to emerge another day. The Fitz’ packed away and disappeared home with their tails between their legs, having been the subject of a thorough and solid days sabbing from North Cambs, South Cambs and Beds & Bucks. Before the day was done, the damaged sett from earlier in the day was revisited, checked, and properly recorded for the police report.

POWAperson adds - The Huntsman and a terrierman from the Fitzwilliam are awaiting trial on Hunting Act charges following the killing of a fox on New Year's Day, 2016. The trial will start on 26th April, unless the Hunt side's lawyers employ further delaying tactics. 


Sab has dip before helps stop Pevensey Marsh Beagles hunting hares

11-2-17    You Tube – South Downs Sabs   Sab stops for a dip before helping to stop the Pevensey Marsh Beagles hunting hares. 



Cattistock FH day ends in chaos on coast road

Hunt horse badly hurt, hounds straying all over 

Several foxes hunted but thought no kills

11-2-17   Facebook - Dorset Sabs   Hit Report 11/2/17  Cattistock Hunt meeting at Higher Farm, Rodden  Today we split into two teams as one team wanted to pay a visit to the South Dorset Hunt and we wanted to go and visit the Cattistock. We were glad to have our friends from South West Sabs join us for the day.

We found the riders quite quickly in their usual area. They were parked in a few different locations including the Abbotsbury Swannery carpark, New Barn Farm and Colmers Barn. They then hacked to Higher Farm in Rodden. We arrived while they were still having their drinkies to be greeted by their happy faces, until they realised it was us. This was an unusually large meet compared to recent meets with lots of supporters waiting to see them off... hounds picked up a line and headed towards Kittle Barrow Plantation at speed, where the hounds then turned andCattistockFHCanteringonroad11-2-17.jpg headed off toward Wyke Wood running after a deer, but then changed direction on the line of a fox back towards Langton Herring.

The Hunt monitor then witnessed a fox cross the road at Rodden Ridge, so we hurried on round. Foot sabs sprayed the area as the field cantered up the road to where the fox crossed. They had called the Hounds off on our arrival though.

At that point the heavy boys arrived, pest control Paul and his friend, who tried to steal a sab' s camera....must have needed it to go with the radio he stole last season!... they headed over and onto the reed beds at the Swannery, which is under restrictions due to avian flu! The hounds picked up on a line and headed back towards New Barn Farm. The fox headed into the farm where it got away.

The Hunt then moved on through Wyke wood towards Rodden where the hounds picked up again and circled back to New barn and crossed the road to Ansteys withy bed. At this point, the hounds picked up on a line and left at great speed towards Clayhanger Farm and over the hill towards Portesham leaving the Huntsman and field behind. We headed in the direction the pack went and found them out of control just off the main coast road. Chaos then followed with riders galloping along the road, a badly injured horse and hounds in all directions. The pack was eventually collected, but spilt into two groups heading back to Tithe Barn hunting very close to the main road. Sabs then caught a stray hound on the road and put it in the landy to return to the hunt support, before returning to the field who were in Hodders coppice. The hounds got on a line but were seemed to be called off with the monitor observing them. They rode round the field they were in then headed home at 4.25pm. We are confident there were no kills today.

Pic below - A taste of the Cattistock's spectacular coastal country. Pity they mar its beauty.



Police finally pass file on S.Herefordshire FH outrage to CPS

Five arrested people connected to Hunt have been re-bailed

10-2-17    Kidderminster Shuttle   Five arrested in South Herefordshire Hunt investigation have been re-bailed   Five people arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty at the South Herefordshire Hunt's kennels in Wormelow have been re-bailed until March. A police spokesman said: "Police investigating reports of animal cruelty at a kennel in Herefordshire have passed the file to the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service's Complex Casework Unit (CPS) for their consideration. We will issue a further statement when the CPS determine if there should be a criminal prosecution."

POWAperson adds - As this is sub judice, have to be careful what I say. For reminder what this is about see here. Pics below give a flavour. 

    S.HerefordshireFHFoxcubimprisonedthenkilled1.jpg    S.Herefordshirehuntservantabouttothrowcubtohounds5-16.jpg


Claim north-west Hunt rampaged thru gardens, child injured

Also alleged Hunt was interfering with badger setts

POWA today received this report via the Badger Trust. We're seeking further information.

10-2-17    Badger Trust    We received reports of a Hunt digging badger setts on New Years Eve. Allegedly the hounds were out of control and rampaging through gardens, damaging property, and injuring a child. Our Crime and Intelligence Co-ordinator reports that the alleged incidents happened in the Stalybridge area of Tameside, Greater Manchester on Saturday 31st of December. It is understood the matter was reported by members of the public to Greater Manchester Police who are investigating the incidents. We are unable to confirm which Hunt was involved or add anything else at this time.

POWAperson adds - Greater Manchester police Press Office won't tell me anything because I'm not o journo and the local media don't seem to know anything about it.


3 Counties sab runs as 'clean boot' for 3 Counties Bloodhounds drag hunt

10-2-17   Facebook - Three Counties Sabs     Late post re Saturday 4th February. The Three counties bloodhounds met at Caradoc in Herefordshire at the heart of South Herefordshire Hunt country. As many will know the SHH are currently under investigation by the police re cruelty to fox cubs. However the point of the day, courtesy of Bryon John (Master of bloodhounds), Anne Brummer of Save me and the hunt supporters, was to watch the Hounds hunt the clean boot. There were 3 runners and 5 lines. We had been invited to attend as the local sab group and our Elaine ran all 5 lines with the other 2 runners. Many from different locals packs attended the meet to see hunting which does not harm wildlife and we hope gave them something to consider as a way forward with no Hounds on roads, no kills, no dig outs, no sett blocking, no trespassing and no sabbing. It was a positive day and we were glad that we took part.


POWAperson comments -  How to make friends and, hopefully, influence people. Got to be better than screaming 'Scum' at them, no? I know there's a fair-sized hard core of irredeemables who are beyond the pale - met plenty of those - but a lot of their support network probably aren't and may well respond better to this kind of thing than to being abused. 


Cheshire police come out and rein in Wynnstay FH!

9-2-17  Facebook - Cheshire Monitors    We also had a look at the Wynnstay Hunt on Tuesday [1/ below]. They were up to no good hunting far too close to the A41 near Broxton.

The police came out very quickly and spoke to the Huntsman about arranging a meeting with him with regards recent misdemeanours. They also checked quads and spoke to some of the drivers about the law with regards quads on the road, see photo of quads on the A41 with pet dogs on the back [2/ below]! From that point on the Hunt no longer hunted with abandon and our monitor was not followed, harassed or intimidated which is what usually happens with this Hunt. Another policeman arrived in the afternoon and followed the Hunt. Again his presence stopped illegal activity and no hounds were heard in cry all day. A successful day for animal welfare.

 WynnstayFH9-2-17.jpg   WynnstayFHQuadwitdogonback9-2-17.jpg



 Walker tells us she & husband saw fox being hunted on Dartmoor

9-2-17   Email to POWA   My husband and I were out walking on Dartmoor yesterday, Wednesday 8th February, when we witnessed something we never expected to see. We knew the Hunt were about as we had passed some of the riders on our,way to the car park opposite Lydford farm shop, where we stared our walk. We walked over Great Nodden, along the old railway track and eventually to our lunch stop among the boulders on Great Links tor.

We had heard and caught glimpses of the Hunt during the morning, but in the distance. Hopefully, they were enjoying the moor as much as we were. We had only been sitting on Great links for about 10 minutes when, much to our amazement a fox ran out from behind a boulder right in front of us and shot of across the moor. A few minutes later we heard yelping and a lone hound shot past us following the route of the fox. For about 5minutes he was totally alone with no huntsmen in sight to control him; then several more hounds, there were about 20 in total, plus 5 riders, came past. They didn't appear to see us. They all rode in the direction taken by the fox. About 300 metres from us the dogs and huntsmen stopped and were looking around. Two riders dismounted and were looking at the ground. We stood up to complete our walk back to the car park, at this point we must have been noticed by the huntsmen. The dogs were called back and they rode off in a disciplined tight group.


Monitors film Beaufort FH hounds chasing a fox in school grounds

Fox spotted darting away from meet - maybe a bagged one?

8-2-17   Facebook – Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch  VIDEO   POWAperson comments - The monitoring group posted a video of Beaufort FH's meet at Westonbirt School [a girls public school] on 4-2-17. It starts with a fox darting across a road from the meet itself [bagged?], though it's very hard to spot on the film. Hounds are then seen chasing a fox in the grounds of the school. Noticing the monitors, the Huntsman seems to make a feeble attempt to call them off. Monitors see the fox run into a small covert. By the time the Hunt gets there, responding to a whistle holloa, monitors are flanking it and hounds are not put in. They think the fox got away.

Pics below -  1/  The meet    2/  Hounds picking up fox scent very close to school    3/  Covert which fox fled to   4/  Hunt rides past the covert

   BeaufortFHMeetatWestonbirtSchool4-2-17.jpg    BeaufortFHHoundsonscentingroundsofWestonbirtSchool4-2-17.jpg

   BeaufortFHCovertwherefoxhid4-2-17.jpg   BeaufortFHHuntridespastcovertwherefoxhid4-2-17.jpg


In this clip, where riders give a monitor a hard time because she's clearly in the right place, a rider effectively admits they are hunting illegally. Berating her for trespassing, he says 'But you're breaking the law as well, aren't you?' Trespass is, of course, not a crime but a civil matter. Below - the field vs a lone female monitor.




York & Ainsty N FH hound killed as hunt dogs cause traffic chaos

Part of hound pack ran on to Junction 47 of the AI

8-2-17   Facebook – W.Yorkshire Sabs   VIDEO   A fox hunt caused motorway chaos and a hound was run over On Saturday January 28th 2017, hounds from the York & Ainsty North Hunt ran loose on the A1(M) motorway around Junction 47 near Allerton Park in North Yorkshire - bringing both carriages to a standstill [for about 45 minutes] and causing severe tailbacks. Tragically, one hound was hit by a car and killed as it ran across the motorway. The lady who hit the hound was described as understandably "beside herself" with shock and grief. As well as causing the death of a hound, the York & Ainsty North Hunt put human life in danger during this dangerous major incident. 

All footage courtesy of Joel David : https://www.youtube.com/user/JazaX

Pics below -   1/  Hounds running on closed carriageway    2/  Police trying to deal with loose hounds     3/  Backed-up traffic on other carriageway     4/   Hunter in field next to A1[M] J47 

    YorkAinstyN_FHHoundsrunlooseonAIMJ47_1killedmajortrafficchaos28-1-17.jpg   YorkAinstyNFHPolicetrytodealwithhoundslooseonAIMJ47_1killedmajortrafficchaos28-1-17.jpg

    YorkAinstyNFHHoundslooseonAIMJ47_1killed_1carriagewaybackedup28-1-17.jpg    YorkAinstyNFHHoundslooseonAIMJ47_1killed_Hunterinfield28-1-17.jpg


Oakley FH Huntsman smashed my windscreen with crop says woman driver

8-2-17   Facebook - Beds & Bucks Sabs    We had a message yesterday from a very disgruntled member of the public who allegedly had her windscreen smashed by the huntsman of the Oakley, Jack Harris. She was going about her lawful business driving her car when she came upon the Hunt who were all over the road in the fading light near the village of Meppershall. She managed to avoid an accident but the Huntsman whacked her screen with his riding whip, causing the damage you see [below]. Luckily she had a dash cam running and the footage has been sent to the police and a complaint made.

It would seem that once again the Oakley are out of control and care little for the safety of the general public as well as themselves and the animals in their care. Jack Harris is clearly a liability and should be sacked immediately. There were several other complaints from locals in the area regarding out of control hounds. We hope the masters will pay for the repairs to the vehicle and expect a full apology to the person in question along with Bedfordshire police prosecuting Jack Harris for Criminal Damage.



Ledbury FH Huntsman escapes conviction after charging blunder

8-2-17   Facebook - Three Counties Sabs VIDEO   Almost a year after he assaulted a 3C sab, Ledbury huntsman Mark Melladay finally had his day in court yesterday. On February 13th last year, during a children's meet in Hartpury, Mark rode his horse at one of our sabs [right] after we temporarily stopped hounds on the scent of a fox.

Initially the police decided to take no further action against him but, with much help from Outpaced, we pushed forLedburyFHHuntsmanridesatfemalesab13-2-16FoundNG8-2-17.jpg a review and, just hours after his son Sam had laughed and commented that we had failed to get him into court, we heard that the case had been reopened. Despite some police from Gloucestershire and West Mercia actually doing their jobs properly, we have little faith in the legal system, so this was a victory in itself.

Mark was found 'not guilty' in Magistrates' Court in Cheltenham and we believe that this is the fault of the CPS. While the assault was not a serious one, it was still an unjustified use of force, but (compared to the usual 'playing it safe' that the CPS chooses to do) he was charged with assault by battery which requires proof of actual physical contact between defendant and victim. While contact was certainly made, there wasn't enough clear proof 'beyond reasonable doubt'. We can live with that, the fact that the CPS aimed too high when they should have stuck with a simple common assault charge... these things happen.

What is starting to become very clear, however, is the fact that Hunts are relying heavily on the fact that many police and CPS prosecutors and judges/magistrates do not understand hunting, what it looks like, tactics used and so on. For argument's sake, let's say that the Hunt were indeed following a trail and that sabs were disrupting this activity... Mark still would not be justified in behaving the way he did. Whether the Hunt were following a false trail or a scent left by a real fox is irrelevant to whether he is guilty of the offence. However, while we were not supposed to talk in court about what the Hunt were up to, outside of the events surrounding the assault, he was allowed to speak about how his Hunt is 'harassed' by masked hunt saboteurs and disrupted from following the false trails laid every time that they go out. With the prosecution giving their arguments first, the defence following with theirs, his solicitor decided that the court should hear some of the context surrounding the incident. Very one-sided. Despite the fact that this 'context' should not have affected the decision of the court regarding the assault, it's very one rule for us, another for him!

He was originally believed when he said that we were holloaing and causing the hounds to run off dangerously down a road, despite video evidence showing that this was not the case, purely because police do not understand 'rating' and the use of whips. It would seem that whatever he says, in his original statements and in court, out-trumps any footage supplied.

In court yesterday, he was left unchallenged, again because of authorities not knowing how hunts work, when he said that whips frighten hounds and cause them to run away and that the use of whips is very unprofessional as the whips are only carried as a 'ceremonial' object. We suggest Hunts across the country save money by not employing whippers-in then, whose job it is to control hounds largely through the use of whips... Despite the fact that none of this would change the fact that the court did not deem there to be enough evidence of battery, it would have undermined the court's idea that Mark was a credible witness. Additionally, being adamant that he did not threaten to rip anyone's head off...

We have had a good laugh about a number of things since (you have to laugh sometimes) and were shocked by other statements made, including, but not limited to:-

- Mark suggesting that it was "probably the next witness" in court (Peter Cooksey) who had been the one threatening to rip our heads off (Cooksey does not recall saying such things).

- Mark telling the court that the hunt only carry whips as a 'ceremonial' thing and do not use them as they are unprofessional to use and scare the hounds.

Mark saying that the hounds have no road sense at all, the video then showing that hounds went on to the road with no hunt support / staff present to slow traffic or ensure their safety, apparently following a trail laid (irresponsibly so then)...

Pics below -  1/  Huntsman to same female sab seconds after assaulting her with horse   2/  Hounds all over road 

    LedburyFHHuntsmanthreatensfemalesabjustafterassaultedherwithhorse13-2-16FoundNG8-2-17.jpg   LedburyFHHoundsalloverroad13-2-16.jpg



Monitors say South Durham FH Huntsman forced to resign

8-2-17   Facebook – N.E. Hunt Monitors   This [pic below] is Garry Watchman, Joint Master with South Durham Hunt. We have reason to believe he has been forced to hand in his notice due to allegations of pocketing money from Hunt funds as well as other allegations the police are interested in.

We would like to think it is because he kills many foxes illegally, but we figure he will probably get away with that. We also know that many of the SDH riders wanted him gone and farmers don't want him on their land.

Unfortunately his son, Gareth Watchman, who also kills foxes, will be staying on as hunt/hound master. However we are pleased to see this cretin go at the end of the hunting season as he is very violent towards monitors and sabs, especially if female. We would like to congratulate him for being such a dick and hated by everyone that he has been forced to leave. Well done Watchman and Goodbye.



South Dorset FH Huntsman warned by police over blocked sett

7-2-16  Facebook - Dorset Sabs   Hit Report - Tuesday 7th February 2017 - Meeting at Farm building along Park Lane, Buckland Newton   ...By the time we had caught up with them they were in Hay Wood on the west side of Park Lane, Buckland Newton. From here they moved to Alder Mead via the church and we maintained a great visual on the hounds and kept them firmly in our sights using binoculars and camcorders. The two horses in aS.DorsetFHHorsesbotheredbyHunt7-2-17.jpg field [right] by the church were quite disturbed by the Hunt coming past. A foot sab jumped out of the landy to check and spray another coppice and found a freshly blocked badger sett. We reported this to the police and a wildlife crime officer said he would be out that afternoon - the Huntsman has been warned about this behaviour!

At this point, we were committed to driving round the circuit and next caught up with the Huntsman, hounds and the field passing Buckland Newton First School just as the young children were leaving school and their parents were trying to get them in cars...

Chandlers Coppice was their next port of call and then they headed north along the road towards Castle Hill. Again we managed to keep the hounds in our sight for most of the time...

The Huntsman then took the hounds to The Hazels area and spent over half an hour in there but again we could keep an eye on the hounds from roads on two edges of this area. After searching New Covert the Hunt headed South towards Newlands Lane and we headed off on another circuit. Clearly the Hunt thought they had lost us with this being a dead end lane but we decided to poke S.DorsetFHTheirBrainsTrust7-2-17.jpgour noses down there. At 16.51 we observed a fox running in the field on our left and it was about to cross the road in front of the Landy. With the hounds in cry in the distance and only two sabs we managed to push the fox back, deterring him from crossing the road which would have meant he was heading straight towards the hounds! We strongly believe this was a bagged fox released for the hounds to chase and this is usually done earlier in the afternoon. The fox then headed away from us in the direction of Sandhills Coppice.

There was a lot of support around at this time [left] which again makes us believe the fox was bagged, because the support were there waiting for the action. With now just one foot sab and the driver the citronella was out in full force and one of the supporters tried to grab a spray bottle from our driver, who was spraying it out of the window whilst the foot sab was doing the other side of the road. He was not quick enough though and the road and hedgerows continued to be drenched in citronella and the fox made it safely away. We didn’t manage to get any footage of the fox because it was very sudden and we with only a driver and another sab by now our focus was on getting the fox away and masking the scent.

The Hunt then headed back to the meet for a 5.30pm pack up. Our day didn’t end her though and we went back to unblock the badger sett - please see live video, light was fading fast by now and in the wooded area it was darker still. There was a rider tending to her horse in the lay-by and, shortly after we started unblocking we had to get back to the vehicle because the hunt servant and a few cronies stopped off to accuse us of blocking the setts in!! We informed them that the police were coming and they didn’t really have much to say after that!

Despite the numerous two finger salutes from the classy hunt supporters and a minor issue with the Landy - which we fixed mid sab - we saved at least one fox and unblocked another badger sett under the moonlight, so all in all a great days work!!

Pics below -  Blocked badger sett entrances 

     S.DorsetFHBlockedbadgersett7-2-17.jpg   S.DorsetFHBlockedbadgersett_2_7-2-17.jpg



Hunt-inspired plot to strip RSPCA's prosecution powers fails

But disappointment there won't be stiffer sentences for animal abusers

7-2-17   Times    RSPCA allowed to carry on prosecuting cruelty cases    The RSPCA will be allowed to continue prosecuting cases of cruelty to animals after the government rejected calls from MPs for the charity to be stripped of the power. The Commons environment, food and rural affairs committee recommended in November that the RSPCA should let the Crown Prosecution Service take charge of the cases. The committee heard a claim that the charity’s inspectors had a belligerent attitude and had been overzealous in targeting pet owners. It said that the criticism had resulted in the RSPCA’s reputation “being diminished in the eyes of the public”.

In a response to the committee’s report, the government said that private prosecutions, such as those brought by the RSPCA, had been “a powerful tool to promote animal welfare”. It noted that the RSPCA had adopted reforms recommended by an independent review of its prosecuting role by Stephen Wooler, a former CPS investigator. The charity has recently created an independent oversight panel that will carry out an annual audit of its prosecutions. Its first report is due next year.

The government said: “We believe that the RSPCA should be given the opportunity to implement the recommendations of the Wooler review and demonstrate its commitment to responding to the concerns that have been raised by the committee.”

Neil Parish [right], the committee’s Conservative chairman, said that the RSPCA’s reforms did not go far enough. “INeilParishMP.jpg think the CPS should take a stronger role on leading on animal welfare prosecutions,” he said. “The RSPCA needs to provide a properly independent review panel for all the cases it takes to court.”

The Times revealed last year how the committee’s recommendation on the RSPCA had been rejected by some committee members but was approved with the support of several with close links to the Countryside Alliance, the pro-hunting lobby group. It has campaigned for restrictions on the RSPCA’s prosecuting role since it brought cases against several Hunts.

Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said the RSPCA should stop operating “as a prosecutor of first resort”. He added: “The alliance has always supported the right of private prosecutors to challenge decisions made by the CPS, but the time has come for the RSPCA to drop its outdated pseudo-statutory prosecuting role.”

JeremyCooperCEORSPCA.jpgJeremy Cooper [left], chief executive of the RSPCA, said: “We are extremely pleased that the government continues to recognise the exceptional role carried out by the RSPCA in investigating and prosecuting those accused of the worst cases of animal cruelty and neglect. “We know that the public overwhelmingly wants us to undertake this role, and we welcome the support we have to carry out our prosecutions work from vets, local authorities and other animal welfare organisations.” Mr Cooper also said he was disappointed that the government had decided to ignore the committee’s recommendation to increase the maximum sentence for animal cruelty offences to five years. Mr Wooler said: “The government has rightly rejected the committee’s poorly considered recommendation. But it needs to go further and establish a proper framework of powers balanced by accountability for the RSPCA’s investigation and prosecution roles.”

7-2-17   LACS Press Release   League disappointed at government refusal to toughen animal abuse sentences   The League Against Cruel Sports has today welcomed the Government’s acknowledgement that private prosecutions are ‘a powerful tool to promote animal welfare’. The charity were however deeply disappointed to learn that the Government has failed to act upon calls from itself, other animal welfare charities and the public to increase sentencing and create a national register of individuals banned from keeping animals.

League Against Cruel Sports CEO, Eduardo Gonçalves [right] commenting on the Government’s response to the report, said:- “Charities like the RSPCA and ourselves have taken private prosecutions because frankly it’s often the only way that those committing animal abuse or wildlife crimes will ever be brought to justice. Those calling for an end to private prosecutions areEduardoGoncalvesLACS.jpg often those who have an interest, such as those involved in hunting – without private prosecutions, illegal hunting is pretty much free to carry on untouched because the police and CPS don’t have the resources to do anything about it. We’re therefore pleased that the government has come to the conclusion that private prosecutions are a powerful tool in promoting animal welfare. The League will continue to provide evidence of illegal activity to the police and we reserve the right to bring private prosecutions where needed.”

However, the charity expressed its disappointment at the government’s response in terms of current sentencing guidelines for those found guilty of animal abuse. Eduardo Gonçalves added: “If we don’t offer a serious punishment to animal abusers then they will continue abusing animals. I spend a lot of my time looking at horrific dog fighting footage as the League is working hard to stamp this out in the UK, but I know in the back of my mind that if we catch a dog fighter, the most they will get is six months in prison – and probably much less. That’s utterly inadequate and would be laughable if it wasn’t so shocking. The League is calling for a minimum of three years for the most serious crimes against animals. In Northern Ireland, the penalty is five years – this came after the public were outraged after a gang of dog fighters who had inflicted some of the worst cruelty I’ve ever seen on animals got away with a virtual slap on the wrist. Do we have to wait for a case like that to happen in the rest of the UK before we do something about it?”

The League Against Cruel Sports is running a petition to increase sentences for dog fighting, which currently has 80,000 signatures. A petition for Finn’s Law, calling on police animals to receive the same protection as their human colleagues, quickly reached 120,000 signatures last year. The League is also calling for a national register of those people banned from keeping animals because of abuse. “I’ve seen too many reports where someone has been banned from keeping animals – then were able to acquire more animals which they then abused,” said Mr Goncalves. “At the moment no-one knows who these people are because there’s no central record. We’re not aiming for a name-and-shame policy, but there should be a central register of those who are banned which is available to those rehoming or breeding animals to help them prevent those animals ending up in the hands of someone who may harm them. We need a solution to this otherwise we are offering these people the freedom to continue abusing animals.”

Two MPs are calling for tougher sentencing for animal cruelty with separate bills going before Parliament on February 24th. Members of the public are welcome to sign the League Against Cruel Sports’ petition for increased sentences for those involved in dog fighting.


26 group letter demands Leics police take on illegal hunting

7-2-17   Hinckley Times  Call made to Leicestershire Police to tackle hunts    A letter, signed by 26 representatives of political groups, societies and hunt saboteurs, has been sent animal rights campaigners across the county are lobbying a new police watchdog committee to take action over apparent breaches of The Hunting Act 2004. A letter, signed by 26 representatives of political groups, societies and hunt saboteurs, including Roger Hill of the Hinckley and Bosworth Green Party, has been sent to the new body. It welcomes the appointment of the Leicestershire Police ethics, integrity and complaints committee but calls for the urgent review of the force’s attitude to enforcing anti-hunting legislation.

The letter references footage and reports as well as media coverage and relevant documents on concerns about hunting in Leicestershire. Most of the issues are over alleged violations by the Atherstone Hunt, which regularly rides across land in the Bosworth constituency, but also the Fernie, Quorn and Cottesmore Hunt. Potential criminal activity described in the letter as alleged by the authors includes filmed and eye witnessed pursuit of foxes, the alleged killing of foxes, terrier work and obstruction of badger setts.

The document reads: “As well as these findings there have been numerous reports about fox hunting and other wildlife crime in general which reinforce the claim that traditional fox huts are complicit in widespread law-breaking that may lead to other types of criminal behaviour. To summarise, with all this in mind, we believe the evidence reasonably demonstrates the intent to ignore The Hunting Act 2004 by Leicestershire’s hunts and that the presence of terrier men, the use of artificial earths, the captivity of foxes and the illegal obstruction of badger setts are clear indicators of this.” The letter also highlights what the campaigners believe are failures by the police to enforce The Hunting Act 2004 as well as bias and disregard of duty by officers.

There is a call for the force to work constructively with hunt saboteurs. “Given that the actions of hunt saboteurs are intended to prevent the potential illegal killing of foxes and damage of badger setts and thus act as voluntary enforcers of wildlife legislation, perhaps a less antagonistic working relationship might be achieved if Leicestershire Police acted to clearly recognise the high likelihood of widespread wildlife crime alongside acknowledging the intent of protestors and saboteurs is to prevent this from happening.”



Pressure leads high-end car supplier to withdraw sponsorship of Old Surrey FH ball

But hotel still accepting their booking for event

7-2-17   Facebook - South Coast Sabs    Great News   Harwood Group (Landrover dealers) were sponsoring the Hunt ball of the Old Surrey Burstow & West Kent. After people started contacting them via Twitter they have withdrawn sponsorship of the event. They can be thanked here. https://www.facebook.com/HarwoodsOnline

We are still asking people to conact the hotel particulary by phone: 01342 714994 Please keep all comments polite and share this as widely as possible. Remember it is not the hotel staff's fault. They are on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/copthorneeffinghamgatwick/   The hotel is part of the Millenium group of hotels and be contacted here as their HQ may not be aware: https://www.millenniumhotels.com/en/hotels/

Please keep us informed of any responses.


 Sabs upload video of very violent attack by Chedon BH thugs

2 suffered head injuries, 1 had fractured skull and eye socket

Police refused to investigate properly or charge any of thugs

Footage clearly shows stolen sab camera handed from huntsman to supporter 

6-2-17  Daily Mail  VIDEO   Dramatic moment a vicious brawl breaks out between huntsmen and saboteurs leaving one protester with a fractured skull - A brawl erupted between huntsmen and protesters in CheldonBHSabhospitalisedbybrokenskulleyesocket2016.jpg South Molton, Devon - Tensions overflowed during a meet of the Cheldon Buckhounds in May last year - Ollie Richmond, 28, was sent to hospital after suffering a fractured skull    A vicious brawl between huntsmen and protesters left one animal rights activist with a fractured skull. [right] Horrifying footage shows a confrontation between two men before a fight breaks out in an area of secluded woodland in South Molton, Devon . Saboteurs claim they were staging a peaceful protest at a meet of the Cheldon Buckhounds, who were out with their dogs, before the incident took place. The shocking footage shows the encounter turn violent after an anti-hunt campaigner strayed from the group. Many others, dressed in balaclavas, masks and camouflage gear - who the protesters claim were hunt supporters - joined the melee.

Protester Ollie Richmond suffered a fractured skull and eye socket trying to protect fellow saboteur Andy Kane, 53, who was allegedly hit with a motorcycle helmet [left and right below]. Plumber Ollie, 28, of Devon, said: 'It has been a traumatic experience and the police have been terrible. They basically dropped the case due to the fact that the CheldonBHStartofattackonsabwhowasheadbuttedbyhelmetwearer30-5-16.jpgguys had a good lawyer and they claimed self defence. It's not self defence if you are beating someone up on the floor. These people absolutely should be charged. If this happened to anybody else the perpetrators would be prosecuted but the police don't like hunt saboteurs. I ran down and my intention was to stop the fight, so I targeted the one who was punching Andy. I shoulder barged him out of the way and he looked furious and about to attack, so I placed myself between Andy on the floor and him. He then took me down and someone else jumped on top of me and started punching me on the ground. It all happened very fast but I remember being on the ground and looking up and seeing fists pounding down on my face. It eventually stopped. At the time I was in shock. I didn't realise what had happened until I started feeling my skull.'

Ollie suffered a fractured skull and eye socket and was rushed to North Devon District Hospital in Barnstaple, Devon, by ambulance. He later underwent surgery to have titanium plates and mesh could be fitted to his skull. Ollie was left with a scar on the top of his head where it was stapled back together and was off work for three months afterwards recovering. The saboteurs claim the attackers were connected to the Cheldon Buckhounds. But the footage shines a light on the frightening battles being regularly fought out between pro-hunt and anti-huntCheldonBHSabAndyKaneafterattackedbyfollowers30-5-16.jpg supporters in Britain. Devon and Cornwall Police launched an investigation after receiving eight crime reports after the two confrontations, on May 14 and May 30 last year. None of those involved were prosecuted, however, threeCheldonBHSabAndyKaneafterattackedbyfollowers30-5-16.jpg hunt supporters received a police caution in relation to their involvement. It is not known whether any members of the opponents' group was hurt.

The Cheldon Buckhounds could not be reached for comment today. Devon and Cornwall Police said: 'Video footage was available to investigators in relation to both events from both parties. 'All the allegations were investigated, witnesses were spoken to and suspects were interviewed in connection with their involvement in the offences. There were no prosecutions as a result of these allegations. However, three individuals received police cautions in relation to their involvement. All the victims are aware of this and the reasons why.'


4-2-17   Facebook - Devon County Sabs   VIDEO   PART 3 of our CHELDON BUCKHOUNDS footage - Monday 30th May 2016    We paid a return visit to the Cheldon Buckhounds, along with sabs from around the country. In the afternoon hounds were heard in cry in the woods. When sabs tried to get closer they were attacked. One sab was tackled to the ground and headbutted by a man wearing a crash helmet. The assailant told the police it was an 'accident'. Whilst lying on the ground the sab was punched repeatedly by other masked hunt followers, who later admitted to their actions but claimed self-defence. The sab sustained head and chest injuries. The sab's chest camera, which had captured footage of the attack, was also stolen. Another sab went in to defend him and was attacked and struck on the head, causing a broken eye socket and a severely fractured skull. He was off work for three months as a result of his injuries.

Devon & Cornwall Police were handed all of the raw footage from five separate cameras, as well as pictures and details of the assailants. What did the police do? They sat on the evidence for FOUR MONTHS without interviewing the suspects. They never took statements offered to them by witnesses and dropped the investigation a few months later. Would they have acted differently if it had been the other way round? In response to complaints this week, police have claimed they are aware other video footage was taken and they would encourage the people who took it to still come forward with their evidence.

To reiterate: We supplied ALL our raw footage. The only footage which nobody has seen is the footage captured on the stolen chest cam, which police never made any attempts to recover, and the footage captured by members of the Hunt, which should have been seized immediately after the incident.

We believe the police's response to these incidents was completely inadequate given the severity of the injuries. Two sabs were hospitalised, one with life-threatening injuries. We have uncovered a disgusting culture of victim-blaming and bias within Devon & Cornwall Police and ask that you continue to demand action from the police. They are currently supposed to be investigating several other assaults our sabs have suffered since the Cheldon incidents last summer. It's time they realised their inaction only creates an environment in which such incidents are likely to occur again and again.

When complaining to the police, please be polite and constructive and cite CR/35678/16 (head and chest injuries and stolen camera) and CR/035671/16 (fractured skull and eye socket).

* Devon & Cornwall's PCC is Alison Hernandez, https://www.facebook.com/devonandcornwall …, https://twitter.com/alisonhernandez , opcc@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk , 01392 225555

* Devon & Cornwall Police: https://www.facebook.com/DevonAndCornwall  https://twitter.com/dc_police, email: 101@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk , or 101@dc.police.uk - phone 101 

Pics below -  1/  Sab trying to pull helmet-wearing assailant off first attacked sab      2/  Camera stolen from first sab attacked passed by huntsman to follower who pockets it

    CheldonBHSabtryingtopullhelmetweareroffothersabafterheadbutt30-5-16.jpg    CheldonBHHunterhandsstolensabchestcamtosupporterwhopocketsit30-5-16.jpg


Fife FH found hunting without guns in place

Huntsman lies to sabs about this

Hunt panics a field of cattle

6-2-17  Facebook - Grampian Hunt Sabs   VIDEO   Fife Foxhounds, Pitloury House meet, 04/02/17   Video from Saturday showing illegal hunting and hunt unhappiness.

POWAperson comments - The video, taken in difficult conditions, is very jumpy. You might want an anti-nausea pill before watching! But it does clearly show - 1/ the panic caused to cattle as Hunt move through their field,  and 2/ The Huntsman using the hounds to 'search' for a fox. Unlike in England & Wales, where a 2009 High Court judgement determined [absurdly] that 'searching' is not part of 'hunting', in Scotland it is. Only if guns are present to shoot the fox as soon as it's flushed from cover is such hunting legal. In this case, there are no guns. The Huntsman lies about this, telling sabs that they are stationed where the sabs had just been. Maybe Scottish guns have invisibility cloaks. The Scottish government is planning to strengthen the Act up there. Let's hope they get it right. 

Pics below -  1/  Cattle panicked by Hunt   2/  Huntsman casting hounds and the field 

   FifeFHpanickingcattleastheychargethru4-2-17.jpg   FifeFHhuntingwithnoguns4-2-17.jpg


5-2-17  Facebook - Fife & Central Scotland Sabs   Hit Report 04.02.2017 Fife Foxhounds - Pitlour House FifeFifeFHhoundssearchingwithnoguns4-2-17.jpg   Foxhounds met at Pitlour House and set off just after 11o'clock little did they know sabs were already in position and ready to take anything they had to offer.

They went up the track from the house riding through citronella on the way as they disappeared from sight they ran straight into Grampian Hunt sabs, They then tried to get rid of Grampian sabs by running straight into Fife sabs! The Hunt then picked up on a fox which appeared to go to ground - luckily enough sabs were on hand to stop a dig out, despite childish terriermen and pathetic attempts at violence they went home empty handed.

Colin Campbell was getting a bit frisky and was obviously looking for a fight luckily for him his wife/partner was on hand to calm him down. The Hunt didn't get a minute's peace all day and no kills a quote from Huntsman Robert Howarth "Please stop interfering with my hounds".

On a side note, we have had 2 seasons without violence . With Colin Campbell and Adam Galpin looking for violence - this will not be tolerated whatsoever. We will defend ourselves accordingly and stand our ground. A great result and happy sabs.

Badsworth FH Huntsman filmed using horse as weapon against sab

Huntsman then left three hounds behind at end of hunting day

One rescued & returned by sabs the other two by a local

5-2-17   Facebook - W.Yorkshire Sabs  VIDEO   Huntsman Mark Poskitt attacks sab with his horse   Yesterday,BadsworthFHHuntsmanrideshorseatsab4-2-17.jpg along with Sheffield Sabs, we sabbed the Badsworth & Bramham Moor hunt, who met near Church Fenton in North Yorkshire. During the hunt whipper-in Mark Poskitt rode his horse into a sab [right], repeatedly and aggressively using his horse as a weapon (see video). Shortly after this, sabs had to free a couple of hounds who had become dangerously caught between a barbed wire fence and a tree. When informed about the incident, Mark wasn't in the least bit concerned, riding off whilst insulting the sabs and again showing how little regard he has for not only foxes and other wild animals, but also his own horses and hounds. The hunt was a shambolic affair, with hounds out of control throughout the afternoon. Whilst packing up for the day at 4 pm, the hunt even forgot about one loose hound and had to sheepishly return to collect it. Sabs managed to keep up with the hounds for most of the day, seeing several hares and deers to safety, and we are pleased to report that there were no kills.

6-2-17    Facebook – Sheffield Sabs    UPDATE ON SATURDAY: In addition to the hound left behind that we mentioned in our previous post, another two hounds were later found by locals near the site of Badsworth and Bramham Hunt's meet. The finders have kindly allowed us to use the pictures attached to this post [2 pictured below]. There were found at around 8pm and returned to their owners. Despite the kindness shown by them, the "gentleman" collecting them was none too appreciative - throwing the poor dogs in the back of his van without even a thank you! For a Hunt to lose three hounds shows not only a lack of control and capability, but a lack of compassion for the animals under their care.

    BadsworthFHHoundleftbehindbyHunt_2_4-2-17.jpg   BadsworthFHHoundleftbehindbyHunt4-2-17.jpg


Cheshire FH hounds kill fox not long after Hunt set off

Sabs believe the victim vixen may have been 'bagged'

Corpse retrieved, to be taken to RSPCA for autopsy

5-2-17    Facebook - Cheshire Sabs  VIDEO    HIT REPORT - CHESHIRE HUNT – 04/02/17    Yesterday we met up with comrades from North Wales, Lancaster and a fair few new found friends for all three of our groups. As soon as we got to the meet we walked on to the farm who were hosting the wildlife murdering Cheshire Hunt and within minutes of being in the field hounds went into full cry on the other side of the farmhouse. We rushed over to find the hounds were now on to what we highly suspect to be a "bagged fox" in a fairly deep area of water surrounded by a barbed wire fence bushes and lots of brambles [right]. The poor vixen stood no chance of escape in such deepCheshireFHhoundskillingvixen4-2-17.jpg water surrounded by a pack of bloodthirsty hounds tearing at her dainty body. We tried our utmost best to save her but it was too late.

Huntsman Shayne Francis and his gang of borderline psychopathic bloodthirsty friends thought that what had just happened was rather funny and attempted to mock sabs who were clearly distraught about what they had just witnessed. Unluckily for them, we have thicker skin than that and their insults and jokes do not bother us at all. The hunting community are very vocal about trail hunts and how they act legally following trails and not pursuing wildlife but we all know it's a load of bollocks. As the video proves, the Hunts are still torturing wildlife. If they were hunting a trail then they wouldn't have anything to hide and surely they would pass us a copy of the route where the trails have been laid?

Anyway... Due to all the commotion surrounding the kill and waiting for police to arrive the Hunt managed to slip away, which meant sabs had a lot of ground to cover to catch up with them. We kept them in our sight for most of the day but we cannot be certain that they didn't kill again as they were always just that little bit in front of sabs, who had vast areas of fields to cover with canal bridges to cross and no access to the vehicles as we were nowhere near a road for quite some time.

Sabs in the field eventually managed to get to the roadside for a pick up but for the final hour of the day the Hunt were nowhere to be seen. After driving around for quite some time and with light fading very fast we decided to head back to the meet where there was literally nobody to be seen either. At this point we decided it was probably best to call it a day and head to the pub for a pint and to sort out getting the body to the RSPCA for a post mortem...

All in all, a very sad day for foxes... We will be seeing you again, Shayne...

Pics below -  1/  Hounds killing vixen [visible below centre]   2/  Sab trying hopelessly to rescue vixen 

   CheshireFHHoundskillvixen4-2-17.jpg    CheshireFHSabtriestorescuevixen4-2-17.jpg

8-2-17    Daily Mail   VIDEO   Anti-fox hunting group captures the graphic moment a vixen is torn apart by a pack of dogs sparking police investigation - Cheshire Constabulary have launched an investigation into the incident   Disturbing footage of a fox being mauled by a pack of hounds in Cheshire has been shared online - sparking a police investigation. An anti-fox hunting group say they filmed the video in Beeston on Saturday. The footage, which was posted to the group's Facebook page, appears to show a pack of hounds tearing up a fox as saboteurs attempt to pull them away.

'The poor vixen stood no chance of escape in such deep water surrounded by a pack of bloodthirsty hounds tearing at her dainty body,' a statement from the group read. “ We tried our utmost best to save her but it was too late.' Another video, posted on Facebook by a different group, shows the same fox's body on the ground after the attack [below], with huntsmen and women standing around it. A voice can be heard saying: 'You should be utterly ashamed. How can you do that? How can you be a part of that?'

Cheshire Constabulary released a statement on Monday confirming that rural and wildlife trained officers are looking into the allegations.

'It is not a police matter to determine what is or is not hunting, this can only be determined in court,' it read. 'The role of the police is to investigate alleged or apparent breaches of the Hunting Act, to gather evidence, and to pass that evidence to the appropriate authority to consider prosecution. Our investigation is in the early stages and we will do our best to update you on our progress.'

Police are asking for witnesses to the incident or people with footage of the attack to come forward. If you were there and took any footage on your phone or video camera at the time, we will arrange with you to come and collect a hard copy,' a statement from the force added. In particular if you were there and took the original footage that is currently circulating on social media, I would ask you to contact police so that we can arrange to collect it. We will continue to update you on our investigation, but I'd like to reassure you that we do take rural crime seriously. If an illegal hunt was found to have taken place we would prepare a file for CPS to consider any relevant criminal charges.'

Also covered in the Daily Mirror, Daily Post, South West News Service and was the front-page story in the Chester Chronicle.  



South & West Wilts FH kill one fox though sabs save another

4-2-17   Facebook – W.Wilts Hunt Sabs   Hit report 4.2.17 South and West Wilts FH, Red House farm, Swallowcliffe, Wilts   With a 4x4 and buggy seen earlier heading to a covert the east of the meet, foot sabs headed there to find hounds picking up a scent. With quad bikes and terrier men about and hounds drawing through gorse it was clear there was no trail hunting going on. This Hunt had not seen sabs for years so there was total confusion amongst the Hunt at what to do. After a time of heading east along the drive the Huntsman then headed west again not even drawing coverts.

Sabs witnessed many hares running away. The Huntsman's calls were then heard over near Prescombe Down nature reserve, so foot sabs got over there quickly to find the hounds in full cry. Seeing a young fox run for its life into the nature reserve sabs sprayed then rated the hounds to prevent them following the line. Hounds were seconds behind but the rating worked with the hounds heads up off the ground and they stopped. As the Huntsman appeared, sabs told him to call off the hounds but he carried on, saying the sabs were getting in the way! So he cracked his whip near the sabs. The Huntsman rode into the reserve with hounds split and riders in the field and quads on the opposite slope in full view .

Having gathered hounds as they had lost the fox, thankfully, the Huntsman then rode west towards Berwick St. John . Foot sabs were picked up by vehicle and after a short time located the Hunt in the Gallows hill area .

Now as it was getting past 3 o'clock a dog walker witnessed a fox being killed and the Hunt's cheers were heard.

It was clear the Hunt had called the thugs in and things got violent We wish to thank Wiltshire constabulary who turned up almost immediately. One officer went with a sab to investigate the area of the kill to see whether the remains of the fox was still about. Nothing could be found as it is likely the Hunt removed the body .

It is clear the Hunt didn't want prying eyes to witness there blood lust. Their actions have only emboldened us to continue monitoring their activities. Their attempts at intimidation don't work. We will be seeing you again.



Sabs release film of violent behaviour by Cheldon BH supporters last May

Incident was 2 weeks before two sabs badly injured by Cheldon followers

1-2-16  In light of the police's decision  to discontinue their investigation into two very serious assaults on sabs by Cheldon Buckhounds followers at the end of May 2016 [see article below, dated 30-1-17], sabs have released film of a group of the Hunt's supporters roughing up and threatening sabs two weeks earlier. This resulted in two of the hunt followers being given police cautions. 

31-1-17  Facebook – Devon County Sabs   Part 1 of our CHELDON BUCKHOUNDS footage (14/05/2016)   On Saturday 14th May 2016 hunt sabs from our group plus Somerset and Bristol Sabs, South Devon Animal Rights, Dorset and South West Sabs went to a meet of the Cheldon Buckhounds, who hunt roe deer. This is how their members and associated thugs introduced themselves to us. The video features regular hunt thug and Taunton Vale Foxhounds terrierman Paul Martin, ex-Devon and Somerset Staghounds whip John Stone, chairman of the Exmoor Foxhounds Supporters Club Adrian Clarke, and hunt follower Fergus Nunneley. These individuals were involved in the violence that occurred later that day (part 2) and two weeks later (part 3).

1-2-16  Facebook – Devon County Sabs    Part 2 of our CHELDON BUCKHOUNDS footage - Saturday 14th May 2016   Sabs heard hounds in cry in the valley and made their way into a field to get a better view. As our video shows, this field is access land, meaning sabs had every right to be there. The people featured in our previous video had no lawful right to evict them, yet sabs were pushed and shoved and back on the road sabs were punched in the face, grabbed by the hair and one of them was held in a headlock.

No action was taken against the man who punched our female sab in the face. The Inspector's explanation was that he didn't believe she had been bothered by the incident, seeing as she carried on filming afterwards. He also told her she should have known she was putting herself in a dangerous position, which we believe reveals a culture of victim-blaming within Devon & Cornwall Police.

The two other assailants in this video were given a police caution, although police didn't bother to interview them for three months. It's no wonder the violence escalated two weeks later (part 3, to follow). We believe the decision to let them off with a caution is insufficiently lenient for the following reasons:

* Their actions were clearly captured on film and they were easily identifiable. Both also admitted to the offences, making a successful prosecution a far more straightforward matter than if they had contested the allegations.

* Sabs were not trespassing. There was no justification for any use of force.

* Police claimed one of them had appeared apologetic about the incident, yet he boasted about his actions on social media where he said "Sabs owned on Exmoor" and "taste of your own violent medicine" (screenshots were passed to the police). His boastful attitude suggests that he did not expect to face criminal sanction for his actions, an expectation that will be justified if he is not charged, with predictable consequences for his future conduct. His public comments about this case should be viewed as aggravating factors, which reveal his apparent apologetic attitude when questioned by police as a sham, and which should rule him out of being given a caution.

* We have since been told that one of the assailants has previously pleaded guilty to ABH and threatening behaviour in a series of similar attacks and was convicted of affray after attacking sabs with spades and wooden staves. The other apparently spent time in jail for a series of violent offences, including GBH and malicious wounding. It is self-evidently unjust that hardened criminals should be treated more leniently over time as their offending progresses. These were not the first offences by people of previous good character, nor were they the first offences in this broad category of offending.

* A caution does not have the deterrent effect of a prosecution and will only reinforce the assailants' feeling of impunity. Given their close involvement with the hunting fraternity there is every chance they will find themselves in similar situations in the future and carry out further or more serious assaults.

* The Ministry of Justice's "Simple Cautions for Adult Offenders" booklet states that the public interest should be considered when deciding whether to offer a caution. Therefore it is important to point out the context of these assaults:

At least twenty organised criminal gangs operate across Devon, breaking the Hunting Act 2004 several times a week without any apparent effort on the part of Devon & Cornwall Police to prosecute or prevent this offending. Attached to most of these gangs are individuals who attempt to intimidate, threaten or use violence against anyone trying to prevent illegal hunting. They do this with the tacit approval of the Hunts they associate with, and in some cases act under their direct instruction. It has proven difficult in the past to secure convictions of people associated with illegal hunting in Devon, not only for that hunting but for crimes against the person, due variously to police loss of evidence, police inaction resulting in time limits for prosecution expiring, apparent disinterest on the part of the police in pursuing lines of enquiry, victim-blaming, and the closing of ranks amongst the hunting fraternity, where violent offenders are celebrated and protected.

Already this impunity is leading to an escalation of violence directed at those who monitor or interfere lawfully with illegal hunting. These offences are not of the same nature as an assault of a similar severity carried out as part of an isolated disagreement outside a pub on a Saturday night. They are part of a pattern of organised violence deployed by Hunts and people associated with them to prevent any interference in their illegal activity. Many of our sabs have been and continue to be victims of this violence on a regular basis.

We ask Devon & Cornwall Police: If prosecuting people who commit an offence within this context is not in the public interest, what is!?

Please SHARE the video and politely let the police know what you think of their inaction, quoting the following crime reference numbers:-

* Female sab punched in face: CR/034288/16

* Male sab pushed on access land and punched in face on the road: CR/035201/16

* Male sab dragged backwards by his hair: CR/034678/16

* Devon & Cornwall's PCC is Alison Hernandez, https://www.facebook.com/devonandcornwallpcc , https://twitter.com/alisonhernandez , opcc@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk , 01392 225555

* Devon & Cornwall Police: https://www.facebook.com/DevonAndCornwallPolice , https://twitter.com/dc_police ,

email: 101@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk , or 101@dc.police.uk  Phone 101

Pics below -    1/   Sab pushed over by hunt thug    2/  Hunt thug threatens sab   3/   Sab pulled back by hair   4/  Thug spits at sab car window   5/ Female sab punched by terrierman   6/ Sab grabbed by hunt thug

    CheldonBHSabpushedoverbyhuntthug14-5-16.jpg   CheldonBHSabthreatenedbyhuntthug14-5-16.jpg

   CheldonBHSabpulledbackbyhair14-5-16.jpg   CheldonBHHuntthugspitsonsabcarwindow14-5-16.jpg

   CheldonBHTerriermanpunchesfemalesabinface14-5-16.jpg   CheldonBHSabgrabbedbyhuntthug14-5-16.jpg


York & Ainsty N. terrierman cautioned for assaulting female sab

Also cautioned for damaging camera during the attack 


1-2-17     Daily Mail  VIDEO   Caught on camera: Moment an angry hunt worker attacks a female saboteur and breaks her camera after confronting the protesters - Shaun Bohanna, 54, from West Yorkshire, was filmed putting woman in headlock -  He later appears to hit her and pushes the female protester away from him   A hunt worker was filmed attacking a female protester after confronting a group of animal rights activists. Shaun Bohanna, 54, from Batley, West Yorkshire, is seen putting the woman in a headlock before appearing to hit her. The hunt 'terrier man' has been given a conditional caution by police for assault and criminal damage, after breaking the protester's camera. The footage, which was filmed in Youlton, North Yorkshire in November, was posted online by Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs, an animal rights group. At the start of the video, Bohanna is heard shouting at the activists to put their cameras down. He says: 'Take that camera, or I'll ram it up your f****** a***. I'm telling you now, I don't mind you demonstrating, take the cameras away. 'Are you f****** deaf? Someone take the cameras now.'

The woman behind the camera is then heard saying: 'If you stop being threatening, I'll put it down'. Bohanna replies: 'I'm not being threatening, I'm asking you to put the camera down'. Another activist is heard telling him that he is being 'very aggressive', asking him to calm down. The terrier man responds: 'I'm not aggressive. I'm not being aggressive.'

Bohanna then turns around and grabs a female activist around the neck, before appearing to hit her.When she runs to get her camera back from him, he is seen pushing her off him to the ground. The woman then shouts: 'He has just assaulted me and stolen my property.' Another man can be heard shouting at the activists: 'You're on private property, now f*** off'.

Later on in the footage, the person filming asks the woman whether she has managed to get the camera back, to which she replies 'slightly broken'.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: 'A 54-year-old man was interviewed as a voluntary attendee and has been issued with a conditional caution after he admitted assault and criminal damage against a woman in her twenties. As part of the caution, he has been ordered to pay £200 for the cost of criminal damage the victim’s camera.' 

31-1-17    Facebook - Sheffield Sabs  VIDEO   BREAKING NEWS   Shaun Bohanna of Batley, West Yorkshire, terrierman for the York and Ainsty North Hunt, has been given a conditional caution for assault and criminal damage.

Bohanna admitted to assaulting a female member of Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs on the 26th November 2016 in Youlton, North Yorkshire during an interview with North Yorkshire Police on Monday the 30th January. Big thanks to the member of West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs who captured the footage which made it impossible for Bohanna to deny involvement in the incident. Hopefully Bohanna and his hunt associates will think twice about attacking someone half their size in future.

Unfortunately, a camera held by the sab was damaged during the attack. Although Bohanna is required to pay a nominal amount for breaking the camera, it is not enough to buy a replacement. If you would like to contribute towards replacing this vital piece of kit, donations are gratefully received here: https://ko-fi.com/A570FG9


 POWA person comments -  Mr.Bohanna becomes the 200th person from an organised Hunt known to POWA to have been convicted or cautioned for a violent offence since 1990. The total number of all offences has now reached 867.


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